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I got my taxes done.

I made a pie with a chocolate filling. It's somewhat gooey, not what I was expecting from the photo on the box. But it's actually good, even though it also tastes oddly like it contains grape syrup mixed in with the chocolate. Based on the ingredients list, I can't imagine why. It contains alkalized cocoa, and the link I posted before indicates that the non-alkalized sort is the kind that's more likely to taste "fruity".

I also made some Waldmeister Goetterspeise which is a German jello with a unique flavor not found in the U.S. My aunt used to make it for me as a kid (with vanilla sauce on top!), and I still like it. The flavor isn't as intense as I remembered though.

I trimmed my hair a bit. It was tickling the back of my neck too much a few days ago. My torso gets itchy sometimes. When I scratch, the skin gets pinkish red, and small itchy bumps, widely scattered, appear. When I stop scratching, it goes away. I haven't figured out a cause. It's been happening for a few years now. (Of course, having written "torso" there, now a few spots on my arms and legs started itching.)

I'm over my cold, but still have a lot of phlegm. That always used to be the one of the worst parts of a cold, the weeks and weeks of snot that would only slowly diminish back to normal levels. So I did neti today for the first time in possibly 5 years. I stopped using neti around then, after reading warnings against doing neti with unsterile tap water. Well, I used tap water today, like I used to. Anything else is too much trouble. But after reading the warnings again, I may forgo the whole thing for another 5 years.

I used LJSec to delete my old protected posts from LJ, as that was something that had been on my to-do list for a while. There may not be much point in having done it, but at least it is off my list now. First, I did another import of all entries & comments from LJ over to DW, as well as a few backups of both my LJ and DW (with LJArchive), to make sure I wouldn't lose anything. The only problem with LJArchive is that imported comments don't show up with the user's LJ name like it does on the Dreamwidth pages, but rather with a generic ext_#### ID. If I have time someday, I'd like to see if I can update the utility to fix that.

A few weeks ago, I cancelled my Netflix subscription, as I was using it so rarely. Qiao has another Netflix account anyway, which I can use when I want to. He also has an Amazon Prime account for watching videos.

Last week at work, I was able to find the cause of another problem, and fix it. Well, I probably fixed more than one problem, but the last one is the one I remember. It gives me such a rush, a good feeling, being able to discover what obscure thing is making the code not work right and how to fix it, when I still don't even understand what half of the rest of the code is meant to do. I was thinking, I've been working on this same general code base, though it has undergone many transfigurations, for the past 22 years. I could spend my whole *life* working on it, and I still wouldn't understand it all, especially because it is constantly being changed. That made me think for a moment that maybe I should leave this job, just so that *whole life* part wouldn't come true. Eh. But whatever, this code or some other code, what difference. Hmm. Coming up on the end of the quarter. Wonder if they will have layoffs.
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Presidential Election Campaign Fund: This fund helps pay for Presidential election campaigns. The fund reduces candidates' dependence on large contributions from individuals and groups and places candidates on an equal financial footing in the general election. ... If you want $3 to go to this fund, check the box. If you are filing a joint return, your spouse can also have $3 go to the fund. If you check a box, your tax or refund won't change.

In the past, I always checked the box.

This year though, the description paragraph includes a new blurb:
The fund also helps pay for pediatric medical research.

So I did a search. Interesting details about the fund here.
In the past, the fund also helped pay for political conventions, which I hadn't been aware of. In 2014, a bill was passed to stop funding the conventions and instead use that part of the fund for pediatric medical research.

It doesn't make sense to me though, to set aside part of a presidential election campaign fund for medical research. If the government wants to fund medical research, then they should do so on its own merit. So this is the first year I've decided *not* to check the box. Even though it's making me feel slightly guilty. But there's also the issue that I don't like to give money for medical research unless I know it's not being used for animal experimentation. So there.

I was in the minority in checking the box to begin with, as last year only 5.4% of returns had it checked. Apparently candidates aren't making much use of the available funds anymore either, due to the restrictions that accepting the money entails.


I planned to use the freefilefillableforms website to submit my data, like in the past years.

The Minimum Computer Requirements page recommends you use Chrome, IE 11, or Firefox 26. It says not to use Firefox 43. My Firefox is 45, which isn't mentioned. I don't like Chrome, so I decided to use IE to be on the safe side.

First I got prompted to update my Shockwave, so I did.

