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Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 11:05 pm
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Our electric company has a program where you can either buy or rent solar panels which are set up out in the countryside (rather than on your roof). They take care of all the setup and maintenance. As I want to support clean renewable energy, it sounds like a great thing for me to do. But after reading the details about the program, I have a nagging feeling that it sounds too good to be true.

Especially the part in the FAQ about renting panels, which says "Monthly credits are expected to be greater than monthly fees providing for instant saving."
I wonder if the panels provide more power when they are new, so that to begin with, the credits might exceed the fees, but in later years the reverse would be true?

Do any of you have experience, or know someone with experience, in these type of programs?

The electric company also has a rooftop solar program. Each customer can only participate in one of the programs, not both. I've seen several houses with solar panels on their roofs. My house would likely be a good candidate for that too, as it gets a good amount of sunshine. But the idea of putting solar panels on my roof worries me in that
- the panels would interfere with getting the shingles replaced, whenever the shingles eventually need to be replaced (although maybe they lengthen the life of the shingles underneath them, as the shingles would be less exposed?)
- if someone needs to walk on my roof for something (cleaning gutters, fixing leaks, trimming tree branches), the panels would be in the way
- if not installed well, they might cause roof leaks?
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In the last half year or so, I've increasingly been having trouble with numbers. This is new to me and disgruntling. I make a lot of mistakes when writing down digits and/or copying them from one place to another. Sometimes I'll read, hear, or say in my mind, "71" (for example), but end up writing "17". Then I compare what I wrote to what I meant to write, and wonder how I could have gotten something so simple wrong.


I didn't want kids. Nor did I want pets. I didn't want the hassle. I didn't want the responsibility. I still don't want them.
But I didn't want a dog to die, so I ended up taking care of a dog. And I didn't want the dog to be lonely, so now I've practically got two dogs to take care of. They take up a lot of time. They're a lot of work. In a way, I'm a part-time slave, having to take care of them.
In return, I get wagging tails and hopeful eyes.


It's always hard cutting up the jack'o'lanterns after Halloween. It took effort to design the faces and to carve them.... and then they were art and had their own personalities and were so pretty. But they can't stay stored in the refrigerator forever; they take up too much space. They would rot eventually. So one cuts them up and cooks them and makes cakes and pies and dinners from them. The whole process is a hassle, even though part of it is neat and pretty, and part of it is yummy. Like putting up and decorating a Christmas tree, I'm never quite sure if I want to go through the trouble again next year. Why do I keep doing it? Why can't I curl up into a ball and disappear?


I read that green tea is good against allergies. So I tried drinking tea a few times when I was having allergy attacks. It actually did help, and rather quickly too. I suspect it may be the hot steaming liquid that somehow helps, more so than the type of tea. I'll have to experiment with it some more.


From what I've been able to tell, it seems that heating the house with electric heaters may be cheaper than using the whole-house heater which runs on gas. But I'm against nuclear power, because of the long-lasting radioactive waste that it produces, and any electricity I use is likely to be from nuclear power plants. So, based on my ideals, would it be better to use gas? Hmmm....
"SCE&G operates 17 power plants throughout the state. Forty-three percent of the
company’s electrical capacity comes from coal plants, 12 percent from a single nuclear
plant, 30 percent from natural gas, four percent through a handful of hydro-electric
plants and one percent from biomass."

This page indicates that there are 7 active nuclear power stations at 4 sites in the state, not including the Savannah River Site.


I feel like a non-entity in many ways. Sexually, socially, emotionally. No goals, no enthusiasm, no purpose, no dreams.


I waste a lot of time on the internet due to curiosity.

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