Saturday, August 15th, 2015 09:54 pm
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The person taking this video at the concert did a quick 360 degree turn to get the audience in the picture, starting at 40 seconds in. I found Qiao at 47 seconds, but not me. I guess I was too short.

Video Title: Karma Chameleon Culture Club Boston aug 2nd 2015
Posted by: Steamthetube

I believe that YouTube used to let you scroll through a video frame by frame. As of now, I can't find a way of doing that. There's a Chrome extension that apparently let you do it, but from the comments, YouTube made a recent change which broke that too. However, you can change the playback rate to 0.25 in the video settings (gear icon) to get slow-motion, and then you can press the spacebar to play/pause it.

These are some the keys that you can currently use to control YouTube video playback:
Left/Right Arrow: move 5 seconds back/forward
J/L: move 10 seconds back/forward
K or spacebar: start/stop play
1/2/3/etc - move to 0:30/1:00/1:30/etc
F - toggle Full screen
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Terrorists used false DMCA claims to get personal data of anti-islamist YouTuber

First, I'll mention a few items from the original German article that I didn't see mentioned in the other English posts I read.

The automated emails sent by YouTube to the channel owners clearly stated that 1) the channel owner had to provide their personal data in order to counter the copyright infringement claim, and 2) that this personal data would be shared with the person who submitted the claim.

YouTube alternately allows you to provide the contact information of an authorized representative (such as a lawyer) rather than your own, but the channel owners didn't discover that until afterwards.

Neither of the 2 main presenters of the channel were willing to share their contact information. Sabatina James (not her real name) was already in a victim's protection program, and in the habit of moving every few years for her own protection. In the past, she received death threats from her own family after fleeing an arranged marriage in Pakistan.

They suspected that the person making the false claim was an Islamist, and they repeatedly tried to tell YouTube this. But they were ignored.

After YouTube received 3 copyright infringement claims and no counter claim, the channel was shut down. After the channel was shut down, one of the channel's collaborators offered to provide his contact information in order to get the channel reinstated. It was this person's personal data that was provided to the false claimant and subsequently made public.


According to Google's help pages, one can submit a copyright infringement complaint by web-form or email. The web-form requires you to enter your full legal name, address and phone number. But curiously, the email option only says that it requires your contact information "such as an email address, physical address or telephone number".

Whereas, when submitting a counter-notification by email, you are required to include a full legal name, email address, physical address, and phone number.

So it sounds like someone can file a claim by providing only an email address, whereas to fight a claim, one has to disclose much more.

embed issues

Sunday, October 5th, 2014 01:18 pm
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Note to Self:

When embedding content (such as a YouTube video) in a post, remember to also include the direct URL to the content (such as the video URL) in the post.

Otherwise, when I save or export my entries, the direct URL does not get saved; only an embed id gets saved.


In the past, I've had problems where the embeds got messed up - old posts were showing the wrong videos. That may have happened when I copied my entries from LJ to DW, or maybe it was later on. I went back and fixed them all. Having the direct URLs in the posts would have made the process easier.

Today I have another problem with the embeds. I back up my journal in a few different ways. One way is with LJArchive - LJArchive doesn't display anything for embeds. Another way is by simply saving the HTML pages every once in a while. Today when opening those previously-saved HTML pages, I found that they no longer display right. Instead of displaying the entries with the embeds included, they show nothing but a single embed, in giant size, so that I can't even easily tell which post it is from.

If I edit the HTML to change all "iframe" to "iframex", then I can at least see the other posts correctly again.

In Dreamwidth, when I click to edit a post, it still shows the direct URL to the embedded content. I wish that part would be included when saving the HTML page, and when doing an export via LJArchive.

I suppose rather than using the "HTML only" option when saving the pages, I should start using the "Web page, complete" option. That will hopefully avoid the problem in the future even if Dreamwidth changes how their embeds are handled again.

yoo tyoo buh

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 11:55 pm
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A message on my YouTube channel: "Welcome unsubscribed visitors to your channel. Tell unsubscribed users what your channel is all about. Keep it snappy and try to make it one minute or less. Check out best practices for some inspiration."

Me: Why would unsubscribed visitors even be looking at my channel? Surely they unsubscribed for a reason, and wouldn't have come back to watch more.

Me, a minute later: Oh. They must mean NON-subscribed visitors.


One of my top-10 videos has had over 1700 views, and I can't imagine why it would have gotten that many. Weird.


Someone flagged this video of mine, and YouTube age-restricted it. One the one hand, I feel amused, like I made something that's cool enough to be age-restricted. On the other hand, I feel like, yes, it's not really something for kids, and yet it's not overtly sexual (or is it?), and it doesn't have nudity. So I suppose it must be considered violent or disturbing. Like, cool, right? Or maybe caressing yourself with knives is deemed oh-no-dangerous! And then on the third hand, I'm too tired to care much either way. I mean, who gives a flying huckleberry about something like that, when there's so much really bad stuff going on in the world.

