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I was walking along, lost in thought. And I realized that I wasn't paying any attention to the world around me. And I thought, squirrels don't do that, scampering around lost in their thoughts, do they? My thoughts are in words - I hear words in my head. What would it be like, if I had never learned a language - if I had never heard any words? Would I still be able to think? What kinds of thoughts would I have? What would word-less thoughts be like? Is that how it is like, to be a squirrel?

I can stop thinking words for a while, while walking, and still *know* where I'm walking towards... a part of my brain is still directing me in which direction to walk, even if I don't consciously think words while doing it. When I drive home, I don't consciously think of which streets to turn on... it is automatic, while my mind thinks other thoughts. Whereas if I'm driving somewhere unfamiliar, then I do think words, like "I need to turn right on so-and-so street".

But what would it be like, to not have words in one's brain? What is it like for deaf people, who speak via sign-language, and who have never heard words? Do they think in sign? Do they see hands moving in their mind? Is their thought image-based as opposed to sound-based?

If my thoughts are sound-based, why is it easier for me to understand things when I read them, than when I hear them? And yet, when I read them, I hear the words in my head.

What is it like to be a squirrel, to not have words which let you plan for the future and think other abstract, distant thoughts? What is it like, to live in the present, all the time, only reacting to the things you see, hear, smell, feel?

My memories are not word-based, for the most part. I remember images, emotions, smells, not words.

Do squirrels sometimes sit around lost in thought... remembering experiences they have had? Day-dreaming about the perfect acorn?


Tuesday, November 20th, 2007 11:01 am
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Squirrels cause power-outages

Mystery animal probably a squirrel
"The animal was probably an orange phase fox squirrel, Fish and Wildlife investigator Ken Holmes told The Florida Times-Union. The red-orange animals can grow to be about 2 feet tall and can climb in trees."
A 2 foot tall squirrel?! Wow.

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Wednesday, July 4th, 2007 11:17 am
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I am crying, and there is no reason for it. I just feel unaccountably sad of a sudden.

Or maybe there's a reason, and it just isn't clear to me.

Even if I find a person or shelter to take the kitten, I know that just means one less home for some other cat or kitten somewhere, and that some other one will end up being euthanized instead of this one.

But I don't think that is why I feel like crying.

I don't know why I'm doing all this.

There was a squirrel in the bird-feeder.

It's a holiday. Pretty quiet so far.

Grass is growing.

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Saturday, May 26th, 2007 08:25 am
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a tad of insomnia
a dream of mint
a beautiful day
squirrels running across my roof
thump thump thump thump thump.