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One thing that seems not to have been brought over during the times when I imported entries to my DW account from my LJ account, are the "memorable entries" or "memories". Ie., an indication of which entries I had flagged as memorable. On LJ, I had 5 posts tagged as memorable, but my DW profile shows 0 memories. So for anyone who is doing imports, I suggest you double-check that afterwards.

Last weekend, I deleted all my old entries from LJ using LJ-Sec. I wasn't able to delete them all at once - when I first tried, it gave an error about exceeding the posting limit for the hour. Then I used a work-around to do the deletes in smaller chunks. Even that way had issues, which I now realize may have been due to the LJ servers being overloaded, from all the other people who were using DW's importer at the same time.

(Or maybe LJ-SEC is just glitchy. While in the process of deleting my entries, I noticed that many protected posts were still there, even though I *thought* I had successfully deleted them all last month. That is similar to the issues I had last week - even when LJ-SEC didn't give errors, it wasn't deleting all of the selected entries. I had to delete LJ-SEC's User Data folder and refresh the entries, and try again multiple times until everything was finally gone.)

Based on the DW Stats page, there have been (holey-moley!) over 250,000 new DW accounts created between 2017-04-04 and 2017-04-14 (look at the "newbyday" values). There are now over 3 million DW accounts (look at the "size" values), although only about 1 in 20 of them (154,000) have been "active" in the last month (ergo, simply creating a new account isn't enough for it to be considered active).

Update, 2017/04/16: (See more info in comments.) It turns out those account numbers include OpenID ones automatically created when importing comments, so the actually number of personal accounts is much less. This other DW stats page lists the total number of personal accounts now at 726,000, of which 164,000 have been active in the last month. I didn't find anything showing how many new personal accounts have been created in the last 2 weeks.


After doing the deletes, my LJ profile still showed 5 memories, along with broken links. I had to do a separate step to delete the broken links. It didn't occur to me to take notes on which entries those had been. But I do still have a clue, based on what I had tagged them by, as that is one thing I had saved to my notes. So I can probably find them again if I want to.

Edited to Add:
I just realized why memories may not be automatically brought over as part of an import. I see now that you can also mark other people's posts as memorable, not only your own. Obviously, an import deals with your own posts, not other people's posts, so even if there was functionality for copying memories, it would need to be limited to your own posts. Or it would need to support pointing to external URLs, which could be a problem.

no more cross posts

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 11:31 pm
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The following parts of the newly posted LiveJournal User Agreement concern me:

7.4. User shall be subject to Article 10.2 of the Federal Act of the Russian Federation No. 149-ФЗ if more than three thousand Internet users access the Blog (the Blog’s page) within 24 hours.
7.5. User who posted comments in Blog and User keeping such a Blog shall be jointly and severally liable in respect of such comments.

9.1. By posting Content, User shall:
9.1.3. Mark Content estimated by Russian legislation as inappropriate for children (0 −18) as “adult material” by using Service functions.

9.2. The User may not:
9.2.6. without the Administration’s special permit, use automatic scripts (bots, crawlers etc.) to collect information from the Service and/or to interact with the Service;
9.2.7. post advertising and/or political solicitation materials unless otherwise directly specified in a separate agreement between User and the Administration;
9.2.8 perform any other actions contradictory to the laws of the Russian Federation ...

11. Liability
11.1 User shall be liable for breaching the terms and conditions hereof, including the requirements to Registration and Content posting, as well as for violation of applicable laws committed by User, including the laws of the Russian Federation and the laws of User’s residence;

Regarding # 7.4, info in English on that Russian Article 10.2 can be found here:

In skimming that document, much of it seems reasonable. But certain parts of it make me uneasy too.

What most concerns me is that in using LJ, one must now agree to abide by Russian laws. Considering it is owned by a Russian company now, that makes sense. But as an American, I am not likely to know much about Russian laws. I could break those laws without even remotely realizing it. Furthermore, there are certain Russian laws that I have heard about, which I do not want to be bound by. Specifically, their gay propaganda law.

