Monday, October 9th, 2017 12:20 am
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Dammit. I need to go to bed. I want to go to bed. I might've could've gotten to bed on time tonight. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The ***** washing machine is acting up again and holding my soapy wet clothes hostage. Grrr.

Note to self: Never use the Heavy Soil cycle again. It often gives me problems.

And while I'm ranting anyway.

What is it with people who have these long boring-sounding telephone conversations while sitting on the toilet in one of the stalls in the bathroom at work?

And what is it with people who don't turn off or silence their cellphones in a movie theater, with the reasoning, "Noone is going to call me." And yet someone else just called them. "They're the only person who would call me, and I told them I'm at the movies. So they won't call again." Oh, really, you're sure about that? I know that person, and I'm not sure that they won't call again. I suppose you never get calls from people who dialed the wrong number, either? No one ever calls you in the evening, really? Why can't you follow the simple courteous rule of silencing your phone? Why should I have to be slightly anxious, worrying that your phone is going to ring after the movie starts? Because you're one of THOSE PEOPLE who are too rude and inconsiderate and selfish to turn off their phones. Because you're too **** lazy to press a **** little button on your phone!

And it's not reasonable to be handled a 32 oz drink when you order a "small"!!! 32 oz is not small.

And ouch **** I just **** hurt my **** hands hitting the **** washer. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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This was a very interesting read. Several of the things mentioned in the article made me think of my niece, who was born in 1995; things which I thought were simply traits of hers, but which may be more general traits of her generation.

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?
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My old phone was a Motorola Droid X2, running Android Gingerbread.
My new phone is a Moto G4 Play, running Android Marshmallow.

In general, I really like the new phone. But I wasn't expecting to lose features by getting a newer phone. It's like upgrading Firefox to a new version, and having to find add-ons to add back functionality that was removed in the new version.

So far, these are the things I've found that my old phone had, which are lacking on the new phone.

An LED notification light, which would periodically blink to indicate any voicemails or texts that had been received. From what I've read, some phones still have LED notification lights, but many new ones don't.

The ability to add Contacts to a local phone account (rather than to a Google account), without having to first install an app to provide that functionality. From what I've read, some phones have this built in, but some don't.

The ability to add a custom phone type label, when adding a phone number to a Contact, without having to first install an app to provide that functionality. Some things I've read indicated this was a problem already before Froyo (but it was working ok for me on Gingerbread). Some things I've read indicate this is only a problem on certain types of accounts - the functionality may be there for Google accounts, but not for local accounts. But on my old phone, it worked for local accounts.
Addendum... after installing the Contact Editor app, by dmfs, to add back the custom label functionality, it started working via the regular Contact add screen too - even after uninstalling the app. So I don't know what is up with this issue.

The ability to export contacts to a VCF file in VCARD version 3.0, which included the custom phone type labels. My Marshmallow phone exports it in VCARD version 2.1 instead, which omits the custom phone type labels. My new phone can import contacts from a 3.0 VCARD file, and displays the custom phone type labels fine. But it doesn't include the custom labels when exporting the contacts - even after the above fix so that custom labels can be added and edited.

A minor thing, but the built-in ringtones and notification sounds on the new phone aren't nearly as cool as they were on my old phone. But I was able to copy the ones I liked best over to the new phone.

Another minor thing, but my old phone had an option to display all apps that I had downloaded/installed (as opposed to the built-in apps). On the new phone, the built-in and downloaded apps are all displayed together, so it may be harder to find a particular one, if I don't remember its name, and I didn't add it to a homescreen. I guess I'll create my own folder and put shortcuts to my downloaded apps in there.

opera browser

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 02:44 am
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I was getting ready to install one of the Opera browsers on my phone, but I noticed that their Google Play pages say "contains ads" - even though the browser itself supposedly contains ad-blockers. So where do the ads get displayed? Do they block the normal ads and inject their own instead?

The app details mention: Opera Mini may show ads from Facebook. To learn more, see https://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choices
But that link results in a Facebook page with message "The page you requested was not found."

I did a web search and didn't find more info on that, but found this (from July 2016): Opera browser sold to a Chinese consortium for $600 million.
That is news to me.

