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So I just realized it is the last day. Or was the last day. It is the last hours.


I am so sick of seeing online ads saying things like "Should Trump send Hillary to Jail?"
As if we don't have a judicial system; as if a president can simply send people to jail on his say-so. Is that what people want? A goddamn dictatorship?

Is someone trying to psychologically condition the rest of us into subconsciously thinking that she belongs in jail?


I got my heater repaired. I decided to only get the broken part replaced. Even if furnaces have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years, and mine is nearly 20, that doesn't mean that it can't still keep working for many more. If the average is 18 or so, then surely there are some that make it to 30 years or more


Portable oil-filled electric radiators:

If they smell of burning dust, even after you've cleaned off all the visible dust, you may need to remove the front and/or rear panels too, to get the dust out from those sections. Obviously, you need to be careful when doing that as there are wires and electrical connections behind the front panel.

When not using then, a perfect-sized cover to keep the dust off them, is a pillow-case!


Christmas Eve (yes, I'm that behind on writing about things. and doing things):

It was sort of rushed again. We started it earlier in the evening than in the past, as my nephew wanted to leave by a certain time. I went in my car to pick up one of my foster sisters, and my niece. The drive took longer than I anticipated, and by the time we got back to the house, everyone else had already started and finished eating! But at least the get-together was over by a reasonable time, before midnight rather than after.

I still haven't gotten around to ordering my mom the Christmas presents I meant to get her. But partially in my defense, she didn't choose which ones she wanted till after Christmas either.


Lower thigh muscles: I've been having nerve issues again, but more general soreness rather than nerve spasms like before. Sitting down for too long makes them achy.
It may all come down to not getting enough sleep, body not being able to recuperate.


I flushed the water heater last weekend. It's really not hard to do, at least the way I do it, just attaching a hose and not turning off anything. Carrying the hose from the front of the house to the back, and back again is the hardest part.


We're having 7:30am educational sessions for work 2 or 3 times a week, and it's killing me, so early. It's mostly stuff I already know, but I don't want to miss anything anyway..

7:30am isn't even that early, right? Especially when I can dial in from home. But it's still killing me.


thirsty tired too late heater yay snoring dogs xmas tree lights went out again need to try replacing fuse again.
where's my dessert? what's my dessert. maybe that'll do it.
good night, ch'all.

oh, subject. ummm.

hey, did I ever post ... I don't think I did... where did I ...


Video title: Boney M. - Felicidad America (Obama - Obama) ft. Sherita O., Yulee B.
Posted by: BoneyMVEVO
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKSRdpi15qc


Video title: Baby's Gang - Challenger
Posted by: zyxdance
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN1cekvzY98

I found both those videos on the same day. Both chipper, hopeful, poignant, and sad in terms of later events.
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I bought this adjustable shelf to try out as a standing desk setup. It's wide enough for both the keyboard and mouse, and deep enough that I can rest my forearms on it.

At home, my laptop is on an adjustable mount that can be lifted and lowered, so that is how I raise and lower the display. At work, I have 2 monitors, one on the desk for use while sitting, and one on a higher shelf for use while standing (to switch between them, it only requires an alt-ctl-fn key press).

The above is okay in terms of comfort. (Having my skin touch cool metal is unpleasant, so I cover the metal with cloth as in the above photo). But to switch from standing to sitting, I need to re-position the keyboard and mouse from the shelf back to the desk, and move the shelf away. The shelf, while light, is big and awkward to move around. So switching between standing and sitting isn't a very simple matter. (Though, if the keyboard were wireless rather than corded, that would help somewhat.)

I found the below setup to be more convenient.

I use a box (or a stack of books) to raise up my mouse & mousepad. I've found that using the mouse is most comfortable when my forearm is horizontal like that, not angled up or down.
I put a wedge (about 2" high) under the keyboard (or stick something else under the front edge so that it is higher than the back edge). Typing is fairly comfortable to me in that position, even though my palms & wrists don't rest on anything. Without the wedge, I would have to bend my wrists a lot, which quickly becomes very uncomfortable.

