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Sunday, June 4th, 2017 02:47 am
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Still tweaking other things on my new cell phone too.

I found out that one can remove the pages from these old family photo albums (and put them back together again). Which means that scanning the albums shouldn't be that difficult after all (as long as each page fits on the flatbed - one of the albums does just barely. The other one would require using my mom's larger scanner). Which means that's another thing I want to get done.

Firefox addons; learn how to update them to use these new WebExtensions APIs.
Which also shows me that my JavaScript knowledge is woefully out of date. It's changed a lot in 20 years.

I've just installed 2 and a half years worth of Windows updates on one of Qiao's old Windows 7 desktop computers, which we haven't used in that long. Because it has iTunes on it, and I don't want to install iTunes on my laptop. But there are a couple of items I want to get, which are only available to download from iTunes. And of course, that meant I needed to install Windows updates too, right? I dunno. It seemed the thing to do even though it took all day. Makes me think I might even be able to get updates working again on my old laptop too, if I wanted to.
Simplifying updates for Windows 7 and 8.1 - a rollup for all updates through April 2016, with only one prerequisite that must be installed first.

Researching family tree stuff. Old census records. Found out my great-great-grandmother had at least 10 children, and possibly 5 more that didn't survive.
Need to determine what kind of open-source program I should use for doing a family tree, so that the data can be exported/imported in a widely compatible format.

Want to replace all the screws for the door lock strike-plates and hinges with 3-inch long screws. And replace some of the strike-plates with ones that take 4 screws instead of 2.

I finally took down the rest of the xmas decorations and put the boxes away. My mom helped me take down the xmas tree a few weeks ago. She and Qiao are as bad as me - once I made my mind up to take them down, they both said "I think you should just leave them up", making me debate it internally all over again.
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I bought this adjustable shelf to try out as a standing desk setup. It's wide enough for both the keyboard and mouse, and deep enough that I can rest my forearms on it.

At home, my laptop is on an adjustable mount that can be lifted and lowered, so that is how I raise and lower the display. At work, I have 2 monitors, one on the desk for use while sitting, and one on a higher shelf for use while standing (to switch between them, it only requires an alt-ctl-fn key press).

The above is okay in terms of comfort. (Having my skin touch cool metal is unpleasant, so I cover the metal with cloth as in the above photo). But to switch from standing to sitting, I need to re-position the keyboard and mouse from the shelf back to the desk, and move the shelf away. The shelf, while light, is big and awkward to move around. So switching between standing and sitting isn't a very simple matter. (Though, if the keyboard were wireless rather than corded, that would help somewhat.)

I found the below setup to be more convenient.

I use a box (or a stack of books) to raise up my mouse & mousepad. I've found that using the mouse is most comfortable when my forearm is horizontal like that, not angled up or down.
I put a wedge (about 2" high) under the keyboard (or stick something else under the front edge so that it is higher than the back edge). Typing is fairly comfortable to me in that position, even though my palms & wrists don't rest on anything. Without the wedge, I would have to bend my wrists a lot, which quickly becomes very uncomfortable.

To switch from sitting to standing, I just need to move over my box, put the mouse & mousepad on it, and slip the wedge under the keyboard. It's much simpler than the shelf.
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I'm configuring my "new" laptop. 13 months after getting it, I've finally moved my files over to it, and started using it as my main computer. I realized I might never finish doing all those other things I wanted to do before moving the files, so finally just went ahead and did the move.

Now, I kept being logged out of LiveJournal, even though I was selecting the checkbox to stay logged in.

My Firefox configuration is set to delete cookies when I close the browser, but I had added an exception for http://livejournal.com. I added another exception for http://www.livejournal.com, but still kept being logged out. Looking at the cookies after logging in showed that they were still set to expire at the end of the session.

Finally, I tried adding an exception for https://livejournal.com. That did the trick. So even though the LiveJournal login page shows "http" in the URL bar, it must be using https behind the scenes.

I didn't have the same trouble with Dreamwidth, as I had added its exception using "https" to begin with, thinking that the Dreamwidth pages used https by default. But now I see that the Dreamwidth pages show "http" in the URL bar too. I must have configured my old laptop to redirect to https for Dreamwidth. Still need to do that here.

I don't see anything on Firefox's Cookies page to indicate whether a cookie was added via HTTP vs HTTPS. I wonder if there is any way to know which version of the URL you need to add as an exception, other than trial and error.

pink lights

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 10:37 pm
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At work, someone on the other side of the building put up a Valentine's Day Tree. It's a pretty pink (Christmas) tree, with pink lights and heart decorations.


A dead Canadian goose has been floating by the edge of the pond since at least Monday. Poor thing. I wonder what happened to it. I considered reporting it at first, but wouldn't even know who to report it to.


