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Why can we smell metal? - it's not actually the metal that smells.

I was wondering last week why my hand smelled bad, then realized it was from simply having touched the metal zipper pull on an old duffle bag. (Yet when I later sniffed the zipper, it didn't smell). Certain metals like that (not sure what kind, but generally the yellowish/bronze colored ones) make my hands smell so horrible that I have to wash them to get rid of the smell. Then I wondered if other people could smell metal too, which led to me finding the above information.

niceties, oddities

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 01:20 am
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The killdeer chicks must have hatched. I saw & heard the 2 adult birds along with at least 3 small ones cheeping about in the shade of a tree.

Worked late today. Left the office a bit before 11pm. The ..critters.. in the trees making their noises - I don't even know what they are (note to self: look up the critter sounds; do cicadas make 2 different kinds of sounds?), but the sound is so relaxing and peaceful for me. And the quality of the night - the temperature, amount of humidity, scents as well as sounds - reminded me of similar nights experienced when I was a child.


Outside the gate on my driveway, something odd. Reddish brown spots, like something bled along there. They don't look like rust spots, as they aren't directly under the gate. Maybe a dog was wandering around bleeding. Or maybe a dog caught some prey and carried it, bleeding, in its mouth.

Then I remembered something odd from yesterday. Driving home, I had passed a guy jogging along the side of the street. It's rare to see a jogger in that area. He had orange shorts on. The odd part was a black scarf over his mouth. It had white circles on it which somehow reminded me of those ghost/ghoul masks. It's summer and was probably at least 85 degrees outside. Why would someone jog with a scarf over their mouth in summer? It's not a dusty area. I wondered if it was some kind of gang initiation.


For the past month, my LJ has been getting spam comments on old posts, all of the same style but with different wording and URLs, and from different IP numbers. At least one every other day. All comments on my LJ are screened by default, so it's not doing anyone any good.


Last Friday, the day I found out about my sister moving... when I went outside for lunch and a walk, I got caught in a rainstorm and got soaked. The forecast had foretold a clear sunny day, so although it started to get stormy and sprinkle, I didn't pay it much attention, other than bringing my umbrella along. My mind was on other things. Then suddenly it was pouring down, really pouring down, and even standing under a tree with my umbrella didn't help much. After it finally let up, I walked to our nearby Fitness Center to dry myself off with paper towels. It sounded like I was the only person in the building. Besides the paper towels, there was a blow-dryer that I used to dry my shirt. That was an experience. But my pants and shoes were still quite wet, and I didn't want to wear wet socks and shoes the rest of the day. So I drove home and worked the rest of day from there.

and pinecones

Sunday, February 28th, 2016 01:43 am
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Revisited the crawlspaces today.

At my mom's house, I removed the electronic air cleaner front panel. The prior owners did get rid of the cells; the inside was empty except for a thin disposable filter. It was very dirty (reasonably so as my mom hadn't replaced it since moving into the house). My mom had bought a new one, so I replaced the dirty one with the clean one. With the front panel off, I could see into the return ducts. One of them appears to have insulation on the *inside*. It looked very dirty.

I removed the snake skin by the HVAC system, and found another snake skin by the exterior wall. It was next to an opening through which cables connect to the outside A/C unit and phone box. So that is likely where the snake(s) got in. My mom will close it off.

At the other house, I went down below to take another look at the humidifier I saw last week. I found the label with the model #, but no humidistat and no obvious way to power it off. I tried to turn off the water valve to it (because of the mold, we want to reduce the humidity in the house, not increase it), but then the valve started dripping, so I put a bucket underneath for now.

Maybe the house's mold problems is caused by the humidifier putting too much moisture in the air. Today with the heater on, the house smelled quite unpleasant to me again. Of course, now I'm envisioning a dirty moldy humidifier that may not have been cleaned out in ages, blowing mildewy air into the house, even though I have no proof yet that the unit is dirty inside.

Then I picked up pinecones and branches from the yard - last week was very windy.

Then I put up a pet gate in the house to keep the dogs away from the bedrooms. I'm unsatisfied with the gate though. It has 2 design flaws compared to the one at my house. The bottom catch doesn't work right (other people have mentioned the same problem in their reviews), and the whole gate occasionally lifts out of the hinges. Unfortunately the better model was discontinued and is no longer available. Now I'm considering getting a different brand instead, but that can wait. Maybe I'll get used to this one, or find a way of fixing the flaws.