To switch from sitting to standing, I just need to move over my box, put the mouse & mousepad on it, and slip the wedge under the keyboard. It's much simpler than the shelf.
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With my broken heater, it's as I expected. I have to decide whether to get the control board replaced, or replace the whole furnace (as it is 19 years old). If I replace the whole furnace, I may as well replace the A/C unit too, as I've been worried about it for quite a while. It makes a moderately loud buzzing noise when running. 5 years ago (I didn't realize it was that long ago), I was told it might stop working any day, or it might last a few more years.

The furnace on the other hand, is sheltered in the basement and actually looks in pretty good condition to me. One part of me is thinking that they could possibly last many more years (although they might not).

I got a couple quotes on replacing the control board, vs the whole thing. One set of the quotes actually seems pretty good, though I need to ask some more questions and get more details. So one part of me is thinking, since I already went through the trouble of getting quotes, maybe I should go ahead and replace it all now, rather than having to go through the same thing again a couple years down the road. I might not even be able to get as good a quote/price later on.

Anyway, today I went down into the basement/crawl space to look at the ducts again, as I wasn't sure if I was remembering something right. While down there, I noticed a new wet spot on the ground. It was right under a copper pipe. I didn't see any leak in the pipe. There was a small amount of water on the pink insulation right above the pipe (touching the pipe), so I worried it was leaking down from up above. The bathroom sink was right above that area.

So I went back up and checked under the bathroom sink. Whoa. I had put a plastic dish with a sponge under the shut-off valve to catch any potential leaks (as it had leaked there a long time ago), and the sponge was all wet and there was water in the dish. But the water hadn't overflowed out of the plastic, and the cabinet itself was dry. So how could it be leaking down below? Was it just a coincidence? Eh?

I checked the basement again. Pulled down the insulation a bit to look at the wood. Dry. Hmmm.
Got a small mirror, wiped off the pipe, and looked at the top of the pipe using the mirror.

There's a very tiny pinhole leak. Just enough for water to slowly slowly start welling out and making the outside of the pipe wet. I put a plastic tub under it for the time being.
I hope it's not an indication of the overall condition of my plumbing pipes.


So I do some research as part of fixing one problem (broken heater), and I find 2 new problems, one of which just coincidentally, from initial appearances, appeared to be causing the other problem, but really wasn't.

That sounds exactly like a typical day at my work, debugging code.

little flies

Saturday, January 14th, 2017 01:41 am
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This morning, there was one of those little flies in my cube when I arrived. It flew in my face more than usual; it would definitely be a nuisance if it was always around. Not much later I heard a suspicious "smack" from my neighbor across the aisle. A little later after that, I heard a smack from the cube right next to mine. Upon which the coworker across the aisle got up and had a little chat with my neighbor. She asked if he's been having a bunch of little flies lately. Yep, he said, he already killed 6 this morning. He called them gnats. They discussed where they might be coming from.

So much for my visiting fly theory.

While I can handle, and even appreciate, a single solitary insect, the idea of having a bunch of them flying around in my cube, or anywhere else near me, is unpleasant and begins to be "something that must be dealt with", even if I don't like to kill them. It's sort of a contradiction, isn't it?
One = Why, hi there cute little bug. Let me help you out. So nice of you to visit. What's it like to be you?
Twenty+ = Agh, invasion. I suppose I'll have to kill them all. Kill, destroy, destruction.

little fly

Friday, January 13th, 2017 01:06 am
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Every day I've been at work, since about the week before the winter holidays, a tiny flying insect (not sure what that kind is called, but it's smaller than a fruit fly) has flown into my cube sometime during the day. It flits around between me and my monitor for a while, and eventually leaves again.

The first or second time it came, I thought it was stuck inside the building. I considered catching it to take it outside, but it didn't cooperate. I thought maybe it was thirsty, and put out a drop of water for it, which it didn't go near. When it kept coming back (even though I wasn't sure it was the same one), I figured it must be doing ok inside.