So, henceforth I will not cross-post to LJ anymore. I'm still keeping my account for now, for reading friends' pages and commenting. Eventually I may delete that as well.
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I got my taxes done.

I made a pie with a chocolate filling. It's somewhat gooey, not what I was expecting from the photo on the box. But it's actually good, even though it also tastes oddly like it contains grape syrup mixed in with the chocolate. Based on the ingredients list, I can't imagine why. It contains alkalized cocoa, and the link I posted before indicates that the non-alkalized sort is the kind that's more likely to taste "fruity".

I also made some Waldmeister Goetterspeise which is a German jello with a unique flavor not found in the U.S. My aunt used to make it for me as a kid (with vanilla sauce on top!), and I still like it. The flavor isn't as intense as I remembered though.

I trimmed my hair a bit. It was tickling the back of my neck too much a few days ago. My torso gets itchy sometimes. When I scratch, the skin gets pinkish red, and small itchy bumps, widely scattered, appear. When I stop scratching, it goes away. I haven't figured out a cause. It's been happening for a few years now. (Of course, having written "torso" there, now a few spots on my arms and legs started itching.)

I'm over my cold, but still have a lot of phlegm. That always used to be the one of the worst parts of a cold, the weeks and weeks of snot that would only slowly diminish back to normal levels. So I did neti today for the first time in possibly 5 years. I stopped using neti around then, after reading warnings against doing neti with unsterile tap water. Well, I used tap water today, like I used to. Anything else is too much trouble. But after reading the warnings again, I may forgo the whole thing for another 5 years.

I used LJSec to delete my old protected posts from LJ, as that was something that had been on my to-do list for a while. There may not be much point in having done it, but at least it is off my list now. First, I did another import of all entries & comments from LJ over to DW, as well as a few backups of both my LJ and DW (with LJArchive), to make sure I wouldn't lose anything. The only problem with LJArchive is that imported comments don't show up with the user's LJ name like it does on the Dreamwidth pages, but rather with a generic ext_#### ID. If I have time someday, I'd like to see if I can update the utility to fix that.

A few weeks ago, I cancelled my Netflix subscription, as I was using it so rarely. Qiao has another Netflix account anyway, which I can use when I want to. He also has an Amazon Prime account for watching videos.

Last week at work, I was able to find the cause of another problem, and fix it. Well, I probably fixed more than one problem, but the last one is the one I remember. It gives me such a rush, a good feeling, being able to discover what obscure thing is making the code not work right and how to fix it, when I still don't even understand what half of the rest of the code is meant to do. I was thinking, I've been working on this same general code base, though it has undergone many transfigurations, for the past 22 years. I could spend my whole *life* working on it, and I still wouldn't understand it all, especially because it is constantly being changed. That made me think for a moment that maybe I should leave this job, just so that *whole life* part wouldn't come true. Eh. But whatever, this code or some other code, what difference. Hmm. Coming up on the end of the quarter. Wonder if they will have layoffs.
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My main journal is at darkoshi.dreamwidth.org. I switched from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth in 2011, but still cross-post to LJ. As of 2017, I no longer cross-post protected entries here; those are now only available on DW (so if you want access to that kind of stuff, try friending me there). I've also disabled comments on my LiveJournal cross-posts, so that all comments will be in one place.

If you don't have a Dreamwidth account and don't want to create one, you can still leave comments. The crosspost footer at the bottom of each post links to the corresponding DW page, where comments can be left.

Anonymous comments are allowed (but unless you really want to be anonymous, please include a name/nick in the comment so I'll know who it is from). In case I start getting spam, I may screen anonymous comments, but so far haven't had to do that.

You can also use the OpenID option to post comments on DW with your LJ user ID. You can even get email notifications when someone replies to your OpenID comments. For that, you have to actually "login" to DW one time with your LJ URL via the OpenID login option - from there, you'll be able to set your email address. You won't get the option for setting an email address, simply by posting a comment with OpenID.

