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Saturday, September 9th, 2017 02:04 pm
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If your snap buttons on an item of clothing open too easily, you may be able to make them tighter by using a small screwdriver, or better yet, something with a sharp metal point, to bend some of the tines slightly inwards. The tines make up a circle of metal, into which the side of the button with the protrusion is pushed into.

There are different kinds of snap buttons.

Based on the ones listed on the above web page, the kind I'm referring to above is the "prong" type, which has a circle of metal tines. This kind is generally small and found on shirts.

There's another kind of snap button, the "S spring" type, where the protrusion side of the button is pushed into a hole which has 2 parallel wires on the sides to provide the tension (both of which are a single piece of thin wire, bent and positioned inside of the hole).

Pants and jackets generally have larger snap buttons of the "Ring spring" type, which use a single piece of thick wire shaped into a circle, to provide the tension. The circle of wire expands slightly outward against the containing round frame of the button, when the other side of the button is pushed in. That kind of button doesn't usually have a problem with becoming looser over time.


Saturday, December 5th, 2015 12:35 pm
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My inner aesthete wasn't satisfied with the last photo, so.

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At one of Qiao's family get-togethers, I was sitting in a chair with my leg crossed when someone came around the corner and exclaimed "I knew it was you, just from seeing the socks!"

rayon from wood

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 11:55 pm
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Wait, wait, what?!

Rayon, viscose, and cellophane are made from wood pulp and other natural fibers?!

I thought rayon and especially viscose were synthetic like nylon. Instead, they're semi-synthetic.

I'm not very familiar with cellophane; I thought it was the same as plastic wrap. Based on the photos, it must be the crinkly kind of thin clear plastic-like film.


Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 09:45 am
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I just found out that a pair of pants I've had for who knows how many years actually has real back pockets. They were sewn shut and looked stubby from the inside, so I always thought they were fake. But they are in actuality 4-inch deep mini-pockets.

I hardly ever use back pockets anyway though. Unless they are zippered, they don't seem a secure way of holding things. And I don't want things poking me in the butt when I sit down.


Sunday, March 1st, 2015 03:01 pm
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Wow. So much pretty. So much creative.

A video showing how the recycled sweater coats are made:

Video title: Making A Katwise Sweater Coat
Posted by: katwise osullivan
Description: How to make a recycled sweater coat.

anime jackets

Sunday, March 1st, 2015 02:48 am
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I still get compliments on this jacket (photo from 10 years ago when it was new):

Today while out grocery shopping, a person in one store told me she liked the jacket, and later in another store, a guy asked where I bought it. My answer was likely a disappointment - while I bought it here in town, it was 10 years ago, and the store no longer exists. It was a generic store with household stuff, and I believe the owner was from Korea. The store had a small section of shirts and jackets, and that was where I made this awesome find. I bought a 2nd jacket too, for my brother:

The label in the jacket says "UF-10", and that it was made in Korea. I've never come across any others like it.

As the jacket only had a zipper, I sewed on a strip of snap-buttons, to let me button up rather than zipping up. I also sewed in some warm fleece side-pockets, as the existing pockets were thinly lined and weren't placed very well. Adding side pockets to a jacket is relatively simple - I've done that on 3 of my jackets now. You just need to sew some fleece (in a color matching the jacket) into a pocket shape, open up the side seam of the jacket, and sew the edges of the pocket to the seams.

It might be time to get myself an alternate less flashy winter jacket. While I enjoy the compliments, it also makes me realize how much I must stand out when wearing it. I do have another plain green winter jacket, but I usually only wear it on very cold days, as it is warmer and has a hood. Yet if I went shopping for a new jacket, I might end up finding another flashy one. After all, the above one is actually relatively subdued in color - just black/blue/white. Heaven forbid I find a sparkly rainbow-colored jacket; how could I resist?
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At one rest stop in Pennsylvania, there was a group of women dressed in Amish garb (a novel sight for me), and a parked van marked as an "Amish/Mennonite taxi service".