I didn't know if it was a single fly, or a different one each time (I had thought the lifespan of tiny creatures was likewise short, but maybe it isn't that short) but after a few days, it started to seem like it was. It feels like it purposely comes to visit me. I have to be careful when it does, not to accidentally smoosh or inhale it. (That would make me feel bad.) Today for the first time, it landed on my hand, walked around a bit, flew up, landed again, and repeated it several times. As if it finally trusted me enough to do that. It was the first time I had an extended look at it. Then it flew away again.
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I've disabled comments on my LiveJournal cross-posts, as I don't want to have to do merges back to Dreamwidth anymore, and would like all comments in one place.

If you don't have a Dreamwidth account, you can still leave comments on my posts. The crosspost message at the bottom of each post links to the corresponding DW page, where comments can be left.

Anonymous comments are allowed (but unless you really want to be anonymous, please include a name/nick in the comment so I'll know who it is from). In case I start getting spam, I may screen anonymous comments, but so far haven't had to do that.

You can also use the OpenID option to post comments with your LJ user ID. You can even get email notifications when someone replies to your OpenID comments. For that, you have to actually "login" to DW one time with your LJ URL via the OpenID login option - from there, you'll be able to set your email address. You won't get the option for setting an email address, simply by posting a comment with OpenID.

From the DW OpenID FAQ:
When you log into Dreamwidth using your OpenID identity, LiveJournal will ask you if it can "pass your credentials" to Dreamwidth. Saying yes will not give Dreamwidth any access to your LiveJournal account. It will only let LiveJournal confirm to Dreamwidth that you do control the address you entered. This is why you need to be logged into LiveJournal to log into Dreamwidth with your OpenID identity: LiveJournal handles the authentication, and then tells Dreamwidth whether it succeeded or failed.

The first time you log into Dreamwidth using your identity from another site, you'll need to set and confirm your email address for use on the Dreamwidth site in order to be able to comment everywhere that allows OpenID comments and in order to receive emailed notifications of replies to your comments.

From the LJ OpenID FAQ:
Every LiveJournal account can be used as an OpenID identity. When the other site asks for your OpenID URL, use http://[your LJ URL].livejournal.com. You will then be redirected to LiveJournal, where you will be asked whether LiveJournal should identify you to the other site. You will also be asked to choose whether this identification should be given once only, or automatically.

The LJ FAQ also mentions a possible issue using OpenID, if your journal uses a custom style, and how to fix it.


Ever since I started crossposting from DW to LJ, my crosspost footer has always requested that comments be left on the DW page, but I didn't disable the LJ comments till now. Very few, if any, LJ users ever did honor the request. I'm not sure if people don't bother reading the footer, or if they specifically don't want to comment on DW. But because of that, I know there's a good possibility that I may no longer get any comments from any LJ users. I will regret that, but let's see how it goes.


Monday, January 9th, 2017 02:09 am
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Something in the gas furnace (heater) broke today. Upon opening the bathroom door after having taken a shower, there was a light smoky smell in the air. Nothing in the house was burning, singed, or smoking, and the outside air was clear. Then I noticed the heat was no longer coming on. And upon sniffing the vents, even though the air was no longer blowing, the smell was stronger there.

So I have to get someone to come out and check that. (The hardest part is always getting someone to do it. I still haven't even gotten that gutter fixed, which got broken a year and a half ago; I stopped being concerned about it after 3 people said they'd fix it and then didn't.) I have no idea if it's something small that needs to be replaced, or if I might end up needing a whole new furnace. I will check tomorrow to see if there's a label that says how old the current one is. The outside A/C unit is 18 years old, so it wouldn't be surprising if the furnace is that old too.

In the meantime, I pulled out the oil-filled electric radiators, dusted them off, and am using them to keep warm. They're doing pretty good considering I only set them on medium. I always worry that putting them on high might trip a circuit breaker, even though that's not happened so far.