It reminded me of something else I read recently that surprised me too. I thought that Lenovo was a part of IBM, and that IBM was still a PC/laptop manufacturer. But IBM sold "off its personal computer (ThinkPad/ThinkCentre) and x86-based server businesses to Lenovo (2005 and 2014, respectively)". And Lenovo "is a Chinese multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China."

other things

Sunday, June 4th, 2017 02:47 am
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Still tweaking other things on my new cell phone too.

I found out that one can remove the pages from these old family photo albums (and put them back together again). Which means that scanning the albums shouldn't be that difficult after all (as long as each page fits on the flatbed - one of the albums does just barely. The other one would require using my mom's larger scanner). Which means that's another thing I want to get done.

Firefox addons; learn how to update them to use these new WebExtensions APIs.
Which also shows me that my JavaScript knowledge is woefully out of date. It's changed a lot in 20 years.

I've just installed 2 and a half years worth of Windows updates on one of Qiao's old Windows 7 desktop computers, which we haven't used in that long. Because it has iTunes on it, and I don't want to install iTunes on my laptop. But there are a couple of items I want to get, which are only available to download from iTunes. And of course, that meant I needed to install Windows updates too, right? I dunno. It seemed the thing to do even though it took all day. Makes me think I might even be able to get updates working again on my old laptop too, if I wanted to.
Simplifying updates for Windows 7 and 8.1 - a rollup for all updates through April 2016, with only one prerequisite that must be installed first.

Researching family tree stuff. Old census records. Found out my great-great-grandmother had at least 10 children, and possibly 5 more that didn't survive.
Need to determine what kind of open-source program I should use for doing a family tree, so that the data can be exported/imported in a widely compatible format.

Want to replace all the screws for the door lock strike-plates and hinges with 3-inch long screws. And replace some of the strike-plates with ones that take 4 screws instead of 2.

I finally took down the rest of the xmas decorations and put the boxes away. My mom helped me take down the xmas tree a few weeks ago. She and Qiao are as bad as me - once I made my mind up to take them down, they both said "I think you should just leave them up", making me debate it internally all over again.
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My new cellphone has Android Marshmallow. I brought my contacts over from my old phone by exporting them to a vcf file, copying the file to my computer and then to the new SD card, and then importing them to the new phone.

One thing that surprised me is that when I clicked to add a new Contact on the new phone, I got the message "Your new contact will be synchronized with [my Gmail address]". Even after turning Sync OFF for Contacts in the Account Settings (for which I first had to *enable* sync in general, as I had it previously turned it completely off), it still gave me that message, with no option of adding the contact without synchronizing.

Now I no longer get the message - maybe because I edited one contact, and it only shows the message before you save any update. But the Add Contact screen still shows "Google Account" along with my Gmail address at the top of the screen, making it appear that the Contact belongs to the Gmail account, rather than simply belonging to the contact list on the phone, as it did on my old phone.

Logging into Gmail on the computer, under Contacts it showed all my phone contacts (which I had never added in Gmail), so it must have synced them when I originally added the Gmail account to the phone (for using the Play Store), before I turned off the auto-sync setting.

Or it is slightly possible they got synced from my old phone, and I never realized it, as I hadn't checked the contacts for that Gmail account before. I never had any reason to think my phone would be syncing my contacts to my Gmail account. But I think I had sync turned off on the old phone too.

Now I tested adding a new contact on the phone, and so far, it does not show up in Gmail on the computer. So hopefully it is working as desired now. I was able to select all the Gmail Contacts on the computer, to delete them all at once from there. I don't email anyone from that account, so it doesn't need contacts anyway.

The apparent lesson for me is:
Make sure Sync is turned off for Contacts in the Google Account settings on the phone, *before* importing contacts.
Or, if I import the contacts before adding the Google Account, put phone into airplane mode and then add the account, and then make sure it is set not to sync Contacts before taking it out of airplane mode.

And now, after reading this: Why can't I save new contacts to my phone or SIM?, I will try out this app which hopefully will let me import and save contacts to the phone without them being linked to any Google account: MyLocalAccount
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I've decided which phone to buy. The Moto G4 Play has pretty good specs (it has 2GB RAM, not 1/2 GB as I originally thought), for a good price.