I was actually relieved that the video wasn't flagged for using copyrighted music. Without the music, the video wouldn't be nearly as cool.
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This video demonstrates features now available on the YouTube homepage (when you are logged in). I wasn't in the habit of opening the homepage, so I didn't realize that it had these useful features.
For example:
- List all videos you've recently watched.
- List all uploads and/or activity by people you are subscribed to.
- List all uploads and/or activity by a specific person you are subscribed to.

On the homepage, there is a "Manage Subscriptions" link in the lower left hand corner. This lets you control the settings for each channel you are subscribed to. Each channel has an option for "Email with new uploads" - before now, I never could figure out why I'd get notification emails for new videos on certain channels but not for other channels. There is also an option "Show only uploads in feed", in case you don't want to see another person's likes, favorites, and subscriptions in your feed.

For a while, I thought that YouTube had completely removed the ability to leave or view Channel comments. But they are still available. This page explains how to find them. Basically, open a channel, click "Browse Videos", then click the "Comments" link at the top.

That assumes that the channel has comments enabled. Comments may be enabled or disabled in the Channel Settings, under "Feed - Feed Settings - Allow channel comments".

With the latest YouTube updates, I also had trouble figuring out how to view all comments for a specific video. There used to be a "View All Comments" link (or something like that). Now, the video page only shows a set of comments, with a "Show more" button at the bottom, which retrieves another limited set of comments. HOWEVER, above the comments, the text that says "All Comments" is actually a link. If you click that link, it will open a page with all the comments, with the oldest comments at the bottom.
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Comparing YouTube's automatic captioning/transcriptions to what I hear spoken in the videos impresses upon me how intelligent our brains are - to be able to decipher spoken words and phrases, even when the speech is not clear.


moon big
moon round


Still reading the 2nd book in the dragon tattoo girl series. It is engrossing.


EarthFare had black garlic for sale. This particular brand is a product of the U.S.A; $5 for a packet of 2 bulbs. I tossed a packet into my shopping cart, thinking, "I've been wanting to try that!" (remembering being intrigued by what I had read about it). I haven't yet opened the packet.


Why people eat tofu when they get out of prison in Korea.
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Once automated transcriptions and automated translations both work better, we'll be able to watch videos in other languages, with captions generated in our own language. Maybe they'll even be able to update the audio stream so that you hear the same voice, but speaking your language instead of the original language.


And in other news, a cricket was crawling up the wall. The first one this year, inside the house. It was given an armed escort back outside.
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I was having a problem lately where some flash videos weren't playing correctly in Firefox. The audio was okay, but the video was messed up. The video was okay in Internet Explorer. Based on a suggestion on this page, I was able to fix the problem. I right-clicked the video, selected "Settings", and unchecked the "Use Hardware Acceleration" checkbox. Then I reloaded the page, and the video was no longer messed up.
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2010/spring. A singing and dancing birthday balloon, a barking broomstick, and a few other assortments.

I may start using or some other site instead of YouTube. Metacafe seems to have more relaxed rules on nudity. It bothers me that some of my videos stand the possibility of getting flagged and taken down even though they aren't sexual in content. One of the people I subscribe to on YT had a couple of their videos flagged and taken down, even though they were only showing how their chest looked after top-surgery. There doesn't seem to be much you can do about censorship like that, other than not using the site anymore.

network problems

Thursday, January 14th, 2010 08:23 pm
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Is anyone else having problems with YouTube lately, with it doing a lot of pausing while playing back videos, while it buffers data? My download speed is good (~6.5 Mbps), so I'm wondering if it is a problem on the YouTube side.
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I was wondering if I added some static or white noise to the audio of the video that YouTube muted, to reduce the sound quality, if that would let it get by the content-matching algorithm.

Then I found the following very interesting page, which documents the results of assorted detailed tests someone did to change the audio of an upload to see whether YouTube's algorithm would still identify it or not:
Fun with YouTube's Audio Content ID System

So just adding static or white noise probably would not work. But other changes might. Very interesting.

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Saturday, October 10th, 2009 05:56 pm
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Two of my older YouTube videos have been found to contain 3rd party copyright audio material. On one of the videos, YouTube has muted the audio. I'm not bothered by that; I was dancing to a CD, and the video ended up with most of 2 or 3 Howard Jones songs in it. It's reasonable the copyright holder might not want to allow that. It's a pity though; without the music, the emotion of the dance is lost. I hope they don't identify the music in any of my other videos.

On the other video, which contains Nirvana's Lake of Fire song, YouTube didn't mute it, but added an ad linking to Amazon where you can buy the MP3 of the song. Now that is neat and useful. I've sometimes watched a video with music in it, and wondered what the music was, and if there was a link right there where I could buy the song from, I might do that on occasion. That leaves me feeling good instead of slightly guilty and/or pitying the situation.