It's in the 20s (F) tonight and tomorrow night. We had a light dusting of snow here on Saturday morning, but it was mostly gone by the time I got out of bed. Originally, the forecast was calling for 2 to 3 inches of snow.

cleaning toilets

Saturday, January 7th, 2017 08:36 pm
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To get the water out of the bowl, don't bother turning off the water and flushing. Even when the tank has emptied, the level of standing water in the bowl won't go down. Instead, you can use a toilet brush to "push" the water down the drain. This will lower the level a good bit.

To clean a brownish stain which has accumulated around the water level, if scrubbing with a toilet brush doesn't work: don't bother trying baking soda - even scrubbing the soda in with a scubber sponge doesn't help much. But scrubbing the stain with a pumice stone does work well, and supposedly doesn't damage the ceramic.

I found these tips here: Cleaning Toilet Bowl Stains, and tried them out - they really do work.

sleep not

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 02:16 am
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I've been tired all day, and have felt like I could fall asleep the moment I went to bed.

I did good tonight. Tomorrow I have to get up at 7am (earlier than usual), and I made it to bed by 11:35pm, which would give me just under 7.5 hr sleep if I fell asleep right away.

My feet were cold, so I turned on the electric blanket and waited for them to warm up. My mind drifted for a long time, and if I fell asleep at all, it wasn't for long. An hour later (when I checked the time), I realized that besides still being awake, my feet were now too warm and my pulse felt like it was racing, at least considering I'd been resting. I timed it at 87 beats per minute. I have no reason to be stressed today, nothing stressful on my mind. I hadn't had any caffeine. So what's up with that? Maybe it is my circadian rhythm not used to being in bed so early. Then I felt like I had wasted an hour that I could have at least have been doing something useful. Sleep didn't feel any closer, so I got up for a while.

Now I'm going to get 4.5 hr of sleep or less again. Whatever.

And the dog goes bow-wow, bow-wow. But not now.
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Based on coverage maps of the major networks, it looks like Verizon has the best coverage in the southeast U.S., followed by AT&T, then by Sprint and T-Mobile.

Coverage maps for pre-paid carriers - the URL is dated 2011, the post is dated 2014, and the post says last updated 2016. So I'm not sure how up-to-date all the maps are. Best to double-check on the individual carrier websites.

List of United States mobile virtual network operators - shows which major networks each one uses. But even if a particular operator uses one of those networks, I'm not sure if that means their coverage area is the same as that network, or if it may only be a subset of it.

As of today (I'm only listing ones under $40, as I don't plan to get a more expensive one):

PagePlus (uses Verizon network):
$27 (with auto-pay) for 1 GB high-speed data per month (no extra throttled data). 1500 minutes, unlimited domestic & international texts.
$36 (with auto-pay) for 3 GB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower 2G data. Unlimited domestic talk, unlimited domestic & international texts.

Boostmobile (uses Sprint network):
$30 (with auto-pay) for 2 GB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower 2G data. Unlimited domestic talk & text.
Can add an extra 1GB/month for $5.

Cricket (uses AT&T network):
$30 for 1GB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower data. Unlimited domestic talk & text.
$35 (with auto-pay) for 2.5 GB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower data. Unlimited domestic talk & text.

Boom mobile (has plans for all 4 major networks):
I'm only listing the V network plans here:
$20 for 250 MB per month, unlimited talk & text.
$25 for 1 GB per month, unlimited talk & text.
$30 for 2 GB per month, unlimited talk & text.
$40 for 5 GB per month, unlimited talk & text.
$10 for extra 1 GB; $14 for extra 2 GB (these expire 90 days from purchase)

$35 for 2 GB per month plus unlimited slower 2G data, unlimited talk & text.

I had never heard of Boom before, but based on this HowardForums thread, they sound like a very good deal. In particular, they include voice and data roaming.

H2O wireless (uses AT&T network):
$27 (with auto-pay) for 3 GB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower 2G data. Unlimited domestic talk (incl. 50 other countries), unlimited domestic & international texts.

$36 (with auto-pay) for 8 GB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower 2G data. Unlimited domestic talk (incl. 50 other countries), unlimited domestic & international texts.

Envie mobile (part of H2O, uses AT&T network):
$25 for 1 GB high-speed data per month, 500 minutes, unlimited texts.