This is the most chewed-on tree trunk by the pond.

These are Catalpa tree blossoms. The photo is from 2015, but the tree has blossoms this year too. The blossoms are about the size of big popcorn, and don't have much scent. But a clump of honeysuckle is also growing by the tree, the lovely sweet scent of which has fooled me a few times.

I found this growing in the ground in Qiao's yard. At first glance they look like fallen red blossoms, but what is that black tarry gunk on them? It's one of the strangest looking things. Per the internet, they are called starfish fungus. I saw one by the pond at work too, an odd coincidence, as I don't ever remember seeing these before. But then again, maybe I did and simply thought they were fallen blossoms.

While walking along, do you ever have a sudden amusing thought that makes you break out in a big grin?

phone shucks

Saturday, May 6th, 2017 02:26 am
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Back to my quest for a newer cell phone.

Based on my criteria:
- should support a fairly recent version of Android
- removable battery
- support reading very large microSD cards - at least 256 GB
- not too big or heavy
- preferably under $200, so a used but working phone (though some of my possible choices ended up being < $300 used)

I had previously come up with these models: LG G4, LG G5, LG V10

Now I found out that all 3 of those models have a hardware issue that can cause a bootloop. If I buy a used phone, besides the increased risk of getting a bad phone to begin with, if it only develops problems later on, I wouldn't be able to get any warranty support for it.

Now what do I do. There really were very few models I found that had removable batteries.

There was another model, the Moto G, which I previously read conflicting info about the battery. I think I've figured it out now. The regular Moto G4 doesn't have a removable battery. But the Moto G4 *Play* does. But it only has half a gig of RAM. Surely that's not enough for a good experience? Seems I misread the specs. The page I was looking at said 1 slash 2, which must indicate it comes with either 1 or 2 GB RAM. But the GSM Arena page says 2 GB.

Ah, phew. GSM Arena lets you search by features such as the battery, and it shows a lot more than I saw before.
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Based on coverage maps of the major networks, it looks like Verizon has the best coverage in the southeast U.S., followed by AT&T, then by Sprint and T-Mobile.

Coverage maps for pre-paid carriers - the URL is dated 2011, the post is dated 2014, and the post says last updated 2016. So I'm not sure how up-to-date all the maps are. Best to double-check on the individual carrier websites.

List of United States mobile virtual network operators - shows which major networks each one uses. But even if a particular operator uses one of those networks, I'm not sure if that means their coverage area is the same as that network, or if it may only be a subset of it.

As of today (I'm only listing ones under $40, as I don't plan to get a more expensive one):

PagePlus (uses Verizon network):
$27 (with auto-pay) for 1 GB high-speed data per month (no extra throttled data). 1500 minutes, unlimited domestic & international texts.
$36 (with auto-pay) for 3 GB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower 2G data. Unlimited domestic talk, unlimited domestic & international texts.

Boostmobile (uses Sprint network):
$30 (with auto-pay) for 2 GB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower 2G data. Unlimited domestic talk & text.
Can add an extra 1GB/month for $5.

Cricket (uses AT&T network):
$30 for 1GB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower data. Unlimited domestic talk & text.
$35 (with auto-pay) for 2.5 GB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower data. Unlimited domestic talk & text.

Boom mobile (has plans for all 4 major networks):
I'm only listing the V network plans here:
$20 for 250 MB per month, unlimited talk & text.
$25 for 1 GB per month, unlimited talk & text.
$30 for 2 GB per month, unlimited talk & text.
$40 for 5 GB per month, unlimited talk & text.
$10 for extra 1 GB; $14 for extra 2 GB (these expire 90 days from purchase)

$35 for 2 GB per month plus unlimited slower 2G data, unlimited talk & text.

I had never heard of Boom before, but based on this HowardForums thread, they sound like a very good deal. In particular, they include voice and data roaming.

H2O wireless (uses AT&T network):
$27 (with auto-pay) for 3 GB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower 2G data. Unlimited domestic talk (incl. 50 other countries), unlimited domestic & international texts.