Driving home yesterday, there were 2 wild turkeys* standing in the driveway to a car body shop. Very close to the main road I was driving on, which had a lot of traffic. There was also a car parked off the other side of the road with its lights flashing yellow. Not sure if that was related.

*only got a quick glimpse, enough to be pretty sure they weren't buzzards. One looked vaguely peacockish, but I'm pretty sure we don't have wild peacocks around here.


My laptop is back from being repaired under warranty, with a new keyboard and touchpad. Seems to be working fine so far, yay. The new keyboard is a dual English/French one, which is different.


It's very cold outside. But something went wrong with the HVAC at work today, and it got very warm inside. Even with the doors to the atrium propped open. In the morning when other people started to complain, I was like "I'm comfortable actually. It's better than being too cold". But it got so warm that by the time I left in the evening, it was way too warm even for me.

little computers

Saturday, April 11th, 2015 05:35 pm
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I was thinking about getting one of these Matchsticks, when they become available (August?).

But now Google and Intel have whole computers in similar sized gadgets, which plug into HDMI ports... I wonder if these play video too.
Intel Compute Stick.

Then there's this tiny computer which can sit on the edge of a penny. More info and diagrams here.

time time

Thursday, March 13th, 2014 11:15 pm
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I'm glad of the time change. I enjoy it still being light outside when I leave work.

Qiao dislikes Daylight Savings Time. He feels that 12 noon is supposed to be mid-day. That "high noon" is supposed to be when the sun is highest in the sky. That does make sense.

But I still prefer it being light outside when I leave work.


Advice to self: Don't start a 20 minute compile 20 minutes before it's time for you to leave work. And especially don't start other processes too, while impatiently waiting for the compile to finish. Because it will surely end up taking at least 40 minutes to finish, even without the other processing.


Why does it sometimes take 3 hours to copy 2 GB's worth of files from one location on my hard drive to another?

Is it safe to put a computer to sleep while it is in the middle of a large copy operation like that, or while it is in the middle of a long compile? Will it simply pause and continue when it wakes back up? I wouldn't want to risk having to start all over again. And yet if I leave the laptop on while carrying it home in the carrying case, I risk it overheating and crashing. Unless I awkwardly carry the case by one handle so that the vented side of the laptop can still get air.


I am looking for a new washing machine. The old one keeps acting up, and trying to fix it would likely cost more than it would be worth.

From what I've read, a high-efficiency front-loader still sounds like the best type for me. Do any of you have experience with particular brands/models that have worked well, or which have had problems? I don't know which online reviews can be trusted.

he was right

Friday, August 19th, 2011 11:23 pm
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When I first got my work laptop computer, Qiao predicted that pretty soon, I'd be keeping both my personal laptop and work laptop running when working from home, and that I'd be using them both at the same time, switching back and forth between them.

I thought, "Nah, that's not likely. When I'm working, I only need my work computer on. And when I'm done working, I only need my personal laptop on. There's no reason to have them both on."

But he was right. Many a time, I find reason to use them both at the same time. Not even for goofing off, but for actual work purposes.

For example, when the work laptop was having the reboot problem (which may have finally gotten fixed this week (yay!)), I'd bring up web-ex (online) meetings on my personal laptop so that if the work laptop spontaneously rebooted, at least I wouldn't be kicked out of the meeting.

Other times, I'll do web searches or bring up my work email on my personal laptop, while for whatever reason, my work laptop is non-spontaneously rebooting or otherwise occupied.

Sometimes when the work day is over, but I still have some more work I want to get done, I may bring up personal stuff on my personal laptop, and work stuff on the work laptop, and switch between them.
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If you hover the cursor over the top edge of a window so that it changes to the up-down pointer, and then double-click, it resizes the window to the maximum height while not changing the width. This can be handy.


I dislike that when you drag a window to the top edge of the screen, it is automatically maximized ("aero snap" feature). But I like the half-width maximization that you can get by dragging a window to the side edges of the screen; this makes it easy to tile 2 windows side by side, when you need to see both at the same time. Therefore, I won't disable this feature. This page shows how one could disable it.


Deleting the "Extended" string value under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\cmd in the registry causes an "Open Command Window Prompt Here" to display in the context menu in Explorer when clicking a folder. The Extended part makes the context menu only show up when you shift-right-click (that was working, but I don't want to have to press shift to get it).


The default height of the Start Menu is less than the screen height; therefore you may need to use the vertical scroll bar to scroll through the All Programs list.
To make the Start Menu taller, you can do this:
- Open the Start Menu Properties window
- Select the "Store and display recently opened programs in the Start Menu" checkbox (don't worry; it can be unselected again at the end)
- Click "Customize" and set "Number of recent programs to display" to a large number such as 30.
- Click OK and again OK.
- The Start Menu will be taller.
- Now you can go back and unselect the "Store and display recently opened programs in the Start Menu" checkbox. That will cause the Customize window to display zero in the "Number of recent programs to display" field, but the Start Menu will remain the taller size.