$30 for 1 GB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower 2G data. Unlimited talk & text.
(Per ECO Mobile Unveils New Plans):
$25 for 500 MB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower data. Unlimited talk & text. (Not listed on the official website yet).

I don't know what network they use. Per this page they use T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint, but I can't find any coverage maps on the official site to verify it.
The site says "Nationwide Coverage Available on the applicable carrier Home Network based on the device compatibility, Off Network and International Roaming not available"

Lycamobile (uses T-Mobile network):
$23 for 500 MB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower data. Unlimited talk & text. Some unlimited international. (plus a 6% regulatory surcharge?)

Simple Mobile (uses T-Mobile network):
$37.50 (with auto-pay) for 4 GB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower 2G data. Unlimited domestic (and a good bit of international) talk. Unlimited domestic & international text.

Airvoice Wireless (uses AT&T network):
$20 for 100 MB data (half high-speed, half low), unlimited talk & text (domestic & int'l).
$30 for 1 GB data (half high-speed, half low), unlimited talk (including some international) & text (domestic & int'l)

ATT GoPhone:
$40 (with auto-pay) for 4 GB data per month plus unlimited slower 128kbps data, unlimited domestic talk & text. Unlimited texts to over 100 countries.

$15 for 200MB, 200 minutes, 500 texts per 30 days.
$25 for 500MB, 500 minutes, 1000 texts per 60 days.
$35 for 1 GB, 750 minutes, 1000 texts per 90 days.
$125 for 1.4 GB, 1500 minutes, 1500 texts per 365 days.

$10 per extra 1 GB
$5 per extra 1000 texts

I can't get their Coverage Map page to actually display any coverage maps. This reminds me of the problems I had with their website way back when I used to use them.

Net 10 - their site will only show you coverage maps for particular phone models, after you select each phone.
RedPocket Mobile - I can't find a coverage map on their site. Based on my old notes, their coverage area isn't good.
Selectel Wireless - the coverage map on their home page doesn't let you zoom in.
Telcel - their site will only show you coverage maps for particular phone models, after you select each phone.

nut flavors

Friday, December 30th, 2016 10:40 pm
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While chomping down on some raw almonds, I hit a bitter one. I gagged on the horrible bitterness, but at the same time marveled at the intense almond flavor, which normal almonds don't have. I spit out the remains into the sink.

I already knew about bitter almonds, sort of, and I knew that apricot kernels were also sometimes used for almond flavor. (I know that persipan is to apricot kernels as marzipan is to almonds.) I remember a small bag of either bitter almonds or apricot kernels that my mom inherited from her mom, back in Germany. It was in her baking supplies. Maybe I tasted one back then, and that's where I learned about them, but I don't remember for sure.

But I didn't realize that basically all almond flavoring is made from bitter almonds and/or apricot kernels (and other sources), and none comes from sweet almonds. That explains why almonds don't taste like almond flavor!

The Case of the Tasty But Poisonous Nut

What to Use When You Can't Get the Real Thing
The most common sources of bitter almond taste, however, are almond extracts, which are distilled to be free of cyanide. "Pure" almond extract should contain natural oil of bitter almond, a colorless fluid, along with water and alcohol. "Natural" extract usually is flavored with benzaldehyde made from cassia, a relative of cinnamon. "Imitation" extract uses synthetic benzaldehyde, which is manufactured from a petrochemical.
a spokeswoman for McCormick, the nation's leading extract manufacturer, said: "The oil of bitter almond in McCormick's pure almond extract is derived from apricot kernels, in accordance with FDA regulations."


So that explains why almonds don't taste as good as almond-flavored things. And why simply blending up some almond milk doesn't give you a particularly almond-flavored beverage.

But it doesn't explain why the same may be said of pistachios and hazelnuts. I wonder where those nut flavorings originally came from, and if they are really found in the regular nuts themselves. (Ok, hazelnuts, when they are roasted start getting some of that nice hazelnut smell, maybe. But pistachios, good as they are, don't taste anything like pistachio flavor does. Well, maybe the problem there is that I've never had unroasted pistachios? Maybe the flavor comes from the raw pistachio nuts?)

