Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

sleep not

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 02:16 am
darkoshi: (Default)
I've been tired all day, and have felt like I could fall asleep the moment I went to bed.

I did good tonight. Tomorrow I have to get up at 7am (earlier than usual), and I made it to bed by 11:35pm, which would give me just under 7.5 hr sleep if I fell asleep right away.

My feet were cold, so I turned on the electric blanket and waited for them to warm up. My mind drifted for a long time, and if I fell asleep at all, it wasn't for long. An hour later (when I checked the time), I realized that besides still being awake, my feet were now too warm and my pulse felt like it was racing, at least considering I'd been resting. I timed it at 87 beats per minute. I have no reason to be stressed today, nothing stressful on my mind. I hadn't had any caffeine. So what's up with that? Maybe it is my circadian rhythm not used to being in bed so early. Then I felt like I had wasted an hour that I could have at least have been doing something useful. Sleep didn't feel any closer, so I got up for a while.

Now I'm going to get 4.5 hr of sleep or less again. Whatever.

And the dog goes bow-wow, bow-wow. But not now.