(This is also mentioned here).


To disable animations...
System Properties - Advanced (tab) - Performance (section) .. Settings (button) ... Visual Effects (tab)
- Select the "Custom" radio button and then unselect any of the following:
"Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing" and
"Animations in the taskbar and Start Menu".
"Fade or slide menus into view"


The following registry change can be done to prevent (delay) the mini-windows from popping up when the mouse hovers over the taskbar.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced
- Create a new DWORD (32-bit) value named ExtendedUIHoverTime
- Double-click ExtendedUIHoverTime and click Decimal
- To increase the hover delay to 5 seconds, type 5000. Type 10000 for 10 seconds and so forth…
- The change may not take effect until after rebooting.


To get the QuickLaunch toolbar to work like it did in XP...

For all the icons on the taskbar, right-click and select "Unpin...." to remove them, and do the following to instead create Quicklaunch icons.

1. Right click on a empty space on the taskbar and click on New Tool.
2. In the Folder line, type or copy:
%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch
3. Click on the Select Folder button.
4. You now have a Quick Launch toolbar on the taskbar.
NOTE: Click on the arrow to see your Quick Launch shortcuts.

6. To Remove Quick Launch Toolbar Icon Text or Title -
A) Unlock the taskbar.
B) Right click on the Quick Launch toolbar title name, then uncheck the Show Text and Show Title by clicking on them. (See screenshot below step 5B)
C) Lock the taskbar.

8. To Have Quick Launch Toolbar on Left Side of Taskbar -
A) Unlock the taskbar.
B) Left click on the dotted lines of the pinned taskbar programs of the left side and hold, then drag it to the right past the Quick Launch toolbar and release.
C) The Quick Launch toolbar is now on the left side of the taskbar.
D) Left click on the dotted lines of these and hold and drag them to make any adjustments to how you want them place on the taskbar.
E) Lock the taskbar.

Then save your desktop theme - the page says you need to do that.


I like that with Window 7, you can use drag and drop to rearrange the open programs/buttons on the taskbar. But you can't separate different instances of the same program - they are all grouped next to each other, even if they were started at different times, after other programs were started. You can only drag and drop the whole group.

"You might notice that multiple buttons representing the same program remain grouped together on the taskbar, whether you've chosen to display the expanded button labels or not. In previous versions of Windows, windows appeared on the taskbar in the order you opened them, but in Windows 7, related windows always appear next to each other. "

It makes sense that some people would like that functionality, but I prefer to have them shown in the order I opened them, not always next to each other, and to be able to drag and drop individual instances of a program.

There's a program "Taskbar Tweaker" at the bottom of this page that lets you do this. In the program, select the "Don't group" option. The settings also include an option for running the program at startup.


KatMouse is a nice little utility which lets your mouse scroll the window which is under it, even when that window does not have the focus. This is especially useful for Windows Explorer, as you can click in the left pane to open a folder, and then scroll the right pane without first having to click there to give it focus.

WizMouse is another utility similar to KatMouse. It apparently includes functionality for horizontal scrolling (of non-focus windows?), but that part does not work for me. It also does not work for scrolling non-focus windows when the Task Manager has focus; therefore I prefer KatMouse.


I've been having a problem with "TrustedInstaller.exe" ("Windows Modules Installer") causing continuous hard drive activity, for up to an hour or more (until I terminate the process).
My Windows Updates configuration is set to check for updates but ask me before downloading or installing them. There were no updates in progress at the time of the excess hard drive activity.
I also have Indexing ("Windows Search") and Superfetch disabled.
I haven't been able to figure out what is causing the problem.
For the time being, I've disabled the Windows Modules Installer service, but I need to remember to turn it back on. Otherwise I may not get any more updates.

Update: Today I restarted the Windows Modules Installer service, and TrustedInstaller started back up with a lot of disk activity, mainly in the c:\windows\system32\config\COMPONENTS** files, and also the c:\windows\winsxs\ files.

Based on this page, the COMPONENTS files correspond to the HKLM\COMPONENTS hive of the registry. So for some reason TrustedInstaller appeared to be continuously updating that part of the registry. After about an hour, the hard drive activity stopped, and the TrustedInstaller process was no longer running. TrustedInstaller has not restarted again in the last hour, so hopefully it is finished doing whatever it was doing, and won't start again.

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Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 07:11 pm
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I've installed Windows 7 on my laptop, moved all my files from my desktop computer to the laptop, and finished installing/reinstalling most of my favorite programs. I'm now using the laptop as my main computer.


