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darkoshi: (mohawk)

darkoshi's Journal

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Created on 2009-05-06 01:27:42 (#301081), last updated 2019-04-24 (21 hours ago)

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Me? Uncertain, empathetic, tired. Dysthymic, probably. (Or maybe the world is too full of bad things. But I try to give off a positive vibe. Is it working?) Without hope, but not quite. Abandoned by my imaginary gods. Agnostic. Quirky. Vegan (because of empathy; animals feel too). Once upon a time, creative. Word-spells. Shining. Dark. Ocean. I've been wandering around on this planet for almost 45 years now. Gray-asexual. Agender, non-binary. Preferred pronouns: "they/them" or "ze/zir".

Most of my entries are public, but some are friends-only. If you'd like to be added to my "friends" list (aka "circle"), feel free to leave me a message and/or add me to your own circle. When someone new adds me, I don't always add them back right away, so please don't let that offend you. Sometimes I'm quite busy with other things, and before adding someone to my list, I first like to get a feel for them by reading some of their own entries and/or checking out their profile, etc.

I've been using Dreamwidth since February 2011, and before that, LiveJournal since 2003.
All my old LiveJournal entries have since been imported into my Dreamwidth account.

Additional / older journal entries can be found on the Mind's Eye page of my website. I very rarely post there anymore, but still might once in a blue moon.

I also have a YouTube channel, where I occasionally upload videos:

Interests (136):

ahimsa, aisha kandisha, alexander key, alphabets, androgynes, androgyny, animal rights, anthropology, asexuality, astronomy, babylon5, bards, bdsm, bergamot, bhangra, bjork, black, blades, books, boy george, c.j. cherryh, colored glass, colored lights, colorful skies, computers, consensual violence, cowboy bebop, culture club, dead can dance, deserts, doctor who, donkeys goats and camels, doris egan, dragonlance, dreams, dunes, dysthymia, electronics, empathy, environmental protection, fabulousness, fantasy, flag dancing, flashlights, forests, forever knight, gamelan, gender, genderbending, genderfuck, genderqueer, goth, gray asexuality, greek music, grim and gruesome whatnots, heise, here is greenwood, hermes, honesty, hot & humid weather, human rights, individuality, industrial music, jo clayton, juggling, juniper, kodo, languages, lexx, lgbt, lightning, linguistics, love, magic, martial arts, math, me, mischievousness, munich, music, my elusive master, mythologies, neutrois, nick & damien, night, nine inch nails, nonexistence, nonviolence, oomph, orange, orion, pain, patchouli, patricia mckillip, pippi longstocking, psychology, purple, qawwali, rai, rave, renewable energy sources, running, science, science fiction, sheila chandra, soulfire, soulmates, spinning, star wars, storms, sunshine, symbols, taekwondo, tasslehoff burrfoot, techno music, technology, telepathy, the green party, the ocean, the trickster, thunder, tina turner, transgender, trees, ulali, vangelis, vanyel, veganism, vegetarianism, walking, wind, words, world music, xena, you, zingiberaceousness
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