Then on the first page, I started filling in the fields to set up a new account. Every 4th or 5th character I typed didn't show up. It was only a problem in IE, not in my other windows. Considering that I was going to have to type in a bunch of numbers, and I didn't want to have to triple-check and retype everything I entered, I decided to just mail in the paper forms instead. This year, I do have the envelopes for doing that, hah!

taxes and RTFM

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 12:03 pm
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I submitted my federal taxes yesterday through freefilefillableforms.com. At first I thought to have my refund directly deposited to my bank, so I clicked the "checking" radio button in the section for the type of account. Then I decided that having a paper check sent to me would be safer than giving the IRS my bank account info. The fewer places that data is stored, the less likely it is to be hacked. But as it was a radio button, there was no way to un-select it after having selected it. So I simply left the routing and account number fields blank.

Today I got an email that my return was rejected due to the radio button being selected, but no account number being entered! "If you are unable to fix the issue, you will have to print the return and file by mail."

The only way I saw around the problem was to click the "Start Over" button. Now I have to re-enter all the forms from scratch, dang it. That reminds me I need to buy envelopes - I wouldn't have had an envelope for mailing in the forms anyway.

And now I'm kicking myself in the head, as after reading the site's User Guide, I find out that I could have unselected the radio button after all, by double-clicking it! Ah hahahaha grrrr. Read the fucking manual, indeed.


The website for filing South Carolina returns (southcarolina.statefillableforms.com) now uses the same web interface as the federal forms. I wonder if that site is available for all states' tax returns now, or only some. SC's tax data was hacked a few years ago, and this is the first year I'm comfortable enough to submit my SC taxes electronically again, though I'm not giving them my bank info either.

goal for today

Sunday, February 15th, 2015 02:41 pm
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Be in bed by 2am. It's gotten to the point where being up past 3am feels normal to me, and I'd like to change that.

Also, do my taxes. Knowing me, this may interfere with the first goal. But to combat that, I'm telling myself right now that I should not stay up late for the taxes. Sleep is more important.

tax notes

Saturday, March 15th, 2014 11:48 pm
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Do not go to irs.com looking for forms and publications; that is a private website, not affiliated with the IRS. The real IRS website is irs.gov.


If you have an HSA (Health Savings Account), you have to submit an additional form (8889) with your federal taxes. When your HSA contributions are taken automatically from your paycheck, that is called a "Cafeteria Plan", and those amounts should be included along with the employer contributions on line 9, *not* on line 2, of form 8889.


Long Term Care (LTC) insurance premiums may be considered a qualified medical expense that can be reimbursed from an HSA (some restrictions apply).


The federal "free file fillable forms" website automatically rounds amounts that you enter (at least, it did last year). Therefore, if you plan to submit your taxes via that method, and if you fill out drafts of your forms first, it is best to round the amounts to begin with.


South Carolina lets you contribute a part of your tax refund to several specific organizations via what they call "Contributions for Check-offs" (form I-330). I was never certain, but always assumed, that these organizations were all themselves tax-deductible. In other words, that you could deduct these contributions on your federal tax form the next year.

Their website simply says that the donations *may* be tax deductible:
Donations made to elligible [sic] charities may be tax deductible. Deductions are taken in the year in which the donation was made. Individuals making donations through CheckOff, filing in 2012 for 2011, would include the donation on their 2012 federal tax return.

Today, I tried to verify it by using the search tool on the IRS website. I only found some of the organizations, so it seems that the rest might not be officially tax-deductible after all. These were my findings:

Endangered Wildlife Fund (www.dnr.sc.gov) - not found
Childrens Trust Fund (www.scchildren.org) - EIN:57-0785431
Eldercare Trust Fund (aging.sc.gov) - not found
SC Veteran's Trust Fund - EIN:57-1031920
Donate Life South Carolina (www.donatelifesc.com) - EIN:57-1052258
SC First Steps to School Readiness Fund - EIN:57-1087576
War Between the States Heritage Trust Fund - not found
SC Litter Control Enforcement Program (PalmettoPride) - EIN:58-2466709
SC Law Enforcement Assistance Program (scleap.org) - not exactly found, but seems to be affiliated with this organization: EIN:57-1063879 (Law Enforcement Chaplaincy for South Carolina)
K-12 Public Education Fund (S.C. Department of Education) - not found
SC State Parks Fund (www.southcarolinaparks.com) - not found
SC Military Family Relief Fund - not found
SC Conservation Bank Trust Fund (sccbank.sc.gov) - not found
SC Financial Literacy Trust Fund - not found
SC State Forests Fund (S.C. Forestry Commission) - not found
SC Department of Natural Resources Fund (www.dnr.sc.gov) - not found


Free File Fillable Forms

When entering form 1040, the "Done With This Form" button will always remain disabled. It is only used for the other forms that you Add.