I also voted in the democratic primary today. I'm disappointed that Hillary won over Bernie, and by such a large margin. But I'd much rather have Hillary win than Trump or the other Republican candidates.
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Gardein "fishless filets" - they actually taste like fish. I'm impressed.


The spring rolls at the Vietnamese Pho restaurant here include tasty slivers of pickled carrots and radish. A while back I pickled some daikon radish myself. Sugar, salt, and vinegar - a simple recipe. It ended up ok, but not what I had hoped for. Too sweet and zesty; not the mildly sweet crunchy flavor they have at the restaurant.

I kept the pickled radish in a jar in the refrigerator, eating a little with dinner here and there. After a week or so, it began to stink, even though it still looked and tasted ok. So I stopped eating it, and left the jar in the fridge, unsure how to dispose of it. Putting it in the garbage would make the bin stink. Flushing it down the toilet might cause a clog.

Today I finally got rid of it. I poured the liquid down the sink drain, and buried the radish in a hole in the yard. I washed the glass jar for recycling. I rinsed the sink with a good amount of water and detergent. I opened the house windows, turned on a fan, and sprayed orange air freshener.

Even so, the house smelled vaguely like a garbage dump for a few hours.


The weather here has been unusually rainy, misty and overcast for the last 2 to 3 weeks (similar to the weeks prior to the recent "flood event"). The temperature is fine, but sunshine would be really nice.

The sun room started getting a mildewy smell again, so I opened the windows down there and left them open. Better to have moist ventilated air, than moist stagnant air. That room is separated from the house by sliding glass doors, so having those windows open doesn't affect the rest of the house.

To find out how moist it is in the sun room, I used the remote sensor of our weather station. Inside the house, the humidity is ~74%, while in the sun room it is 94%. The 94% has been suspiciously constant for the last several days**.

Around 4am this morning*, a South Carolina humidity map showed most areas at or near 100% relative humidity. This evening, the numbers are somewhat lower, but there are still many locations at 100%. Considering that, 94% with the windows open seems reasonable.

*before going to bed. You'd think that the time change would make me feel like going to bed earlier rather than later.

**My suspicion was right after all. The remote sensor isn't updating its numbers, even after bringing it back inside. Unfortunately I'm having trouble with our other weather station too.

This morning it looked like it was starting to dry up outside. Yay! Then it rained hard for a few minutes. Hopes dashed. Then the sun came out. Wow! Yay! Then it got overcast again.

With the house windows open today, the humidity level in the house proper went up to 79%. Now it is back to 74%. This feels perfectly fine and normal to me. The weather has been in the upper 60s and 70s, so we haven't needed the heater or A/C turned on.

11/08: I finally got both weather stations working again last night. A cold front came through so it is much cooler today (still overcast and wet). The humidity in the house is now ~64%, and in the sun room ~70%.

the weekend work

Monday, October 26th, 2015 12:20 am
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Yesterday I washed a section of the garage wall that had gotten moldy, with bleach. Boxes had been pushed up right against the wall, not allowing enough ventilation. This is the 2nd round of bleach on it, as after the first round a week or so ago, it still smelled musty from somewhere. I hope there isn't mold on the inside of the wall. It's plain unpainted plyboard.

Then, as I was doing bleach anyway, I mopped down (up) the sun-room ceiling too, as it had accumulated a bunch of mildew spots from the frequent moisture in there.

I looked up info on adjustable beds, as Qiao is planning to get one. Currently he switches back and forth between the bed and the recliner at night, trying to get comfortable. His foot hasn't been hurting him much the last few days though (hallelujah!).

Today I washed the dogs. They really needed it.

Then I tried to figure out why the kitchen sink drain was suddenly (since yesterday) making glug-glug-glug noises, even though the water was draining fine. Suspecting a blockage in the drain vent, I got out the ladder and went up on the roof to check the vent. There wasn't anything blocking it up on that end, and water I poured into the vent seemed to be draining fine / not backing up.

