Sunday, August 27th, 2017 11:19 pm
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I noticed that one of my quarters has an image of Frederick Douglass on the back. It's a 2017 quarter, and I hadn't seen this design before. It used to be news when new currency designs came out; now it seems to happen without any fanfare at all. (Although, as I'm not able to keep up with the news, maybe it's just me.)

Curiously, the Frederick Douglass design isn't part of a series of important American people, but rather "America the Beautiful" - national parks and sites. This series has been going on since 2010, with 5 new designs each year. I have seen some of the others, but hadn't realized there were so many different designs.
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Well golly, I just made it through the last episode. During the closing credits, I got a message that my streaming quota was used up.

As part of my $4.99 Netflix plan, which I'm quite pleased with, I get 5 hours of streaming and 2 DVDs per month (one at a time). This plan is grandfathered and not available to new customers. I've had this plan since 2006 - it started out as $5.99 per month, and was actually *reduced* to $4.99 in 2007 (that was a nice surprise, and made me feel good about Netflix). In fact, there used to only be 2 hours of streaming, but at some point it was increased to 5.

I never understood what the hoopla was about Netflix's increased rates in 2011, as the $4.99 plan's rate was never increased. I was lucky in that..

Today, I thought my minutes would run out before finishing the last episode, and had considered upgrading to the unlimited streaming plan. But now there isn't an overriding reason to do so. In a few days a new month will start. Next week I'll be working again, and won't have much time for watching movies.

In order to get both unlimited streaming and still get DVDs, the minimum price is now $7.99 + $7.99 = $15.98 / month. That really doesn't seem worth it, considering that normally I don't watch much.

[afterthought: If we wanted unlimited streaming plus DVDs, it would actually be cheapest for Qiao to sign up for the unlimited streaming plan under his name, and for me to keep the grandfathered plan under mine.]


On another note, it seems some scenes were cut from the Queer As Folk series. One Netflix commenter mentioned this. Also, yesterday I had watched a 10 minute clip of the series that was posted to YouTube (dubbed in Spanish) and one of those scenes was missing from what Netflix showed. [edited to add: Oops, nevermind. That was the U.S. version.] I wonder how much of the original content was cut, and why?

Reading some more comments, it seems the music was changed too, and supposedly isn't nearly as good as the original. What a pity. Now I wish I had bought the UK DVDs and watched them instead. But now that I've seen most of it, watching it all over again wouldn't hold my interest much.


Whoa!? There's going to be a season 4 of Downton Abbey! I like the show, but it seems to keep going on and on... why does that series get ~8 episodes per season, while Sherlock only gets 3?

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Saturday, January 5th, 2008 05:11 pm
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While picking up trash along my street, I came across a $20 bill, wadded up somewhat and with a wad of chewing gum stuck to it. It looked real, the bill. The find surprised and amused me, a bit. I scratched the gum off it using a crushed plastic bottle, and set the bill back down on the ground, with a white stone on top of it. Perhaps someone else in more need of it will come across it, and be happy.

Last week, I came across a lizard in my juniper bushes. A larger lizard than the small ones that it is more typical to see around here. It was motionless on the ground, near the roots. I only noticed it, because there was a beer can above it in the branches. I am not quite sure if it is just a toy lizard some child may have placed there long ago, or a genuinely live one, in hibernation.

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Friday, January 5th, 2007 08:00 am
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It really sucks that so many people have money problems.