Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

darkoshi: (Default)
My search bar, which is usually to the right of the URL bar, disappeared. Yet it still displayed for my other Firefox profiles.

When hovering the pointer over the right edge of the URL bar, it changed to a resize icon, but it didn't let me resize the URL bar smaller (in case it had overlayed the search bar somehow).

In the Customize window, the Search bar still displayed to the right of the URL bar, like normal.

I disabled one of my add-ons which is related to the search bar, but that didn't make a difference.

When I restarted in Safe mode with all add-ons disabled, the Search bar displayed like normal.

After restarting again in normal mode, I disabled my add-ons a few at a time. Eventually the Search bar displayed again, but I wasn't sure which add-on it had been. So then I re-enabled my add-ons a few at a time. The Search bar kept displaying, even after all of them had been re-enabled.

It's possible that when one of the add-ons updated to a new version, it somehow caused the problem. And that disabling/re-enabling the add-on fixed the problem, as doing that may cause the add-on to execute some re-initialization logic, depending on how it is coded.

Update - 2017/10/14:
Today my NoScript toolbar button has disappeared. And I recall this happening with NoScript once before in the last few weeks. So apparently the problem with things disappearing isn't limited to the Search bar.
I restarted with add-ons disabled, then restarted with add-ons enabled, and now the NoScript button is back.