While up there, I cleaned out the sun-room gutters. Zorro chose to stand directly in the path of the falling dirt and debris. It occurred to me that I had just gotten her all nice and clean... Yelling at her didn't help any, but I finally managed to sweet-talk her into moving away.

I debated whether to go to the hardware store to buy a drain auger. I had tried pushing some cable wire down the vent, but it wouldn't go further than the bend at the bottom of the vent. But I didn't really want to go to the store.

I left the kitchen faucet running and checked the drain pipes in the basement. They were vibrating from the glug-glug-glugging. After a while, there was a change in sound - a larger rushing of water as if someone had dumped out some water into the sink. Whatever had been clogging it must have unclogged itself, as the glugging noise was gone.

While in the basement, I saw that water had leaked in during the flood-storm. It was absorbed into the dirt and didn't look too bad, but I carried a fan down there to help dry it out.

After the fact, it occurred to me that I could have simply tried using the sink plunger instead of going up to the roof and down to the basement.

I took advantage of the remaining daylight to cut down a branch that had cracked in the storm and which was leaning down on the shed. I had to use the extendable pole saw, with it extended to the maximum height.

And I washed 2 loads of clothes/towels, and made brownies. Finally.

Next, sleep-sleep-tired-tired.
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I mentioned a house before, which had a natural gas leak. The smell was so offensive and sickening to me that I could not stand to remain in the house for more than a few minutes. Yet 3 other people, including the 2 that lived there, smelled nothing at all, and the 4th person(my mom) only smelled it slightly. The house had a gas stove which had been used recently to cook a meal, so it was suggested that I was simply smelling the pilot light, or perhaps some of the gas left over from the cooking.

Now, I've been in the house again several times, and though the stove hadn't been used in a long time, I could still smell gas. It wasn't nearly as strong as before, but still quite offensive. The smell hit me opening the outer door of the house already, before even opening the main door. The smell was strongest in the lower kitchen cabinets under the stove and under the sink - enough to make me gag. But again, no one else who visited the house smelled anything unusual, even in those same cabinets.

I strongly suggested the owner get the pipes and stove checked for a gas leak. But procrastination ensued.

Finally I procured a combustible gas detector, as by now I was now very curious whether it was really gas that I was smelling, and how much of it there was, that I could smell it so strongly, yet no one else could.

In the cabinet under the stove, the detector showed levels of up to 6000ppm of natural gas, or 11% of the LEL (lower explosive limit). Inside the rest of the house, where the odor was still fairly strong to me, it showed levels of about 50ppm.

The owner finally did get it checked out. The gas company rep confirmed a "small" leak (not with his nose; with his own meter), and shut off the gas. There was a shut-off valve right in the cabinet which I hadn't even noticed due to being so repulsed by the smell.

The house was aired out. Now, with the main gas smell gone, I noticed that the house smelled rather musty - something I hadn't been able to tell before, due to the stronger smell of gas. But I still kept noticing some whiffs of gas too. So I checked the cabinets again, and found another leak, this time by the pipes under the oven. There, the detector showed levels of only up to 300ppm, but it was still strong enough to make me gag.

If the gas rep considered levels of 6000ppm a small leak, I suppose that levels of 300ppm (~0.5% LEL) would be considered inconsequential. And the 50ppm or so (~0.1%), which I could also easily detect, would be considered even more inconsequential.

Anyway, I found a pamphlet which says:
"Both propane and natural gas are colorless and odorless. For safety reasons, an odorant (Mercapatan) is added so that any leak can be detected by smell. The common detection threshold for smelling the gases is around 20% of the lower explosion limit (LEL)."

So apparently most people can smell it at 20%, but I can smell it at 0.1%. I'm really curious if this is genetic, and how many other people there are who are similarly sensitive to the smell of mercapatan.

Also, propane smells different to me than natural gas does. I wonder if they are they truly odorless to everyone, and is it only the additives that I smell? But it may be that the smell I associate with propane is the smell of the smoke when it is burned, more than the gas itself.

I also wonder now, how many smells which are so strongly offensive to me, other people don't even smell at all. (As opposed to them smelling it but not being bothered by it, as I had generally assumed.) I've been thinking about this a lot lately in light of the above, and might do another post on it.

Oh, another note. According to several sources:

"The human sense of smell is very discerning and can detect mercaptans at a concentration of only 1 part per billion (ppb)."

