Saturday, August 5th, 2017

wasps, paper bags

Saturday, August 5th, 2017 11:50 pm
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For several days in a row, a few wasps were hanging around the bay window, and buzzing whenever I opened or closed the side window. I was concerned they were building a nest in the soffits. That wouldn't necessarily bother me, as long as the wasps didn't end up in the house. (That has been a problem in the past.)

But I also didn't want to worry about trapping the wasps between the screen and window, or accidentally crushing them, whenever I closed the window (it is the kind with the screen on the inside, and with a handle that you turn, to close the window). So I looked up how to stop wasps from building a nest. I found that there are fake hornets nests that you can buy to scare wasps away. The fake nests don't actually look that bad either, they are like a paper lantern in a drab color. But I also read that you can make your own fake hornet nest with a small paper bag. So I did that, and stuck it outside. It seems to have worked. The wasps aren't hanging around the window any more.

I did see one of the wasps resting on the fig tree later on. It was very pretty actually, mostly black with iridescent blue highlights.

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