Normally the pistachio flavoring sold in stores is artificial. So I checked whether there are any non-artificial ones, and there are a few online. But the reviews are mixed. Some reviews say they taste artificial and not good at all, making me wonder if the real thing really isn't anything like the normal artificial pistachio flavor used in ice creams and pudding.

Why does pistachio ice cream taste nothing like pistachios?
heavyLobster wrote: "Pistachio flavoring is mostly almond extract. Almond extract tastes different from normal almonds because there are actually two different types of almonds. Almond extract comes from bitter almonds, and the ones you eat are sweet almonds.

The chemical that gives almond extract (and pistachio flavoring) its characteristic flavor is benzaldehyde."


But pistachio flavor is different from almond flavor, isn't it?... Or is it just the artificial green color that makes it seem different to the mind???
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This recipe was printed on the label of a can of artichoke hearts. Since I had a bit of leftover vegan Parmesan I wanted to get rid of anyway (I never liked the dairy kind before I became vegan, and the vegan one ain't that great either), and since all that melted cheese and mayo sounded quite tasty though unhealthy, I made it. Tastes great; can eat it straight without even dipping anything in it. The mayo could probably be omitted; not sure what it does besides making the final dish more oily.

Artichoke Dip (veganized)

14 ounces artichoke hearts, drained
1 cup mayonnaise (I used ~3/4 cup vegan mayo)
2/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese (I used ~1/8 cup vegan Parmesan)
8 ounces shredded mozzarella (I used ~6 oz vegan Daiya mozzarella shreds)
(I also added ~1/2 cup breadcrumbs.)

Coarsely chop artichokes. Mix in rest of ingredients. Spread in 8x8" baking pan.
Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.
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Well, now I can't even read comments on my own cross-posted LJ entries while logged in. If I log out, I can read the comments on my public entries, but obviously not the comments on protected entries.

I had switched my journal to another style as a test, to see if that would fix the problem reading other pages. But doing that just broke it for my own pages too. And now I can't find a style that works.

Another thing I noticed is that when logged out, journals don't display the most recent changes. Ie. logged in, I may see 2 newer (public) entries that someone has posted on their LJ page, compared to when I'm logged out. And even though I just changed my journal style again, when I'm logged out, it still displays the prior style.
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(info originally via someone else)

There's a flood of new Dreamwidth accounts being created:

Which is likely due to the LiveJournal servers having been moved from California to Russia during the last week:

Meaning that Russian authorities now have much easier access to user data, and are blocking many accounts:



I've also had problems loading certain LJ pages, especially ones that use the default style. For example, the comments don't display, the drop-down list by my username at the top-right part of the page doesn't work, and on Profile pages, the Bio & Interest sections are blank. Oddly, this is only happening to me when logged in. When I log out, those same pages display ok. So I'm not sure if that is due to server issues or something else.

I am seriously considering no longer cross-posting protected entries to LJ. If you are currently only on my LJ Friends-list, and if you create a Dreamwidth account, let me know and I'll give it access.

By the way, if you use Firefox and want an add-on for translating selected text and/or full web pages (including Russian), I recommend this one - it works pretty good for me:
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Our vet advised us to give our dogs delmopinol-containing chews to improve their oral/dental health. They are fairly expensive, so I wanted to see if they've been shown to really help.

I didn't find any third-party dog-based studies on the chews. The OraVet site itself claims the chews reduce both plaque and calculus, based on their own clinical study.

But I came across something odd while reading about delmopinol and chlorhexidine, both of which are active ingredients used in anti-plaque mouthwashes for humans.

Dental plaque is: "a biofilm or mass of bacteria that grows on surfaces within the mouth. It is a sticky colorless deposit at first, but when it forms tartar it is brown or pale yellow..."

Dental calculus, aka tartar is: "a form of hardened dental plaque. It is caused by precipitation of minerals from saliva and gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) in plaque on the teeth. This process of precipitation kills the bacterial cells within dental plaque, but the rough and hardened surface that is formed provides an ideal surface for further plaque formation. This leads to calculus buildup, which compromises the health of the gingiva (gums)."