At another stop, Qiao later mentioned that as I was heading into the bathroom, a woman behind me spoke to me, saying that it was the women's bathroom. This surprised me, as I hadn't heard anyone speak to me. It's probably for the best though, as the woman might have felt awkward if I had replied "I know" or "Yeah, that's right". She probably mistook me for a boy as my hair was short, my clothing non-feminine, and I didn't have a purse with me.

must have belt loops

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 08:16 am
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Then I found another 3 pairs of nice pants (Lee "Riders") at K-Mart, in the women's section. Shades and patterns of gray. One of them, I may not even need to shorten. But I do need to sew extra belt loops on that one - for some odd reason it has belt loops in the front but not in the back. (Why is it so rare to find clothes for myself that don't need to be altered in one way or another?) One pair of the pants was labelled "trouser leg" while the other 2 pairs were labelled "straight leg", but I can't tell what the difference is supposed to be.

The navy blue colored pants that I got at the other store are so dark that they almost look black. So maybe I should still keep my old navy pants after all; maybe I can somehow alter them to be looser on the waist. Sigh.

must have pockets

Saturday, February 1st, 2014 05:58 pm
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Went shopping for some new dressy pants for work, to replace old ones that have gotten tight on my waist.

I gathered an armful of candidates from the women's section to try on. Not a simple task, as most women's trousers get mentally knocked out of competition after a brief glance, due to either having no pockets or no belt loops, or being tight on the legs or otherwise shaped funny.

Out of that first set, a single pair had potential. They were comfortable and looked okay on me. Then I noticed that the front pockets were too small to even fit a whole hand in. Then I noticed that the back "pockets" were simply decoration. They were sewn closed with no actual pocket inside. I considered the effort it would take to sew real pockets into the back and to extend the length of the front pockets. Then I decided not to spend money on a pair of pants that didn't even have real pockets.

Then I browsed the men's section. The only problem there is finding items in my size - most are too big. After going back and forth to the dressing room several times, I chose 2 pairs. B'gosh, they were expensive though. And I'll still need to shorten them. (I consider myself average height at 5'4", yet even a pair of pants labelled "short" from the women's section were too long for me.)


This gear ring is a neat idea. But considering how much I fiddle with plain rings the rare times I wear them, one like this on my finger would be even harder for me to leave alone.

Video title: Kinekt Design Gear Ring
Posted by: Glen Kinekt


Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 08:44 pm
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Last night's low temperature was 15 degrees F, and today's high was 29. I wore my flannel-lined pants to work, with leg warmers over my socks. Generally, I only wear the leg warmers at home, with my house-shoes and without socks. But this way, my ankles didn't get cold even when I went outside to walk and sit and eat lunch.

I also had my warmest hooded jacket and my head-band with attached mini-ear-muffs. And a long thin scarf that I wrap around my neck whenever it is chilly outside. It's a very light gauzy scarf, yet warm. When it's not too cold, I like to leave the ends loose and have them flutter in the wind.

Often when I wrap the scarf around my neck, it feels like a dangerous thing to me, in that someone else could choke me with it. Once I've wrapped it, it's often hard for me to find the ends in order to take it off. All someone would have to do is to grab the scarf around my neck, and pull, and twist...

Is it normal to have that kind of thought pop into one's head? I must have read or heard too many stories about people being choked to death.

Once when I was looking at my car's engine, I realized that I was wearing the scarf, and that I'd better back away and take it off. Wouldn't want one end to come loose and get sucked into the engine's turning parts, and have it pull me in.


A message was left on my answering machine asking me to call back Opex, my long distance provider. No other information except the phone number to call. It was a computer generated voice. Would you call back such a number? I can't but think that it must be advertising. If it were anything important, surely they would have left more information, or would have emailed me about it.

neat stuff on Etsy

Saturday, December 28th, 2013 02:27 am
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While searching for a "pocket belt", I found these neat items & sellers on Etsy:

Cyber Gypsy Fashion
Hmong Pocket Belts

donation bins

Sunday, October 13th, 2013 06:16 pm
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There are some clothing donation bins around town marked with "". That website, however, says "Site Under Maintenance". It's apparently been that way for a long time, as Google's search results display the same text for the site.

The only info I found on the organization that owns the bins is the following.