From the DW OpenID FAQ:
When you log into Dreamwidth using your OpenID identity, LiveJournal will ask you if it can "pass your credentials" to Dreamwidth. Saying yes will not give Dreamwidth any access to your LiveJournal account. It will only let LiveJournal confirm to Dreamwidth that you do control the address you entered. This is why you need to be logged into LiveJournal to log into Dreamwidth with your OpenID identity: LiveJournal handles the authentication, and then tells Dreamwidth whether it succeeded or failed.

The first time you log into Dreamwidth using your identity from another site, you'll need to set and confirm your email address for use on the Dreamwidth site in order to be able to comment everywhere that allows OpenID comments and in order to receive emailed notifications of replies to your comments.

From the LJ OpenID FAQ:
Every LiveJournal account can be used as an OpenID identity. When the other site asks for your OpenID URL, use http://[your LJ URL].livejournal.com. You will then be redirected to LiveJournal, where you will be asked whether LiveJournal should identify you to the other site. You will also be asked to choose whether this identification should be given once only, or automatically.

The LJ FAQ also mentions a possible issue using OpenID, if your journal uses a custom style, and how to fix it.


Ever since I started crossposting from DW to LJ, my crosspost footer has always requested that comments be left on the DW page, but I didn't disable the LJ comments till now. Very few, if any, LJ users ever did comment on DW. I'm not sure if people don't bother reading the footer, or if they specifically don't want to comment on DW. But because of that, I know there's a good possibility that I may no longer get any comments from any LJ users. I will regret that, but let's see how it goes.
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Well, now I can't even read comments on my own cross-posted LJ entries while logged in. If I log out, I can read the comments on my public entries, but obviously not the comments on protected entries.

I had switched my journal to another style as a test, to see if that would fix the problem reading other pages. But doing that just broke it for my own pages too. And now I can't find a style that works.

Another thing I noticed is that when logged out, journals don't display the most recent changes. Ie. logged in, I may see 2 newer (public) entries that someone has posted on their LJ page, compared to when I'm logged out. And even though I just changed my journal style again, when I'm logged out, it still displays the prior style.
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(info originally via someone else)

There's a flood of new Dreamwidth accounts being created:

Which is likely due to the LiveJournal servers having been moved from California to Russia during the last week:

Meaning that Russian authorities now have much easier access to user data, and are blocking many accounts:



I've also had problems loading certain LJ pages, especially ones that use the default style. For example, the comments don't display, the drop-down list by my username at the top-right part of the page doesn't work, and on Profile pages, the Bio & Interest sections are blank. Oddly, this is only happening to me when logged in. When I log out, those same pages display ok. So I'm not sure if that is due to server issues or something else.

I am seriously considering no longer cross-posting protected entries to LJ. If you are currently only on my LJ Friends-list, and if you create a Dreamwidth account, let me know and I'll give it access.

By the way, if you use Firefox and want an add-on for translating selected text and/or full web pages (including Russian), I recommend this one - it works pretty good for me:
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My recent "robot discrimination" cross-post on LiveJournal just got an anonymous spam comment. It is in the exact same style as all the past spam comments I had been getting before I enabled the option to "Show CAPTCHA to anonymous commenters" back in mid-October. I haven't gotten a single spam comment since then until now.

I just checked, and the CAPTCHA is still enabled and working (oddly, the CAPTCHA text shown is the normal English/Latin alphabet, but the instruction text within the text box is Russian).

So what this means is that there are people who post spam like that manually, or this spam bot is able to pass the simple LJ text CAPTCHA (which wouldn't be surprising as that is why many sites have changed to other image-based CAPTCHAs). In other words, Amazon's robot test, which is also simple text-based), would fail against this bot.

Isn't it a funny coincidence that the spam comment was posted, on this particular post? It almost makes me want to unscreen the comment rather than deleting it.
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I'm configuring my "new" laptop. 13 months after getting it, I've finally moved my files over to it, and started using it as my main computer. I realized I might never finish doing all those other things I wanted to do before moving the files, so finally just went ahead and did the move.

Now, I kept being logged out of LiveJournal, even though I was selecting the checkbox to stay logged in.

