Shima Uta

Monday, March 13th, 2017 01:08 am
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It did snow. I saw it. I went outside. I went back to bed. I slept until 2:45pm, not even counting the time change.

I'm still getting over my cold, though starting to feel better. On Friday afternoon, I took a pseudoephedrine tablet, from an old package I still had. The expiration date on the package was 2010. It actually did clear my nose up for a little while. I went to bed fairly early (for a Friday) - 1:30am, as I felt so sleepy. But I wasn't able to fall asleep until 3 hours later. Now I'm afraid to take any of those tablets again, in case that is what kept me awake so long. But the other medicine I have, with phenylephrine, didn't seem to help my congestion much if at all.

Came across this video today. The song is Shima Uta. So emotionally expressive. So fluffy hair. Something mesmerizing to me.

Video title: The BOOM - 島唄 ( Live )
Posted by: SilentFace007 さんのチャンネル

The music reminded me of this album, also Okinawan style: Peppermint Teahouse. It is possibly the most upbeat album of music I have.

Then came across this video.

Video title: 13ºOkinawa festival 2015 -Mirukumunari- Kudaka Majushu
Posted by: 8shinji7898

(Starting at 3:26, a cute black dog joins the performance.)

I wondered why there would be an Okinawan Festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil, of all places. Did all those many performers travel from Okinawa to Brazil for the festival? Then I read about Okinawan emigration and the many people of Japanese ancestry who live in Brazil.

The song on that last video is "Mirukumunari" by Hidekatsu.

leave it

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 02:54 am
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Leave It On the Floor - a touching ball-scene musical with several catchy tunes. From 2011. Available streaming on Netflix.

The Carter character looks very attractive to me. Very androgynous. How I wouldn't mind looking. Photos of the same actor without the dreadlocks don't look nearly as special though. Funny how a hairstyle can make such a difference.


Youtube channel: streetstar - lots of good dancing/voguing.


beijing opera

Sunday, October 25th, 2009 07:29 pm
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I got to see a performance, "Highlights of Classic Chinese Theater", yesterday. The performers were a group of students of Beijing Opera, from China. They performed episodes from various plays. The costumes and make-up were fantastic. Some parts reminded me of my own dancing; there's certain movements I do when dancing, which are like theirs. I probably picked up those movements from various things I watched when I was younger.

The last episode was a fight scene between 2 warriors in the dark. The stage was not dark, but the play was based on them not being able to see each other. It was wonderful.

If any of you have the opportunity to watch a performance of Beijing Opera, I highly recommend it.

Next week there is going to be a performance of Chinese folk dancing at the Koger Center. I am thinking of attending that one too.
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how come saturnian and saturnine mean such different things?

i don't understand this california recall thing. okay, so i
wasn't paying attention... why is it happening? why don't they
want to keep the current governor?

that lj-postcard thing reminded me, i have left-over postcards
from germany. so i think i'll just send them to people...
anyone want one?

at the greek festival today...
i'm so.... *.
around so many people, i'm so... uncomfortable,
although i don't really feel it. i feel so.... unbelonging.
different. sticking out. what am i doing here?
i feel like i could cry... (my period is coming, maybe that's why.)
but, no, don't cry. relax...
i don't feel anything... distracted. trying to blend in. no, not trying
that at all, just being myself, thinking about anything but myself...
looking for things to focus on, my gaze darting here and there.
discomfort is something you recognize when it leaves you.
i could dance to the music... i should dance...
it would be weird. but i should, then maybe i would relax?
thinking about it makes my pulse thud... now i'm really uncomfortable...
relax, it's just a thought... i might dance, but what about my purse?
it's too heavy to wear while dancing, even though it's a fanny pack.
and i couldn't just leave it on the table... what to do?
i can't dance with it. i can't leave it here...
she would watch it, but not if she wanted to dance too...
the music will be over soon. don't get up just when the music's ending;
that would be embarrassing...
thwarted by a purse!!! or maybe not.
relax. let the thought go. i won't dance. just sit and relax. it's
okay now... damn damn damn. this is so uncomfortable, even though i
can't really feel anything but the music and the noise and nothing,
and i just focus on the colored lights and on the little kids playing
and on a person here and a person there, and on this and on that...
and the music's really nice, but it's over now, inside and outside,
so we leave. and i return home to my own little cube of space where
noone can see me, and i'm okay, but i remember... i'm so *.

to spin

Saturday, July 19th, 2003 02:28 am
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a whirlwind

i spin sometimes

like a dervish;
like wonder-woman doing her transformation thing.

i have always done this, since i was a child.
though back then,
it was less likely to make me feel
headache or nausea afterwards.

i haven't noticed other people doing this,
not even children.
why don't they?
do they?

it's such a feeling
like flying
my arms are wings
like being on an amusement park ride,
but it's me in control of the motion...

someone asked once, "don't you get dizzy?"
"only when i stop," i replied.

holding a sheet,
it ripples in the centrifugal wind
like a sail...

i move
and the world spins around me
i dance
in the center


dare i do it outdoors, though,
in the sunshine,
where others could see?

it would look most odd.
i can imagine the conversations...
"she's weird. you can see her in her backyard sometimes,
spinning around and around...
she's gotta be nuts!"

ah, another embarrassing thing that i could do,
in order to spite my embarrassment.

it would be so bright, though,
the greens and blues merging around me,
and the sun above.

if the sun were directly overhead,
i could look up,
and it would be steady as i spun...

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