Sunday, April 30th, 2017

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Sunday, April 30th, 2017 07:04 pm
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Some of my notes files are becoming inconvenient. I've got so many different files now... for things about this house, things about that house, things about the dogs, things about other people, etc.

But a lot of times, those things overlap, and later I don't remember which file I wrote something in.

For example, I was just wondering which day exactly it was that Serena last got out of the fence... it was in the last few weeks. I had to check several files, and still didn't find it mentioned. Maybe I didn't write it down.

I've also started to want to have one place where I can check to see what was going on in my life on any particular day... right now that info, if I wrote it down, may be spread across many different files, or even posted to DW.

What I need is a personal DW-type blog, on my local machine, just for personal stuff, where I could add tags to each entry, so that if I wanted to check info I wrote down about Zorro, for example, I could check that tag. This is stuff I don't want to be saved to an internet server, even though most of the info is quite mundane.

But installing a local version of DW is probably overkill. Or is it? It'd be nice to have the same interface I'm used to.
I'd want something open-source, and preferably something where I could export the data into other formats if necessary.

Would WordPress do what I want? Can it be installed locally, and is it light-weight?

TiddlyWiki sounds interesting. But I'm not sure about the interface.

And right now I'm feeling anxious for no important reason, so I can't spend more time thinking about this topic right now.

Now why was it that I wanted to know which day Serena got out?...

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