Based on the above if my measurements and calculations are accurate, that would mean that I can detect it at about 5 parts per trillion. ???

fenugreek reek

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 09:39 am
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Not having cooked methi before, I thought it was okay to include the stems. Wrong - the chopped up stems remained tough and fibrous even after cooking.

I had cooked the greens with mustard seeds, which in spite of my familiarity with their popping action, made a bit of a mess on the stove.

Because of the stems, I told Qiao that he didn't have to eat his portion. Then, after meticulously picking out all the stems, I ate the remaining good parts up all by myself, just to get rid of the mess and be done with it. That was Sunday evening.

I didn't notice the methi having any strong flavor. Raw, it tasted simply like mild greens to me. This seemed odd, as I had read that it had a distinctive taste. I recall fenugreek seeds not having much of a smell either - only a light butterscotch smell.

Cooked, it was like spinach. Most of the taste was from the mustard seeds.

Fast-forward to Monday afternoon. I was surprised by and self-conscious of a smell emanating from my underarms, even though I had washed and used deodorant like usual that morning. After getting home in the evening, I washed and applied more deo, but the smell persisted. I worried that my deodorant was no longer working for me.

Tuesday morning, I showered and again applied deo. I even re-applied some deo before and after my lunch-time walk outside in the 100-degree heat. But I still noticed the odor. It's not even a very bad smell, but definitely unfamiliar. It's not the normal smell of my sweat.

So I wondered if it was from something I had eaten. I've been trying out SAM-e supplements... but I had started those over a week ago. Furthermore, I had gotten sweaty working in the yard on both Saturday and Sunday, without noticing this odor.

Then I remembered the methi and mustard seeds. I had eaten mustard seeds in the past without any ill effect. Could it be due to the methi? Yep, apparently so.

Fenugreek pungent sweat, how to get rid of it?

(from a comment on that page) Fenugreek contains an aromatic compound called Soletone. It smells sweet like maple and a bit curry-like. It is the scent that people notice wafting off of people from certain countries where it is commonly eaten. These people do not notice it since they and those they know mostly smell like it, so to them it isn’t an odd thing. Some Asians have commented that Americans all smell like rancid butter, which is probably true based on our diet. Some Asians smell like fermented cabbage to other people. The fact is that most of us shower every day and these smells have nothing to do with hygiene (although this can be a separate issue).

The Mystery of the Maple Syrup Smell

ETA: My body odor continued to smell of fenugreek for a whole week, even though I had only eaten it that one day!
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I've got plenty of files on my computer for keeping notes on various things. Now I've created a file specifically to keep track of where I put odds and ends. For those times I'm putting something away, and think, "Where can I put it, so that I'll remember that's where I put it?"

When I first moved into this house 8 years ago, I bought a pair of curtain hold-backs but didn't end up using them. Now I'd like to, but can't find them. I'm not sure if I got rid of them or not. I looked for them in the garage yesterday, but they weren't in the obvious place. Instead, I found the roll of magnetic strip that I was looking for last week. (Even though I had searched for that in the exact same place, so having a notes file wouldn't have helped in that case.) But I had already ended up buying another roll of magnetic strip.

I suppose now if I buy another pair of curtain hold-backs, next week I'll find the old ones.

The reason I need hold-backs now, is that I've put up the curtain track as mentioned in this post. It works so well - the sliders slide along the track so easily - that the curtains tend to spread out on their own, even after you push them to the side. So having a hold-back would help.

I'm still working on the curtains and black-out liners.

I thought the hardware would be the hard part. But the curtains and liners have given me more trouble.

Originally, I found a pair of curtains I liked in a JCPenny store. I tried to order them from their website, as the store didn't have them in the length I wanted.
First problem: when I put the item in my cart, the price was $10 higher than shown on the webpage. I called customer service and after explaining the problem, submitted the order over the phone to get the right price. To avoid delivery issues because of our dogs in the yard, I wanted it shipped to the store. But another item I was ordering (shears) didn't allow ship-to-store. So I ended up getting both items shipped to my house for free. I also used a 25% off coupon which the webpage had given me. And then there was 8% tax.