My Firefox configuration is set to delete cookies when I close the browser, but I had added an exception for http://livejournal.com. I added another exception for http://www.livejournal.com, but still kept being logged out. Looking at the cookies after logging in showed that they were still set to expire at the end of the session.

Finally, I tried adding an exception for https://livejournal.com. That did the trick. So even though the LiveJournal login page shows "http" in the URL bar, it must be using https behind the scenes.

I didn't have the same trouble with Dreamwidth, as I had added its exception using "https" to begin with, thinking that the Dreamwidth pages used https by default. But now I see that the Dreamwidth pages show "http" in the URL bar too. I must have configured my old laptop to redirect to https for Dreamwidth. Still need to do that here.

I don't see anything on Firefox's Cookies page to indicate whether a cookie was added via HTTP vs HTTPS. I wonder if there is any way to know which version of the URL you need to add as an exception, other than trial and error.
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This is the LJ link for editing entries:

I need to use that page occasionally, as edit links no longer show up for me by my LJ entries on the regular pages. It's probably due to my journal style being old or no longer supported, but it doesn't bother me enough to make me want to change the style because of it. Dreamwidth, where I post and edit most of my entries, doesn't have the problem. But due to spambots posting a lot of spam on some of the older entries on LiveJournal, I've been having to edit them to lock or disable the comments.

niceties, oddities

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 01:20 am
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The killdeer chicks must have hatched. I saw & heard the 2 adult birds along with at least 3 small ones cheeping about in the shade of a tree.

Worked late today. Left the office a bit before 11pm. The ..critters.. in the trees making their noises - I don't even know what they are (note to self: look up the critter sounds; do cicadas make 2 different kinds of sounds?), but the sound is so relaxing and peaceful for me. And the quality of the night - the temperature, amount of humidity, scents as well as sounds - reminded me of similar nights experienced when I was a child.


Outside the gate on my driveway, something odd. Reddish brown spots, like something bled along there. They don't look like rust spots, as they aren't directly under the gate. Maybe a dog was wandering around bleeding. Or maybe a dog caught some prey and carried it, bleeding, in its mouth.

Then I remembered something odd from yesterday. Driving home, I had passed a guy jogging along the side of the street. It's rare to see a jogger in that area. He had orange shorts on. The odd part was a black scarf over his mouth. It had white circles on it which somehow reminded me of those ghost/ghoul masks. It's summer and was probably at least 85 degrees outside. Why would someone jog with a scarf over their mouth in summer? It's not a dusty area. I wondered if it was some kind of gang initiation.


For the past month, my LJ has been getting spam comments on old posts, all of the same style but with different wording and URLs, and from different IP numbers. At least one every other day. All comments on my LJ are screened by default, so it's not doing anyone any good.


Last Friday, the day I found out about my sister moving... when I went outside for lunch and a walk, I got caught in a rainstorm and got soaked. The forecast had foretold a clear sunny day, so although it started to get stormy and sprinkle, I didn't pay it much attention, other than bringing my umbrella along. My mind was on other things. Then suddenly it was pouring down, really pouring down, and even standing under a tree with my umbrella didn't help much. After it finally let up, I walked to our nearby Fitness Center to dry myself off with paper towels. It sounded like I was the only person in the building. Besides the paper towels, there was a blow-dryer that I used to dry my shirt. That was an experience. But my pants and shoes were still quite wet, and I didn't want to wear wet socks and shoes the rest of the day. So I drove home and worked the rest of day from there.

subs and comments

Thursday, January 7th, 2016 02:22 am
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I'm not sure what to make of this account: [personal profile] noamziko. They subscribed to me in March 2014, and at the time I thought was a spam account and ignored it. The posts are all in Hebrew.

At first I thought the account had only 3 posts total, but now I see that it has 34 visible posts going back to May 2013, even though it only shows 3 posts per page. When I translate the posts, they sound real, and not like spam.

But the account has only 3 subscriptions, no subscribers, and no comments that I can see. Why would someone from Israel who writes in Hebrew and has never commented on my journal, have subscribed to me?

What would any of you make of it?

Noamziko, if you are really reading this, hello and feel free to post a comment in any language.