$36 (with auto-pay) for 8 GB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower 2G data. Unlimited domestic talk (incl. 50 other countries), unlimited domestic & international texts.

Envie mobile (part of H2O, uses AT&T network):
$25 for 1 GB high-speed data per month, 500 minutes, unlimited texts.

$30 for 1 GB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower 2G data. Unlimited talk & text.
(Per ECO Mobile Unveils New Plans):
$25 for 500 MB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower data. Unlimited talk & text. (Not listed on the official website yet).

I don't know what network they use. Per this page they use T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint, but I can't find any coverage maps on the official site to verify it.
The site says "Nationwide Coverage Available on the applicable carrier Home Network based on the device compatibility, Off Network and International Roaming not available"

Lycamobile (uses T-Mobile network):
$23 for 500 MB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower data. Unlimited talk & text. Some unlimited international. (plus a 6% regulatory surcharge?)

Simple Mobile (uses T-Mobile network):
$37.50 (with auto-pay) for 4 GB high-speed data per month plus unlimited slower 2G data. Unlimited domestic (and a good bit of international) talk. Unlimited domestic & international text.

Airvoice Wireless (uses AT&T network):
$20 for 100 MB data (half high-speed, half low), unlimited talk & text (domestic & int'l).
$30 for 1 GB data (half high-speed, half low), unlimited talk (including some international) & text (domestic & int'l)

ATT GoPhone:
$40 (with auto-pay) for 4 GB data per month plus unlimited slower 128kbps data, unlimited domestic talk & text. Unlimited texts to over 100 countries.

$15 for 200MB, 200 minutes, 500 texts per 30 days.
$25 for 500MB, 500 minutes, 1000 texts per 60 days.
$35 for 1 GB, 750 minutes, 1000 texts per 90 days.
$125 for 1.4 GB, 1500 minutes, 1500 texts per 365 days.

$10 per extra 1 GB
$5 per extra 1000 texts

I can't get their Coverage Map page to actually display any coverage maps. This reminds me of the problems I had with their website way back when I used to use them.

Net 10 - their site will only show you coverage maps for particular phone models, after you select each phone.
RedPocket Mobile - I can't find a coverage map on their site. Based on my old notes, their coverage area isn't good.
Selectel Wireless - the coverage map on their home page doesn't let you zoom in.
Telcel - their site will only show you coverage maps for particular phone models, after you select each phone.
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I had an app installed on my phone which was quite useful during a trip last year. After the trip I uninstalled it, as it kept throwing an error message whenever I turned on the phone (but the app itself still worked).

I figured I could always reinstall it again later when I did need it, as I had bought it on Google Play, and Google Play keeps copies of your stuff for you, right?.

So today I was going to reinstall it, but the version of the app now on Google Play is no longer compatible with my phone. So I'm not even given the option of reinstalling it. Furthermore, it says "Installed" even though I had uninstalled it.

Does Google Play really not store a copy for you, of the version of the app that you originally purchased?
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Forestfen decided to switch to Cricket, and she bought a new phone through them in one of their stores. She was told that once her phone number was ported (within a few hours), she would be able to make calls from the new phone, but that incoming calls would still go to her old phone until her plan on that old phone expired. Her old plan had just renewed a few days ago, so that could mean that she'll need to carry around both phones for nearly a month.

Today, more than 24 hours after the port, she is able to make calls from the new phone (and they show up as coming from her ported phone number). But when I call her number, it still goes to her old phone, as the lady in the store had indicated.

Have any of you heard of such a thing before? All the webpages I've found so far indicate that this kind of "dual service" should last at most 24 hours. It seems to me that maybe the lady in the store is skipping some step which would cause incoming calls to be routed to the new phone right away.

Update: The porting process did complete within another day or so, in spite of what the first lady had said. Incoming calls started going to the new phone.
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I currently pay $11.04 a month for my cell phone service with Page Plus Cellular. It's a $12 plan (with an 8% discount at pageplusdirect.com), and gives me 250 minutes, 250 texts, and 10 MB of data. I usually use under 30 minutes/texts per month. My data usage varies, but so far, the 10 MB has generally been sufficient. When I went on a road trip, I switched to a higher plan for that particular month, which also worked out well.