W2, W2G and 1099-R forms can be added on the "Step 2" page.

"All other Form 1099’s, including SSA 1099, 1099 INT, 1099 MISC etc. are not available as individual forms in Free File Fillable Forms because you do not have to e-file these statements to IRS."
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Having a HSA means that I can avoid paying some taxes that I would otherwise have to pay. But it doesn't easily fit into my normal thought processes of "(money in) minus (money out) equals (money that I have left over)".

Money that I'd otherwise get in my paycheck (after having taxes deducted) is instead placed into a separate bucket without having taxes deducted. Therefore I can still consider it "money in", but in a special separate bucket.

I had a dental appointment and was charged $XXX, of which my insurance paid $YYY, leaving me with a bill of $50. I paid the $50 bill out of my regular income. Then I got reimbursed the $50 from my HSA. This is the mentally tricky part. I'm left feeling like I didn't pay anything, but I have to remember that while those two $50 amounts cancel each other out, there was still a net $50 taken out of my "special separate bucket".

So the $50 still falls into the "money out" category. The benefit of the HSA is that, without the HSA, it would have been more like $60 to $65 money out, because an extra $10 to $15 would have been deducted from my income in taxes before ever getting into my "money in" bucket.

I can think of it as: Now my "money left over (special bucket)" has an extra $10 to $15 in it that otherwise wouldn't have been in my "money left over" category.

Or I can look at in terms of all the money in the HSA having already been spared taxes, so my (money in; ignoring bucket boundaries) amount is that much higher than it would otherwise be, and the $50 is just a normal (money out) amount.
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This is somewhat related to the last post.

I thought I had previously posted about the new high-deductible (HD) health care plan I switched to last year, but I had actually only written a comment on someone else's post. So I'm posting it to my journal now.

The HD plan includes a Health Savings Account (HSA) as mentioned in the prior post. The low-deductible (LD) plan instead includes a Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA). HSAs should not be confused with FSAs, as they are different in several regards. HSA's are much better - unused funds roll over each year, earn tax-free interest, and can be used tax-free for qualified medical expenses in retirement. FSAs do not allow unused funds to roll over each year.


I was surprised last year when I calculated the costs of going with the new HD plan versus the LD plan of my employer's health insurance.

Both plans have a deductible and a yearly out-of-pocket maximum amount, as well as biweekly premiums you have to pay. The amounts differ per plan. The benefits are pretty much the same.

I thought that the HD plan would make more sense for someone who had fewer medical bills, and that the LD plan would make sense for someone who had higher bills. However, that wasn't exactly true.

Supposing I didn't have any health care costs during the whole year, the HD plan would cost me less, as its premiums are much smaller. The HD plan would cost me only $260 while the LD plan would cost $2184.

Supposing I had just enough costs to meet the high deductible ($2500)... then I'd end up paying about $200 more for that year compared to the low deductible ($400) plan. The LD plan's biweekly premiums are so much higher ($84 versus $10), that by the end of the year, you pay nearly as much in premiums as the higher deductible amount would have been.

Supposing I had high enough bills to reach the yearly out of pocket maximum, the total amount I'd have to pay on the HD plan would actually be $500 less than the total amount that I'd pay to reach it on the LD plan.

Based on all that, it seemed that whether or not I were to have a lot of medical bills, the HD plan was likely to cost me less.

The LD plan seems like it would only possibly be the better option for people who don't have enough savings at the beginning of the year to cover the higher deductible.

Not all HD and LD plans are the same. The deductibles, premiums, and benefits can be very different than my own situation. Anyone who is considering them needs to do their own comparisons. One shouldn't assume however, that one is better than the other without researching them first.

Another good thing with last year's changes to my company's health care plans was that the contributions were made variable based on salary bands. Employees with higher salaries pay higher premiums now than employees with lower salaries.
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As part of my employment, I have a Health Savings Account to which I contribute a portion of my salary during the year. The contributions are not taxed and may be used for paying medical expenses.

