Odd Squad

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 09:36 pm
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This PBS kid's show is entertaining and quite funny in some parts: Odd Squad

That website is good too; you can watch the episodes there, and it has other special features. Awww man, it even has a downloadable 2017 puppy calendar.


Tuesday, December 30th, 2014 10:39 pm
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Browsing calendars on Amazon.com, I again started to feel like there must be some conspiracy behind the fact that at least 90% of the people depicted in fantasy art calendars are female, regardless of whether the calendars are marketed towards men or women. This reflects and promotes the sexist notion that females are for looking at, while men are not, and that females have beauty/mystery/allure, while men do not.

But again, the calendars on DeviantArt provided some relief.

This one by Mavrosh Stratiotis has many intriguing male fantasy characters.

This one by Apofiss has very cute cats (and a few owls). I got one of his calendars last year. They are so so cute; who can resist?

Journey Through Time is a calendar by Titia van Beugen. She has made some of the most gorgeous fractal images I've ever seen. But she hadn't posted anything since 2009. So I did a search and found that Titia passed away in early 2010 from breast cancer. That is why the above page still has the calendar labeled for 2010. However, DeviantArt always prints the calendar pages for the current/coming year, so it can still be bought.

Other calendars that impressed me:

Beyond Dreams by AquaSixio (Cyril Rolando).
An ethereal, dreamy calendar by RHADS (Artyom).
Calendar 2015 by BaxiaArt (Barbara Florczyk).
SciFi Calendar 2015 by ErikShoemaker.
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If you're looking to buy a calendar for next year, there are some truly excellent ones at deviantart.com.

Most of the calendars are priced between $20 and $30. If you click on the "Buy This Print" link for a specific calendar, it will let you see the price and the images for all the months.

This page explains that even calendars whose front cover art or name indicates a past year will have the contents printed for the current/coming year.

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Tuesday, January 9th, 2007 09:35 pm
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Why do the great majority of fantasy-type calendars contain only images of females, or of females and a few big-muscled males? Or of old male wizards with pointy hats and long beards? Why no beautiful androgynous males? Why no slim, dashing, handsome males?

I don't find big-muscled males pretty to look at. But getting a calendar which only has images of females disturbs me. It's too one-sided.

But I'm getting bored of calendars of deserts and trees.