Now I've found a different plan that would meet my needs at an even cheaper price. H2O Wireless has a $10 pay-as-you-go plan that provides up to 200 minutes and/or texts, or 100 MB data, or a combination thereof, and lasts for 90 days.

Supposing I were to use about 100 minutes/texts over 90 days, that would leave me 50 MB of data over those 90 days, which would be about 16 MB per month.
So rather than getting up to 10 MB per month, I could get 16 MB, and at about 1/3 the price.

Their coverage area looks good. Apparently they don't have 4G LTE speed, but that's not currently a concern to me.

Airvoice Wireless is another contender, also with a good coverage area. They have a $10 plan which provides up to 250 minutes, 500 texts, 150 MB data, or a combination there-of for 30 days. So I wouldn't save much money with them, but I'd get 15 times as much data.

The only drawback with both of those is that my current phone is CDMA and wouldn't work on their GSM networks. I like my phone enough that I don't want to switch. And paying to buy a new phone would negate the other savings anyway. Also, since 10 MB of data is currently enough for me, getting more wouldn't really be of much use.

These are other prepaid wireless providers I've come across:

att - gophone - more expensive than Cricket
verizon - good coverage area but more expensive
t-mobile - coverage area not so good
expo mobile - coverage area not so good
metroPCS - coverage area not so good
net10 - nothing that seemed noteworthy
red pocket mobile - coverage area not so good
simple mobile - coverage area not so good
telcel america - coverage area not so good (might depend on phone?). But has international calling features.
ultra mobile - coverage area not so good. But has international calling features.
virgin mobile - coverage area not so good
smarttalk - good coverage area
boost mobile
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Cricket Wireless appears to have a pretty good deal: $35 (when using auto-pay) for unlimited voice, text, and data, of which 1GB is high-speed.

They even appear to have good coverage in most areas. Actually, Cricket was bought by AT&T earlier this year, and I think that means they have the same coverage area now as AT&T.

However, Cricket's coverage map isn't very clear. The colors in the map don't match the colors in the key. The key has 2 shades of green, while the map has several shades of green, none of which look exactly like the colors in the key(*). (AT&T's coverage map is easier to understand, by the way - their orange map colors match up to their key colors much better.)

And by the way, what are those little circles on the national map? (When I suggested to my mom that she switch to Cricket as she's planning to get a new phone anyway, she told me those circles are towers, and that Cricket's coverage is no good, as they've only got 8 towers in SC. I argued with her assumption, but I'm not sure I was able to convince her otherwise.)

So I took advantage of their online chat feature to ask. (Their "Contact Us" page says that they are only available to chat between 7am and 7pm EST, but they were actually still available after 9pm when I tried.)

L***: Thank you for contacting Cricket were we go the extra mile to make you smile :) how can I help you today?
[me]: I'd like you to explain the colors on your Coverage Map. The colors on the map don't match the colors in the key.
L***: Hello !! ^^__^^ How are you today ? Hope your doing great :)
L***: yes sure :)
L***: provide me your zip code please !!
[me]: #####
L***: Allow me a moment to work on this please :)
L***: Thank you for you patience and understanding, waiting for me
L***: Okay , the Deep Green Mean's : LTE Coverage .
L***: The light Green Mean's 4G
L***: The Yellow mean's 3G
L***: and the blue means 2G
[me]: But in the key they show a deep green and a bright green and a bright yellow, while the map shows greyish green and greyish yellow and only a few small areas of bright yellow. So it seems the greyish areas must be an overlap of 2 colors, but of which ones?
L***: well right now I was checking your area ,and on your area you have LTE Coverage
L***: that mean's that you will receive perfect signal.
[me]: That is good. But looking at the map, if you look to the right of Columbia, there is a large greyish yellow area which includes Sumter. Is that color supposed to be 3G?
L***: That's correct,meaning that in Columbia your going to receive LTE Coverage and in Sumter you will receive 3G
L***: well basically it would be like mix, between 4G and 3G at the time.
L***: basing on Sumter .
[me]: ok, so that greyish yellow is a mix of 3G and 4G. does that mean that a mix of 2G (blue) and 3G (yellow) is also shown as a shade of green?
[me]: I don't see any areas on the map that are plain blue.
L***: dont worry ,you will receive good coverage.
[me]: Well, thank you for your assistance, L***. I think it would be good if Cricket were to make their map colors easier to understand in the future.
L***: Thank you for contacting cricket wireless support, have a great day and remember you can always visit us at www.cricketwireless.com
[me]: Thank you. Have a good day!