IRS publication 969 provides information on "Health Savings Accounts and Other Tax-Favored Health Plans".

This publication states: Qualified medical expenses are those expenses that would generally qualify for the medical and dental expenses deduction. These are explained in Publication 502, Medical and Dental Expenses.

IRS publication 502 has a long list of "includable" medical expenses, as well as a smaller list of "not includable" expenses. But nowhere in the publication can I find any mention of emergency room care, urgent care, or doctor's office visits (other than an annual physical exam). It seems inconceivable that they wouldn't be considered qualified expenses, but why aren't they listed?

Update - 2013/10/20
Publication 502 includes the following section titled "What are Medical Expenses?", before the lists of includable and non-includable expenses.

Medical expenses are the costs of diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, and the costs for treatments affecting any part or function of the body. These expenses include payments for legal medical services rendered by physicians, surgeons, dentists, and other medical practitioners. They include the costs of equipment, supplies, and diagnostic devices needed for these purposes.

The publication also states:
Pub. 502 covers many common medical expenses but not every possible medical expense. If you cannot find the expense you are looking for, refer to the definition of medical expenses under "What Are Medical Expenses".

I still don't understand why emergency room care, urgent care, and doctor's visits aren't specifically listed when so many other things are, but perhaps the above is meant to imply that any medical expense not specifically listed is an "includable" expense rather than an "not includable" one.

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Sunday, March 11th, 2012 05:55 pm
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maybe the people who made some of this music are horrible people. maybe if they were having a party and playing their music, they wouldn't want me there enjoying the music with them. maybe they'd want to rape me or stone me to death or keep me from going out in public without a male overseer and without being covered in a hijab. maybe they're the kind of people who torture animals for fun. maybe they're the kind of people who keep their dogs chained up in the backyard their whole lives.

maybe the slight aura of enjoyment that one gets into while listening to nice music is a fantasy. Yes, it is. the real people who made the music aren't necessarily anything like you vaguely imagine them to be while you're bopping along to the beat. the lyrics sometimes aren't even vaguely like you imagine them to be. it shouldn't make a difference though. there's nothing wrong with enjoying the music, as long as you can keep your vague enjoyment untouched by any unpleasant information.

it seems i'm procrastinating again. why does doing taxes always have this effect on me?


Sunday, February 27th, 2011 12:16 am
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I do not fucking believe it.

I filled in a paper copy of the federal tax form, and then I went through the pages on the https://www.freefilefillableforms.com/ website, in order to e-file. I finished entering all the online forms, and wanted to print copies of the forms to keep for reference. But printing didn't work - it took several minutes to do anything, and then the printer just printed out a blank page. I was using IE, as the site requires Silverlight. So I decided to try it in Firefox, but Firefox didn't have the latest version of Silverlight. So I uninstalled and reinstalled Silverlight.

Now when I try to log back in to the website, in either IE or Firefox, the site claims that my userid and email address are both invalid, even though the site earlier *emailed* me a new account confirmation email to my email address, listing the same userid that I'm trying to login with.


Seriously, what is the biological advantage of annoyance and frustration? Surely one would get things accomplished quicker, if one wasn't spending time fuming about how annoying things are.


Okay, I fricking figured it out.

There are 2 different websites:

The IRS page must randomly forward you to either one of those sites when you click the link for the fillable forms. Yet each site must maintain its own user IDs, so if you create your account on the .org site like I did, then you can't login to the .com site.

This is not reassuring. I'm beginning to worry whether my data is safe on either of those sites.


Still can't print from the .org site.

If what is said here is true,
that the one site is Adobe-based, and the other is Silverlight-based, why the **** does the IRS not tell you that, so that you can choose which site you want to use? Rather than randomly linking you to one or the other without even telling you there are 2 different sites each using different technology and each requiring separate user accounts? I am very disappointed in the IRS.
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I was wondering why the "Wages, tips, other compensation" (box 1) amount on my W2 form did not match the "total earnings" amount on my final pay stub of the year. But I figured out how the Box 1 amount is calculated.
Box 1 amount = (Total Earnings + EGTL Amount) - (Pretax Salary Deductions)

The EGTL Amount is related to employee group term life insurance. This amount is shown on the pay stub in the earnings section, but is not added into the "Total Earnings" amount. It is not an amount paid to the employee, but it is considered a taxable fringe benefit.