In other news, I used the Import Journal function to import my LJ comments to my DW entries. It appears to have worked fine. Now I will use LJArchive again, to save a copy of my journal including both the DW and LJ comments.

data security things

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 10:37 pm
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I've generally felt that access-locked posts on DW and LJ were fairly secure. But it occurred to me recently that unless you use https to submit your post, it is still sent unencrypted over the internet. Whenever someone in your access list reads it, unless they are using https, it is also sent unencrypted. Therefore, anyone sniffing traffic could potentially capture the text and read it. I should check whether DW and LJ fully support https now; the last times I checked it, it was only partially supported.

I suppose posts are also stored unencrypted on the servers, so that they might be vulnerable to hacking. This DW news post from 2010 seems to indicate so. I guess it would be hard to encrypt posts, considering that they need to be visible not only to the author, but also to anyone the author gives access to.


Because Thunderbird always prompts me for a password when I bring it up, I've had a vague feeling that my email was secure. That's silly, as I know that when I cancel the password prompt a few times, I can read mail that's already been downloaded; only new mail won't be downloaded. I was also under the mistaken impression that the mail was at least stored in encrypted form on my hard drive (though obviously, there's no point in that, as one can simply open Thunderbird and read it from there).


I hadn't realized that the original TrueCrypt project had shut down last year, until reading about it on the above linked Thunderbird page. The circumstances around the shut down sound quite suspicious (even though they might not be). It makes me start thinking of all kinds of possible subterfuge and conspiracies. Even regarding the audit that was done on the code, which as pointed out by one of the comments on that page, was limited in scope.

I never did get around to installing and using TrueCrypt myself. It's been one of those things I'd always wanted to do, sort of, if I had more time.

embed issues

Sunday, October 5th, 2014 01:18 pm
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Note to Self:

When embedding content (such as a YouTube video) in a post, remember to also include the direct URL to the content (such as the video URL) in the post.

Otherwise, when I save or export my entries, the direct URL does not get saved; only an embed id gets saved.


In the past, I've had problems where the embeds got messed up - old posts were showing the wrong videos. That may have happened when I copied my entries from LJ to DW, or maybe it was later on. I went back and fixed them all. Having the direct URLs in the posts would have made the process easier.

Today I have another problem with the embeds. I back up my journal in a few different ways. One way is with LJArchive - LJArchive doesn't display anything for embeds. Another way is by simply saving the HTML pages every once in a while. Today when opening those previously-saved HTML pages, I found that they no longer display right. Instead of displaying the entries with the embeds included, they show nothing but a single embed, in giant size, so that I can't even easily tell which post it is from.

If I edit the HTML to change all "iframe" to "iframex", then I can at least see the other posts correctly again.

In Dreamwidth, when I click to edit a post, it still shows the direct URL to the embedded content. I wish that part would be included when saving the HTML page, and when doing an export via LJArchive.

I suppose rather than using the "HTML only" option when saving the pages, I should start using the "Web page, complete" option. That will hopefully avoid the problem in the future even if Dreamwidth changes how their embeds are handled again.
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While checking my browser cookies, I noticed some curious ones named __utma, __utmb, __utmv, etc., from a few LiveJournal and Dreamwidth domains. It turns out they are a part of Google Analytics, which can be used to track visitor traffic to your websites.

Apparently, blocking cookies from google.com doesn't block these cookies, as they belong to your website, not to google's website. I wonder whether blocking Javascript from the Google-Analytics website (which I've had NoScript set to do) disables the tracking information from being collected, or not. In my browser, I generally don't enable Javascript from that site.

Both Dreamwidth and LiveJournal support the use of Google Analytics.

So I figured I'd set up a Google Analytics account to use with my journals, to see what kind of info it generates. But it's likely I won't be checking it very often, because...

This reminded me that I hadn't checked the boingdragon counter info for my website in a very long time (a year and a half, it turns out). So today I checked it.