So, it sounds like calculus can't form without there first being plaque.

But if I'm understanding correctly, according to studies, using delmopinol or chlorhexidine mouthrinses reduces plaque, yet leads to increased amounts of calculus. How can that be?

6-month use of 0.2% delmopinol hydrochloride in comparison with 0.2% chlorhexidine digluconate and placebo. (I). Effect on plaque formation and gingivitis. (1998 study) :
"Delmopinol showed 22% lower plaque index scores than placebo after 3 months (p<0.01) and 13% lower scores after 6 months. The corresponding figures for chlorhexidine were 38% (p<0.001) and 38% (p<0.001) after 3 and 6 months, respectively."
"Both active solutions showed an increased amount of dental calculus in comparison with placebo."

Staining and calculus formation after 0.12% chlorhexidine rinses in plaque-free and plaque covered surfaces: a randomized trial (2010 study):
"CXH has proven in many clinical trials to be effective in reducing the formation of dental plaque and preventing gingivitis. However, calculus formation seems to be increased. "
This particular study showed that teeth with pre-existing plaque had more calculus formation after use of chlorhexidine, compared to teeth without pre-existing plaque. But it didn't compare the amount of calculus formation on teeth exposed to chlorhexidine vs not exposed.

Plaque formation and gingivitis after supervised mouthrinsing with 0.2% delmopinol hydrochloride, 0.2% chlorhexidine digluconate and placebo for 6 months. (1998 study):
"Delmopinol and chlorhexidine exhibited lower scores of the mean PI [plaque index ]and the BOP [bleeding on probing] percentage than placebo, both at the 3-month and 6-month examinations."
"Chlorhexidine showed lower scores for plaque formation and gingivitis development but higher scores of supragingival dental calculus (after 6 months) and tooth staining than did delmopinol."

Maybe the mouthrinses cause plaque to be transformed into calculus faster than otherwise. That's the only explanation I can think of for there being less plaque and more tartar. Then again, the delmopinol is supposed to keep plaque from sticking to teeth, so why would it also result in more tartar?

It sounds like both still result in improved oral health, at least.
But I wonder. For dogs who don't get tooth cleanings (for removing the tartar), is it still a good thing?

This document has some general info on oral care for pets, but is missing some of the references which might give important details:
Top 5 Tools & Techniques for Oral Home Care
Brushing their teeth daily would probably be best, but I can't see me doing that.
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I had an old portable car jump-starter that was no longer taking a charge. As it contains a small sealed lead-acid battery (SSLA), I couldn't simply put it with the garbage.

According to some web searches, Best Buy, Lowes, and Home Depot all supposedly take SSLA batteries for recycling, as long as they are under 11 pounds. According to my scale, the charger was just about 11 pounds, so the battery itself must be less. I wasn't sure if I should remove the battery from the case, as that would involve cutting wires.

I took the unit to Home Depot, but the people there said they only accepted smaller batteries like the ones from hand tools.

I tried another web search; couldn't find any other place that would definitely take it. An SC-DHEC document indicated that places that sell regular lead acid batteries have to also accept them for recycling. But it didn't say the same for SSLA batteries.

But I called up Advance Auto, and they confirmed that they would take it, case and all. And they did. Yay.


Thursday, December 22nd, 2016 10:25 pm
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Note to self:
Don't donate to USA for UNHCR. They spend 38% on fundraising!

Better-rated charities which help refugees.
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I had a thought/realization today. Considering that LiveJournal is owned by a Russian company, do you think that Russian authorities have access to everyone's protected and private posts, including ones cross-posted from DreamWidth? They probably do, one way or another.

In terms of the U.S. government, I was reading about warrant canaries lately, though it sounds like their use is already on the decline. It doesn't look like DreamWidth has one.

Fighting NSL Gag Orders... - EFF article. Mentions the FBI issued nearly 13,000 NSLs in 2015 alone