The pretax salary deductions include amounts deducted from the paycheck for medical, dental, and vision, 401K plans, and health savings account (HSA). It does not include deductions for Pension, Long Term Disability plans, nor Medical-Retiree benefits.

.. [edited to add the following on 2011/12/22] ..

Box 3 and Box 5 = Social Security Wages / Medicare wages and tips
= (Total Earnings + EGTL Amount) - (Deductions for medical, dental, vision, and HSA)

For Box 3 & 5, 401k contributions are NOT subtracted.

Box 4 = Social security tax withheld = Box 3 * 6.02%

Box 6 = Medicare tax withheld = Box 5 * 1.45%

Amounts paid for Travel Expenses are NOT included in any of the amounts on the W2 form.

[edited to add additional details on 2016/01/06]


Saturday, February 13th, 2010 01:15 pm
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I was intending to shred my scratch versions of this year's tax forms, and I fed the first sheet into the shredder without paying much attention. Then I looked at the pages in my hand, and realized I still had all 3 scratch sheets, and I started wondering what I had just shredded... It was my good copy of last year's submitted form! Oh, I'm so stupid!!! But I do at least still have photos I took of last year's forms... I take digital photos of important things before sending them off, so that later on if necessary, I can make sure I didn't fill out anything wrong, or send it to the wrong address, etc.

taxes and dogs

Sunday, February 7th, 2010 01:00 pm
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I've started filling out my tax forms. There's one part that always gets me... First of all, the instructions for line 10 say that you must either use the worksheet for calculating the value, *or* when certain conditions apply you must read some other publication to figure out the amount. So I spend some time deciphering the confusing conditions to determine that I need to do the worksheet. But then the worksheet makes me refer to Schedule A, so I start filling out Schedule A. Then Schedule A says to put down the value from line 38, and I think "wtf?? I'm still on line 10, I haven't gotten to line 38 yet!" Then I eventually realize that the worksheet was referring to the Schedule A values from last year's form.


I've got some videos to post. When life hands you a dog, make cute dog videos. Right?

It's hard to do yard work when Zorro is in the yard. She goes crazy when I start raking or sweeping. The first time I raked on the outside of the fence while she was in the yard, she starting screeching and barking from the other side of the fence, in a frenzy to get at the rake. She sounded like someone was beating her. Just now I was trying to sweep the walkway, and she did it again. She was wagging her tail though, so she must think it is some kind of game, or that the broom/rake is some kind of animal.

Last week one evening when Q and I got back from eating out, instead of one dog in the yard, there were two! My neighbor's little chihuahua-bulldog-mix puppy had gotten through a gap under the fence between our yards. That puppy must be about the same age as Zorro, and they've been playing a while, running back and forth on other sides of the dividing fence. But that evening, we couldn't tell if they were playing or fighting. It seemed quite rough, and Zorro seemed worn out. We were able to separate them until the neighbor came to retrieve their dog, and I put some bricks down to block the gap in the fence. I had been worried that the other dog might be male... Zorro's at an age now, about 5 months, where it might be possible for her to go into heat and get pregnant, but the vet wanted to wait until she was 6 months to spay her. I was relieved when the neighbor said the other dog was female too.
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South Carolina's laws regarding whether or not sales & use taxes are charged for software and software renewals seem to be wacky. Well-thought out, perhaps, but wacky nevertheless.

This document explains in detail the sales tax rules for software. It all comes down to whether or not a "tangible" item such as a disk or magnetic tape is used.

If the software is transferred via a tangible item, regardless of whether the seller ships the item to the buyer, or whether the seller brings the tangible item to the seller's site and loads it onto the buyer's computer and then takes the tangible item back with them, then the tax applies.

But if the software is downloaded directly over the internet, then the tax does not apply.
Apparently, diskettes, laptops, and magnetic tapes are tangible, but the cabling making up the internet isn't. Isn't that a wacky kind of logic?

5. If software is sold and delivered by a “load and leave” method whereby the seller personally brings the software to the buyer’s location on a laptop computer, connects the laptop with the buyer’s computer with a cable in order to download the software into computer, and then disconnects the computers and takes the laptop with him when he leaves, is the sales transaction subject to the tax?
Yes. The sale of software delivered by a tangible means, the laptop computer, constitutes the sale of tangible personal property subject to the tax.