2nd problem: after hanging up the phone, I rechecked the amounts I had written down and realized that I'd been charged the higher amount for the curtains after all! I called back, talked to someone else, and though they couldn't easily correct the order, they assured me they'd credit my card for the extra $10 after the item was shipped. And they did - no problem with that.

3rd problem: UPS emailed me that the item would be sent by SurePost. In other words, I could expect it to be delivered by the U.S. postal service on Thursday. On Thursday, I checked the tracking page, and found that UPS had attempted delivery twice, and I hadn't been home! They hadn't emailed me to tell me that they were going to deliver it themselves after all!

So I worked from home on Friday, and received 2 other packages that I had ordered, but not that particular package. The tracking page simply displayed "In Transit". They ended up attempting the 3rd delivery again on Monday, when I wasn't home! Because of that, we had to drive across town to pick the package up. Actually, Qiao picked it up for me, wonderful guy that he is.

Next problem: The curtains had a sort of plasticky-metallic smell to them. I aired them out, but the smell didn't go away. The label said dry-clean only. But what the heck, I took a chance and washed them. Then I ironed them to get rid of the wrinkles caused by the washing. No harm done. The smell was reduced, but still present. It seems to be intrinsic to the fabric.

I don't want smelly curtains. So I decided not to keep these after all. I'll give them to Goodwill.

Next problem: The black-out liners. They smelled ok to begin with. But after hanging them in the window for a few days, with the sun hitting them, they started to emit a dirty-sock odor. Sigh. I don't want smelly curtains.

So instead of using those, I'm now scavenging old black-out liners that I had replaced in the past, and cutting and sewing them to the correct size.

The shears, at least, were fine.

potent kraut

Monday, May 4th, 2015 11:32 pm
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When you store sauerkraut in a plastic container - even a glass container with a plastic lid, the plastic takes on the sauerkraut smell, and it is very hard* to subsequently rid the plastic of the odor.

I found a way to avoid the problem, by covering the glass container with a sheet of aluminum foil before putting the lid on. As I don't like to waste foil, I rinsed and reused the same sheet several times for the same purpose.

This last time, I was surprised to notice the plastic lid smelling of sauerkraut after I had washed it. The foil had accumulated several tiny holes in it, from being reused too many times. Even those tiny holes were enough to let the smell get through to the plastic.

*I do not recall having taped the lid to an outside window for a few weeks. It's a good thing I wrote that down; I suppose I'll be doing it again.
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On a related note, here's info on getting rid of unpleasant mildewy odor coming from a sink's overflow vent.

My bathroom sink was having this problem for quite a while, and I tried several things over several months to get rid of the odor:

- Run hot water for a while. Then dump 1/2 cup baking soda down the drain, followed by 1 cup of vinegar.

- Same as above, but spoon as much baking soda into the overflow vent as possible, followed by vinegar

- Applied an enzyme drain cleaner

- Poured bleach down the overflow vent

- Applied foaming drain cleaner (contains bleach) down the overflow vent

- Pushed a small snake with a brush attachment down the overflow vent to clean it out

None of the above attempts got rid of the smell for long. Often it came back after only a few days. I started taping the overflow vent shut as nothing else worked. After a while, I could smell the bad odor even with the vent taped shut.

I also tried these methods in vain:

- Boil water, carefully carry the pot of hot water to the bathroom, and use a small measuring cup to scoop up and pour the very hot water down the overflow vent.

- Hang a balloon down in the drain, partially inflate it, and tie it off. Then apply drain cleaner down the overflow vent. The balloon blocks the bottom end of the vent, so that the drain cleaner doesn't drain out as fast.

The odor problem started in February. None of the above fixed the problem. I started considering getting a whole new sink.

Finally in October, I used the snake again. But I also used some small wire-centered bottle brushes to clean out the bottom of the overflow vents, from the drain holes in the pipe where it connects to the bottom of the sink. (The sink stopper must be removed in order to do this.) The brushes weren't very flexible, and I couldn't push them far into those bottom holes. But I cleaned out the holes as best I could. And this did the trick, even though I didn't see much gunk come out. It's now 2 months later, and since that day, the bad smell has been gone.

open the windows

Monday, August 18th, 2014 01:56 am
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Why is it that a house always has an odd smell when it's been empty and closed up for a week or more? Not a putrid smell nor one of decay, but some kind of stale unpleasant smell that only goes away after airing the house out for quite a while. There was no smelly trash left in the house that I'm aware of, nor dirty unwashed dishes. This used to happen at FF's old house, and happens at this house too.