The Curses page remains my most popular one. A year and a half ago, it was getting around 10 hits a day. Now it's getting more than 40 a day.

test post

Saturday, January 7th, 2012 11:35 pm
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Testing a new Crosspost footer.
This is only a test. You may continue with your regular activities.

cross-post failures

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 08:01 pm
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test with a lot of text. Oh pockets pockets pockets where are my pockets pockets pockets? And sunshine in the sky is shining bright and new and clean and clear and zingily zing zing zingily zing zing ain't it grand? Oh oh oh yeah.

To the big sky we go grand grand grand, to the big sky we fly, high high high; to the big dome we flow, yo, yo, yo, yo ,yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

And it was the best of times and the worst of times and the highest of flights and lowest of dives, so we tickled the heck out of Martin until he cried fowl.


Okay, so a post with a single short sentence cross-posts to LJ ok, whether it includes a link or not. But a post with more text like this one is failing.

I keep getting this error:
Failed to crosspost entry to Darkoshi@LiveJournal: Failed to connect to http://www.livejournal.com/interface/xmlrpc.
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I got an LJ Notice that "grevvlad" added me as a friend. So I looked at their profile. It doesn't show me on their friends list, so I suppose they added me and then removed me. I couldn't figure out if it was a real account/person, or something spammy/nefarious.

Their LJ seems to only have videos posted. If you click on some of their interests... say "moontale"... it shows several communities where this person is the only, or nearly the only poster. And the things posted on those communities are again mostly videos - music videos. Dark/industrial/metal type music. As well as videos of an anti-German(?) slant.

Certainly suspicious. But if it is something spammy, it is more complex than usual. And what is the purpose?

Ah! As I was browsing a few of those LJ pages, I got a popup that my MalwareBytes blocked something... so the purpose must be to install malware on people's computers, or something nefarious indeed.

Yay! for MalwareBytes Anti-Malware PRO. I installed it with the real-time protection module this weekend, after buying a license (4 licenses actually... one for my friend's computer, one for my mom's, one for Qiao, and one for me).

Today's log:
08:31:29 *** MESSAGE Protection started successfully
08:31:34 *** MESSAGE IP Protection started successfully
21:26:59 *** IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 49523, Process: firefox.exe)
21:50:49 *** IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 49799, Process: firefox.exe)

(no subject)

Thursday, April 14th, 2011 09:24 am
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As I mentioned in the past, I'm getting a lot of spam comments on LiveJournal lately. Some of them don't include any links, and don't advertise anything. I haven't figured out the purpose of these. It may be to make the user seem less suspicious, for administrators checking on the user's activity, after they've been reported for spamming. For example, one user has posted various comments on different journals, including:

"Great, I never knew this, thanks." (on my entry)
"Beneficial info and excellent design you got here! I want to thank you for sharing your ideas"
"Great view I recently hit on your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my..."
"Great work keep it coming, best blog on earth. "
"Hi there, awesome site. I thought the topics you posted on were very interesting ..."
"Keep posting stuff like this i really like it."

and then the odd comment out (but still not including any link)(and oddly, posted in English on a Russian journal),
"The aims of acne treatment are to prevent new spots forming, to improve on acne treatment already ..."


Sunday, February 6th, 2011 05:29 pm
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I'm planning to switch over to using Dreamwidth as my main journal. I'll still be crossposting entries to LiveJournal. Entry comments can be left on either site. If you have a Dreamwidth account, feel free to add me.

I'll see how it goes.

spam comments

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 08:36 am
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My recent entry got an anonymous comment with subject "claim insurance" and with the text "Good entry. I appreciate you for posting it. Keep up the fine blogging." Usually when I get a spam comment, the email notification shows hidden links which don't show up in the actual comment. But this one doesn't, which made me uncertain at first if it really was spam or not. That comment text would be a nice way of phrasing that you liked someone's posts. But based on the subject, it most certainly was spam, and whatever link they were trying to post in the subject line must have gotten stripped out before the notification was sent.

Interestingly, Google has 4450 hits for that exact comment text. Most of them seem to be spam as well, with various subject lines, some linking to other sites.

I've been getting more spam comments lately than in the past... 1 or 2 a week.