S***: Welcome to Cricket Wireless! How can I serve you today?
[me]: Hello. I have a question about the Coverage map of the United States. What do the little circles represent?
S***: Can you please provide me more details about it?
S***: Can you please tell me the color of the circles?
[me]: when I open this page: https://www.cricketwireless.com/map.html
[me]: it shows little circles. They are yellow in the center, surrounded by white, and black around them. For instance, in South Carolina there are about 10 of these circles.
[me]: Are they towers? Surely there are more than 10 towers in South Carolina, right?
[me]: or are they stores?
S***: I will check it right now! :)
S***: Please provide me more minutes.
[me]: ok
S***: The little circle are the towers.
S***: The white circles, the areas in which we do not have coverage.
[me]: If they are towers, how can it be that most of South Carolina has coverage, when there are only 10 towers?
[me]: and why do the circles disappear when I zoom into the map?
S***: I will double check this for you
S***: Please allow me more minutes.
[several minutes passed]
Thank you for using Live Help. You may now close this window.
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.


(*) - Coincidentally, a radio show mentioned yesterday that women are on average better at perceiving differences in color, especially for greens and yellows, than men. I wonder if the person who made that map can't even tell that the map colors don't match the key.
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I was reading a comparison of pre-paid cell phone plans, and came across mention of FreedomPop.

Their website says "100% free" all over the place, which made me extremely dubious. They don't actually show you the plans until you enter your zip code and an email address, so I did so to see if it was really true.

They offer a free limited monthly plan, as well as low-cost unlimited plans.
Voicemail is optional and costs $2.49 extra. You have to buy one of their phones (or maybe not?), and their coverage area isn't very good. But still, 200 minutes/500 texts/500 MB per month for basically free once you pay for the phone. Or $19.99/month for unlimited. I wonder if there are any other extra fees besides the voice mail.

2014/09/28 - edited to add:
Cautions & complaints about FreedomPop


Saturday, September 7th, 2013 06:30 pm
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And able to list and copy the system files to my computer.

Oh neat! I could make my own startup animation!

no root

Saturday, September 7th, 2013 04:14 pm
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It seems my phone isn't even rooted. When I bought it, the description said "stock and rooted". I wonder if that was wrong, or if I somehow accidentally un-rooted it when doing factory resets and such. But at least this gives me the opportunity to learn how to root it. Hopefully, I won't accidentally destroy it.

I feel sort of pig-headed, going through all this trouble just to remove the phone's start-up sound. After all, I could just turn the phone on before going into the office, and then leave it in sleep mode until I need to use it.

But I want the phone rooted anyway. And having the Android SDK might be useful - maybe someday I'll learn how to create an app myself.

I feel like my posts lately are boring and uninspired. I have various things I want to post, but by the time I get around to posting anything, it's either a rant, or I'm so tired that what I write ends up being dull and emotionless.
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My phone plays a startup sound every time I turn it on. I actually enjoy the sound, but at work, I don't want everyone else to hear it. The startup sound plays regardless if I put the phone in silent or vibrate mode before turning it off, and it still plays at a normal volume, even if I have turned down all the phone volumes to the lowest settings. It's insane.

From what I read, renaming the sound file will get rid of the problem.
It's a system file, so to rename it requires the phone to be rooted, and super user access.

Luckily, my phone is already rooted, and I can install the super user app.

I decided to try avoiding installing an app like Root Explorer for renaming the file.

It seems that using "adb" (Android Debug Bridge) via the computer should let me rename the file.

For that, it seems that all I needed to do was
- download and install the Android SDK
- download and install JDK v6, which is a requirement for the Android SDK
- create an Oracle account, as JDK v6 is not the latest version, and Oracle doesn't let you download old versions without you having an account.
- download and install the phone's USB drivers (not only the default ones I had which already let me access the SD card)

- run adb, etc.