7. Is “canned” software sold and delivered by electronic means via a modem and telephone line from a remote location subject to the sales and use tax?
Software sold and delivered by electronic means via a modem and telephone from a remote location is not subject to the sales and use tax, provided no part of the software, including back-up diskettes and tapes, is delivered by tangible means.

Furthermore, #24 in the document says that if you originally purchased the software on diskette, then if you purchase a renewal via download, the renewal is taxable. But if you originally purchased the software as a download, then the renewal download is *not* taxable.
*WACKITY WACK* ::sspptt::

I wonder what the rules are regarding downloaded music purchases. Going by the above, I'd infer downloaded music isn't subject to tax either.

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Saturday, March 8th, 2008 10:21 pm
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I was trying to finish up my taxes, but had to print another form.
My printer indicated it was out of black ink, and refused to print.
Suspecting that the black ink wasn't truly empty, I took it out, shook it, and put it back in.
The ink-out light went off and the printer printed, but without any black ink.
I ran the head-cleaning utility and tried again, but still no black ink.
Caving in, I went to Staples and bought a new ink cartridge.
I also disposed of my old keyboard and zip-drive to be recycled while I was there, hurrah!
Back home, I opened the new ink cartridge package and prepared to do the switch.
I did some more head-cleanings and test prints, trying to spur the ink-out light to come on again, since replacing the cartridge is tricky otherwise.
The black ink started working again, without me having replaced the cartridge.
At least I didn't pull the sticker off the top of the new cartridge yet.

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Sunday, March 2nd, 2008 10:35 pm
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Oh, and no I wasn't still procrastinating. But then, I never was. I got through my first draft of the federal taxes. Still need to go back and double check it, then do the SC taxes. But not tonight.

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Sunday, March 2nd, 2008 05:46 pm
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An electric shock to my brain.
It seems like it would require something strong like that to break through to me, so that I could feel, really feel again.

Once in a very long while, an experience affects me like an electric shock - but it doesn't last.

I am so disillusioned with everything.

I spend all my time doing things that don't really bring me any great satisfaction or happiness, just things that seem like they need to be done, or things that I feel like doing.

The skin on my hands is dry. My hands seem to look so much older than they did a few years ago.

I am not procrastinating doing my taxes; truly, I'm not. I just keep thinking of other things to do first. Surely I can still get them done tonight and still do my daily exercises too, and get to bed on time. Right?

I've started back up doing my daily exercises regularly. It's been about 2 or 3 weeks now. But my legs are still not flexible like they used to be, and I seem to have strained something in my right leg.

Screwing in light bulbs isn't all that easy. No really, I'm not procrastinating. I wanted to write that since yesterday.

The Chinese preserved plums actually taste pretty good. The Watermelon Frost Tea, I haven't tried yet... apparently watermelon frost is some white stuff (fungi?) that grows on watermelon rinds when the watermelon has been filled with Gluer/Glaubers? salt and buried in ceramic pots. The Chinese seem to have a culinary penchant for burying food and digging it up again... It must have been like a form of alchemy.

I am backing up the data on my hard-drive. I keep temporary files sometimes, and I was going through them, seeing which ones could be deleted. Old posts, emails, chats. Some of the more meaningful/affecting ones, I keep around a long time, even though surely I've archived them in my regular backup folders too. But reading one of them brought this post on.

I wanted to let the files copy to the flash drive, while doing my taxes. I had already started doing that this morning, but ran out of space on the flash drive, daggonit, because the files took more physical space on the flash than they did on the hard-drive.

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Saturday, February 16th, 2008 11:19 pm
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The day seemed to go by very fast today. I was going to try to recover a home video from a corrupt DVD, but it turned out I had the wrong DVD. I put a makeshift drawer-stop on a drawer which didn't have one, then put some more pipe-sleeves on the water pipes in the basement, then replaced a few fluorescent light tubes in the garage. And by then, it was already dark outside.

Now, I am having acid reflux from dinner... I guess it was too acidic, or what else would cause that? I don't usually get reflux, even from acidic foods. But I got it yesterday too after eating the same thing... I guess I will have to throw the rest of it (baba ganouj) out, even though it tastes good.

I am downloading tax forms. 4 years ago... I was doing taxes
in january