Local Charities Concerned About For-Profit Clothing Donation Bins

Collection bins are popping up all over town. Some are red, some are green and some are blue. For most people, it's an easy way to drop off old clothing so it can go to charity.
And even though some of the donation boxes do support charities, most of the ones we spotted came from for-profit companies, like "Better World Recycling" and "Second Life Recycling". According to Georgia state law, those collection bins are supposed to let people know they are not a charity, but we found dozens across town that weren't labeled that way.
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It continues to delight me, seeing so many colorful athletic shoes now available and marketed towards both men and women, both boys and girls. Sometimes it isn't even immediately obvious which gender they are intended for.

A K-mart ad has a kids' shoe decorated with a cartoon skull bedecked with a pink bow. Based on the colors, it is marketed towards girls. Till now, I've only seen skull emblems on boys' clothing. Personally, I don't care for skulls and death symbols, but it's interesting to see this kind of gender cross-over in fashion... Ah, the pink bow skull emblem is from Monster High. I suppose it isn't really cross-over then... a marketing distinction still remains, of things for girls being made to look cute, and things for boys being made to look ominous / dangerous.

At Kohl's, I found an awesome pair of shoes with orange and turquoise highlights, non-leather and made by Asics.

Kohl's also impressed me with colorful dress socks in the men's section. There were bright red ones, pink ones, and several multi-colored patterned ones. Bright neon-colored athletic socks also caught my eye. I don't think men's socks would fit me well though. Besides the foot size being larger, they tend to go partway up the calf, and I don't really understand what keeps them from falling down, compared to knee-socks where the top elastic is above the calf.

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I found out that some men's dress pants have extra fabric purposely put into the back seam, so that the waist can be easily altered wider. How cool is that? Why don't they do that with women's pants too? But I can't complain too much on that point, as actually only some men's dress pants have this feature, and it seems that khakis and jeans never do. I found only 2 pants in the house with the feature, and ironically they're mine, not Qiao's.

Boy's pants or shorts often have elastic strips with button holes sewn into the inside of the waistband. This is a nifty feature too. But the buttons they attach to tend to dig into the skin on my hips and make me itch, so it's not super nifty.
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Me: Do these look ok together?
[brandishing a black/gray plaid shirt and a black/purple/white tie-dye pair of pants]

Qiao: hmm... Based on your standards, yes.

Me: :-/

blood message

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 11:14 pm
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This is a very strange t-shirt.

These pants are quite striking.
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If you have worn-out knee-high or calf-high socks, where it's mainly the foot-parts that are in bad condition, you could cut the foot-parts off, and then...

- Use the rest as leg-warmers or arm-warmers.


- Trim it to size depending on what you will use it for, and sew one end closed. Then you'll have a little pouch in which you can store a pair of glasses or a cell-phone. Optionally, for extra padding, you can double the sock over on itself and/or put one sock inside another, before sewing the end closed.
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My day...

My back was achy this morning; one of the vertebrae was stiff and not moving right.
I washed.
I did Neti against my allergies.
I relaxed on the electric back massager mat for a while.

Serena's tags were missing from her collar. So I went looking in the yard, and found them. Yay!

I searched for sh*t and shoveled and buried it. This is to avoid inadvertently stepping in it, and so that when I rake leaves, I'm less likely to get nasty surprises.
While I was in the yard, my vertebrae finally loosened and snapped back into the right position. Yay.

I washed dishes.
I buried the scraps in the compost pile. I cut up the pumpkin, which had unfortunately gotten moldy through a bad spot, and put it in the compost too.

Leave it to Walmart to have most of the things on my shopping list which I hadn't found in other stores.
- queen-size fleece bed-sheets for my new mattress. Check.
- stackable plastic crates with carrying handles, for storing recylables. Check.
- S-carabiners... they didn't have the size I wanted.
- but they had some other small carabiner clips which will work as well, for clipping a small pouch to my belt. Check.
- full-metal tire pressure gauge. Check.
- comfortable athletic shoes, with all man-made materials. Check.
- another pair of comfortable athletic shoes! Double check.
- but they still don't have any hot-pink sparkly athletic shoes in my size. Oh, well. Maybe someday they will.
- blue sweatshirt. Check.

I do get a small kick out of shopping, especially when I find exactly what I'm looking for, or something unexpectedly nice&nifty that I wasn't even looking for.