It's insane.

But I'm still waiting for the super user app to get downloaded to the phone from the Google Play site. Why isn't it downloading? It's almost 4am! Grrrrr.

I suppose Google expects me to leave my phone on while I go to sleep. Pfah. Fat chance. If I were the kind of person to leave my phone on all the time, I wouldn't be having this adventure to begin with, now would I?

On Monday I installed/downloaded an app with no problem! Why isn't it working today?

Oh, it was because I had disabled Background Data... Now it finally installed.
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It has been raining every day for the last 2 months, it seems like.
Not a constant rain.
Not a spirit-eroding rain of bleak unending grayness.
An on & off rain. Several times a day, on some days.
The sun still shines, in-between.
The earth stays wet.
Mushrooms grow.

This evening while driving home, looking at the puffy clouds and blue sky, it occurred to me that it hadn't rained yet. A day without rain! I could post about it!

But then the air smelled moist, as it does after a rain, and the streets were wet with water. It hadn't rained where I work, but it had rained here recently. As I drove on, it sprinkled on my windshield some. So it wasn't a completely rain-free day for me, either.


It's not a good omen at the beginning of the work-day, when you jot down all the things you'll need to test, to verify that your code updates haven't broken anything, and it takes you an hour to finish the list.


Zorro has been losing patches of fur. It worries me. Hopefully it was only due to fleas and scratching. We put a dose of Tritak on her a few days ago; hopefully that will make it better.


My cellphone died, so I bought a "new" battery. Two weeks later, it died again. It wouldn't turn on, and it didn't show a charging light when connected to the charger. It seems to have been a problem with the micro SD-card. After removing the card, the phone turned on ok. When I put the card back in, it was still fine. Maybe the card had gotten loose or something.

What does the HBOOT recovery option do, anyway? After the 2nd time the phone died, I was able to get to the HBOOT menu, and I selected that option. But afterwards, the phone still didn't turn on, until I removed the SD card.


**Don't** put sticky-backed paper in the shredder. Not even if you fold it so that the sticky side sticks to itself. The sticky stuff will still end up sticking to the shredder blades.


I replaced the anode rod. I want to write about that. But it involves some photos and some video, and I don't have the time or energy now.

I haven't been getting enough sleep.


Thursday, February 7th, 2013 09:23 pm
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Most of the minutes I've used on my new cell phone since I've gotten it have been listening to voice-mails left for (apparently) whomever had this phone number before me. And calling those numbers back to say that said person is no longer at this number, and that they should stop calling it.

Debt and bill collectors, mostly. Actually, I've only gotten calls from 4 companies like that on my cell phone. And only 2 of those have continued to leave messages after they said they would stop.

A different company, actually, has been leaving messages on my house phone since last year, trying to reach a different person. And *they* claim to not even have my phone number in their system. But it all sort of jumbles together and adds to the irritation.

Is it reasonable to be insanely annoyed, when the same numbers continue leaving messages on my phone, trying to reach someone who I don't even know, after they had verbally told me that they would no longer do so?


Recently, I was so annoyed at one of those companies that I filed a complaint against them.

Sample message that annoyed me today (these people had also told me that they wouldn't call my number anymore. LIARS):
"This is a message for ***. If you are not ***, please hang up or disconnect. If you are ***, please continue to listen to this message. There will now be a 3 second pause in this message. By continuing to listen to this message, you acknowledge that you are ***.
You should not listen to this message where other people can hear it, as it contains personal and private information. There will now be a 3 second pause in this message to let you listen to this message in private.
This call is from Medical Revenue Services. This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information provided will be used for that purpose.
Please contact us about an important business matter at 1 866 631 4680."

I am not **** changing my phone number. I like this **** phone number. I can remember it.

flexible displays

Saturday, January 19th, 2013 01:18 am
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I came across this cool video a few weeks ago, but couldn't find the source. So I wasn't sure if it was real or fake (as a few comments suggested).

It seems these flexible OLED screens have been around for quite a while, at least in research labs.

More coolness:

More info and news on OLED displays: oled-info.com.