It smells somewhat like a full vacuum cleaner bag. So maybe it's the concentrated smell of dust and dead skin cells and such.
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Yesterday evening I had an allergy attack for the first time in 20 days (since starting the butterbur). I believe it was triggered by the soapy smell of a certain item (a ziplock bag in which I had once stored soap). I drank a cup of ginger-peppermint tea, which helped for the duration of drinking the tea, but not much longer afterwards. Today, my nose has still been sniffly all day long, even though I took an extra butterbur capsule.

After an allergy attack, I seem to be extra sensitive to smells. While cleaning out a drawer this evening, I came across a bottle of foam soap which I apparently intended to give away... I must not have liked the scent. As the ingredient list looked innocuous*, I washed my hands with it to remind myself what it smelled like. Egads! Soapy soapy up-in-my-nose soapy smell! I then tried washing the irritating smell off my hands using my normal soap, but it didn't come off.

*After reading the ingredient list again, I still can't figure out which ingredient might be bothering me. Melon extract, maybe? (But I like melon, and melon doesn't smell soapy!)

Anyway. I wonder if the butterbur helps against certain triggers, but not others? Or could it be that the butterbur doesn't actually help me, and it was coincidence that nothing else triggered me for a whole 20 days?
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Dear Target,

After waiting 6 months for the nasty smell on the Teal Accent Cabinet to completely dissipate, I got angry, and it happened to be standing right there, so I kicked a hole in its side. Now it's definitely of no use to me. Could I have a refund?



Why do I have to clean up other people's junk?
Why does the sunroom have to keep having moisture problems?
Why do I have to spend all my "free" time cleaning and fixing and sewing and such?
Why does non-work begin to feel like work, when I do it?
Why is the dog back, and why does it have to look like it's starving again?
Is it morally acceptable to me, to put out bait/poison in the garage, to stop getting piles of roach shit in there?
Why do I feel like I'm forgetting something?

sauerkraut odor

Thursday, December 20th, 2012 02:03 am
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Big can of sauerkraut; too much to eat in a single meal. Stored in refrigerator in glass dish with plastic lid for about a week until it was eaten up.

Afterwards, plastic lid reeked of sauerkraut, even after washing.

Tried baking soda paste soak. No noticeable effect.

Put crumpled newspaper in the glass dish with the lid on. After a night, the newspaper reeked of sauerkraut. The lid still reeked too. Put in fresh crumpled newspaper. After a few hours, the fresh newspaper reeked, as did the lid.

Tried 2 soakings in hot water with dissolved sodium percarbonate power (oxygen bleach). This reduced the smell, but didn't get rid of it.

Tried soaking in hot water with vinegar for about 10 minutes. No noticeable effect.

Sprayed "Pure Citrus" air freshener (Citrus blend - 100% oils extracted from citrus fruit) on it and rubbed it in. Let it sit and evaporate. After that, the lid smelled like a mix of lemon and sauerkraut. Sprayed a larger dose of the oils on the lid. Let it sit and evaporate...

Maybe I'll try coffee next. Should instant coffee work the same well as coffee grounds?

If that doesn't work, I'll try more newspaper.

Update (Jan 17, 2013): The only method that finally worked to get rid of the odor, was to put the smelly plastic lid outside where the sun could hit it. I taped it to a south-facing window and left it there for a week or two. Now the odor is gone. Next time, I'll try to remember to use this method to begin with.
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How often do you feel sexual attraction to someone? (Or, if not to someone, to something?)

If it occurs often, does it vary in intensity, and if so, how often do you feel a strong sexual attraction?

How does the attraction make you feel mentally & emotionally? Does it put you in a good mood? Does it make you feel excited?

Do you think your life would feel significantly different, if you did not feel sexual attraction to anyone or anything?

Do you ever refer to yourself as "we" or "us" when talking or thinking to yourself (eg. "Let's go to the bathroom now") even though you don't in general consider yourself to be more than one entity?

Have you noticed that certain black rubber products have a strong offensive odor (like used automotive oil)?