Kohl's was open until midnight. I found several nice things there too, including a $42 faux-fur vest. That's more than I'm usually willing to spend on a single item of clothing, especially something as simple as a vest. The vest isn't even perfect in all ways. Yet it had appealing aspects (it is reversible, although it wasn't advertised as such, and reversed, it matches my black shiny pants!), and I figured I'd regret not having bought it. So now I have a frivolous soft black vest to go along with my frivolous black silky pants.

My back was aching pretty bad again by the time I was in Kohl's. It usually does while I'm out shopping. It reminded me that I had planned to go see a doctor about my back pain at one point. But then I decided to try exercising more... still need to exercise more on a regular basis. Hopefully the new mattress will help some, too.

Kroger was open til 1am. I picked up some groceries and left there a little after midnight.

Got home. Unloaded the car. I ate dinner at 2am. Then I had an allergy attack. (How can a nose produce so much snot in such a short period of time? Where does it all come from??) So I took a loratadine pill.


Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 11:28 pm
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I drove to Myrtle Beach. The drive there was fine. The day was cloudy and there was some rain, so I did not get hot during the drive, in spite of my car not having air-conditioning.

My hotel room was fine. From some reviews of the hotel I had read, I had been a bit worried, but the room was fine. It had a fine view of the ocean.

I went to the ocean. I was wearing my new swim outfit, consisting of boys'/men's swim-shorts and a girls'/women's sleeveless rashguard. The outfit felt very comfortable. It's the first time I recall ever feeling comfortable, and not at all dorky, in a swimsuit. I even went wandering around the hotel grounds in the outfit afterwards, rather than going to my room right away to change out of it.

The ocean was fine. It wasn't cold. It was salty, but that is to be expected of the ocean. I didn't encounter any garbage nor any sharks nor any stinging jellyfish in the water. There were nice waves.

Me being in the ocean consists of wading out in the water to chest-height, watching for tall waves in order to jump with them and avoid my face getting wet, doggy-paddling a bit, floating on my back a bit, and as I mentioned, watching out for waves. It's sort of a game, me against the ocean. Of course, the ocean would always win against me, so I only go out chest-deep, enough to be somewhat dangerous but not muchly so. Even then the ocean tends to win. It did on the 2nd day, smacking me down with a big wave, and then pummeling me with another. I excused myself from the game in order to expel stinging saltwater from my airways. Not to leave on a defeated note, I then went back into the surf and waded knee-deep for a while.

Then I even went into one of the swimming pools for a while. I hadn't been in a swimming pool for over a decade or so. (There's something unappealing about getting into a tank of chlorine-smelling water in which other people have been hanging around in). I doggy paddled a bit, and swam a bit, and floated on my back. It was ok. Nothing particularly special. I determined that I hadn't been missing much in that decade or so. But it was ok.

I was glad for my new swim outfit, which I felt comfortable in. I was glad for my menstrual cup, which made going into the water possible, in spite of my period having started the day of the trip.

Seeing the laser lights at night was neat, even though I worried about the beams catching me in my eyes.

I went out to eat with my family. It was ok.

I thought about what it would be like, to be down at the ocean without other people around, so that I could listen to the ocean talking without any distractions... I realized that it would either not make any impact on me at all (no different than having people around), or that I would feel sadness.

Internet access was sporadic at the hotel, as was my cell-phone signal.
I flipped through the channels on the cable television in my room. I watched part of a movie.

The next day I went shopping and bought some things. That was fine.

Then I drove back home. The temperature was in the 100s that day, and it was a hot drive back. But it was ok. I drove through Sumter, to see the town. There wasn't much special to see though, on the route I took. I also stopped at a boat landing by the Wateree River. It was sort of neat down there... I would have liked to just sit on the landing for a while, watching the river flow past. But I was the only person there, and I had left my car windows rolled down, and I felt a bit uneasy that someone might walk out of the bushes and/or steal from my car while it was out of my sight.

I managed to avoid a sun-burn while at the ocean. My left arm nearly got sunburned on the drive back. But so far it's ok and not peeling.

Forestfen called and asked me if my extra day at the beach was "wonderful". (She left the day before me). I said that it was ok. I don't think she really heard my answer, but I don't mind. It's easier if she thinks I'm happy. Sometimes I wonder to myself, is she for real? Does she really experience things which seem plain or okay or fine to me as "wonderful"? Do other people experience things like she does?