I wonder if some copyright owners choose to just have all their music muted, and some choose to instead have ads shown, or if other criteria is also used in the decisions, such as how much of the music is included, the quality of the audio, and/or how popular the video is.
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Firefox add-on ToggleDocumentColors - adds a toolbar button and keyboard short-cut which you can use to switch between the page-specified document settings (colors) and the settings you've specified in the Firefox options. (The Opera browser has this feature built-in.) So, for example, in the Firefox options, you can set your page background color to black and the text to bright yellow and links to bright green. Then whenever you open a page which has a bright white background, you can click the button on the toolbar to switch to your own colors. Comes in handy for me on the YouTube site, since I have to switch my monitor settings to nearly their brightest, in order to watch the videos, and then having bright white on the rest of the page hurts my eyes.

Hmmm. It seems that YouTube sets the text color based on *your* settings, even when you are using the page-specified settings. The page background color is set to white, based on *their* settings, and yellow on white is not nice. At first I thought it was a bug with the add-on, but it happens even with the add-on uninstalled. Oh well. As long as I can always toggle to my settings when on their site, I think it's still worthwhile to have the add-on.

Hummmmmmm.... I'm just trying out the latest version of Opera, and it doesn't even let you specify your own text color anymore! It only has settings for the page background and link colors. Maybe Opera decided not to have the text color setting anymore, because too many webpages, like YouTube, assume that the user's default text color is black.
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Problem: When playing videos on the YouTube site in Firefox, the video flickers a lot, switching between a small size to the normal size.

Workaround, based on a websearch: Add "&fmt", without the quotes, to the end of the URL, and reload the page. This may show the video in a lower quality, but without the flicker.
Alternately, use "&fmt=6", "&fmt=8", or "&fmt=18", but there may be other issues with those.
Another workaround is to simply position the cursor over the volume button - this does not get rid of all the flicker, but it reduces the amount of it. (Yep, weird).

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Sunday, October 19th, 2008 01:27 am
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I've got a couple newer vids on my youtube page.
Right now, it feels like my youtube page is something separated from my lj page... I suppose it is because none of the people I read on LJ have youtube pages that I know of, and vice versa. So I'm not sure whether I should post here every time I add a video there.

Madonna has an official youtube channel:

Voi - veil poi. It is similar to rhythm gymnastics ribbons, and to flagging, but different. Seems to be mainly a belly-dancing thing though:

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Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 09:47 pm
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Ah. At least Youtube allows you to unsubscribe the (creepy) people who've subscribed to your vids, and without giving them a message that you've done so.

My wrists are achy. They were on Friday and Monday too. Like I've been typing too much at work.

Its unbelievable how many hits my vids got already, especially the BlueAndrogyne one. This morning, I removed the word "shirtless" from its description, to see if that would make a difference. Originally, I thought I should at least give some warning that there was partial nudity in it for people who might not want to see that, or who might be at work, and I thought the word "shirtless" would be more innocuous and less searchable than "topless".

Ah, I figured out why it had so many hits. It was linked to from an icky site.

Dum diddly dum. Ho hum. I don't feel like getting ready for bed yet. What to do, what to do...

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Monday, April 28th, 2008 06:07 pm
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Dang. How did several apparently complete strangers come across my youtube vids already? I didn't think I put anything interesting enough in the titles or descriptions to make them show up high in any searches. Not sure I like this.

This morning, I thought, what if someone I work with came across one of the vids, especially the shirtless one? I didn't like that idea. It's one thing with strangers, or people I've never met in person watching them, but co-workers seemed to be another matter.

Then today at work, I starting thinking, why should it matter? What's the big deal? Why should I feel so affected by society's rules about which body parts it is ok to let other people see, and which body parts it is not ok for. People like Madonna aren't bothered by that sort of thing, so why should I be? It was a somewhat liberating thought.

But now this... having people subscribe to my channel, and for a couple of them, seeing that their favorites appear to be full of vids of scantily clad females... ick. Hmmm. Something to ponder.


Something else I was thinking about. Isn't it strange that in the U.S., it is illegal to pay someone to have sex with you, but it's legal to pay them to have your baby (surrogate mothers)?
At least, it is legal as far as I am aware.

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Monday, June 25th, 2007 09:04 pm
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I keep wishing I had my camera for various things. Like taking photos of certain documents before I send them away, so that I have a record of them. I have the webcam, but the quality of the photos it can take isn't very good.

I did use the webcam yesterday to record a few short vids of the yellow meditation/echo room, because the wind was blowing the shear curtains out from the windows so nicely.... I was able to stretch the cam's cord from this room into the other one via the HVAC vents... but then the first vid was over 6 MBs, and in the 2nd vid I intended to record some echoey voice sounds too, but the microphone turned out to not be working :(

So maybe I'll get enthusiastic about that again and try on another day. Still haven't had time to figure out how to get my vids into a format Youtube accepts; that would probably be better than posting them on my site in wmv format.

If the bank is going to deny one of my checks because they suspect it is fraudulent, why don't they just call me and ask?? Instead of just denying it, and letting me find out in my next statement, or when the other party contacts me about it? That's the 2nd time this has happened.

Oh, they emptied my recycling bin today!!!!! It's so wonderful!!!!

The electrician was supposed to call me back today with the estimate. But he didn't.