I am making some vegan chocolate peanut butter cups. I recently discovered how to make chocolate-covered goodies with melted chocolate. Previously I had a problem in that my chocolate didn't solidify at room temperature, and I thought there must be some difficult trick to it. But it turns out that my problem was only that I was adding margarine or soymilk into the melted chocolate (based on a recipe for a chocolate cake topping that I was using). I now discovered that when you don't add anything into the melted chocolate, then it solidifies. (d'oh!) So anyway, I've had this obsession with covering things in melted chocolate these last few weeks, and the peanut butter cups are my latest idea to try out.


I'm also somewhat obsessed/bothered by my electric power usage. I even debate each time whether or not to turn on the christmas lights in the window and on the christmas tree (which I put up the evening before christmas eve). I've been tracking my electric meter readings, and I've already used 530 kWh in the last 19 days. This month is likely to be my highest usage since I've moved here. We're keeping an electric oil-filled radiator turned on in the garage at night for Zorro, on those nights where it gets below 40 degrees outside. I'm on vacation for these 2 weeks, so I've had another radiator on almost constantly inside the house, both day and night. I don't keep it turned on high, but it apparently still uses up a lot of electricity. Now we've gotten another radiator which Qiao is using in his room, so that's even more usage... Sigh. And it's not even warm in here. It's still cold. I need to do my exercises... even though I'm on vacation, I still don't have enough time.

Hmmm. Maybe it would be cheaper to keep the whole-house heater (gas-powered) set to a higher temperature instead of using the radiators. I wonder.

Vista fail

Friday, November 27th, 2009 04:01 pm
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I wanted to copy over my files from my old desktop computer to my (relatively) new laptop, so that I can start using the laptop as my main computer. The desktop is running XP; the laptop Vista. I shared a folder that I wanted to copy on the XP machine. I connected to that folder from the laptop. I started copying files.... most files copied fine, but a few of them caused an odd popup error "Destination Folder Access Denied". I can't tell what is different about those files. It's not their extension; other files with the same extension copied ok. Tried copying them from a command prompt; still got an Access Denied error. Tried copying them to a different shared folder on the desktop - then I am able to copy them to the laptop without getting the error. Makes no sense. Did a web-search, and found that other people have had the same problem, but there's no clear or simple explanation or solution.

So. I've decided to do the free upgrade to Win 7 on the laptop, before trying to copy any more files. Sayonara, Vista. Hopefully Windows 7 is better.
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I thought I had figured out how to interpret the USB entries in the Device Manager.

The "Universal Serial Bus controllers" section of the Device Manager includes 2 types of entries - "USB *** Host Controller" and "USB Root Hub". There may be multiples of each listed.

When you display the Properties Window for a "USB Root Hub" and look at the "Power" tab, it shows how many ports are available on that hub, how much power is available for each port, and which devices, if any, are plugged into the ports as well as how much power they are using.

Also on the Properties window of the USB Root Hub, if you look at the "Details" tab, and select "Hardware Ids" from the dropdown, one of the things shown is a "PID" number. This number seems to indicate which "USB *** Host Controller" entry in the Device Manager that this USB Root Hub corresponds to. (Each "USB *** Host Controller" entry has a number at the end of it, which corresponds to a PID number.)

My computer has 2 USB ports in the back. The Device Manager displays 2 "USB Universal Host Controller" entries, and 2 "USB Root Hub" entries. However, each USB Root Hub entry indicates that it has 2 ports. When I have something plugged into both of my USB ports, they are both shown within the same USB Root Hub entry, and the other USB Root Hub entry displays as unused. After looking at my motherboard manual and some photos I had previously taken of the inside of my computer, I determined that my motherboard has 2 extra USB ports available, which may have been intended to connect to ports on the front of the case, but since my case does not have any front ports, they simply are not connected to anything!

Q's computer has 2 USB ports in front, and 4 in back.
His Device Manager has 5 "USB Root Hub" entries, 4 "USB Universal Host Controller" entries (this indicates USB1), and 1 "USB2 Enhanced Host Controller" (this indicates USB2).
I wanted to figure out which of his 6 physical ports are USB2 and which are USB1.
However, this is where it doesn't make sense....

The 4 "USB Root Hub" entries corresponding to the USB1 Controllers each have 2 ports listed as available.

The single "USB Root Hub" entry corresponding to the USB2 Controller has 8 ports listed as available (!).

That would mean a total of 16 ports, but there are only 6 physical ports.

No matter which physical port I plug the USB mouse cable into, it ends up displayed as connected to one of the USB Root Hubs which has a USB1 controller.

No matter which physical port I plug the USB wireless adapter into, it ends up displayed as connected to the USB Root Hub which has a USB2 controller. The same thing happens for a flash drive I was testing with.

So, for the same physical port, depending what device I plug into it, the device ends up being displayed in different "USB Root Hub"s.

So I guess the USB Root Hubs do not necessarily correspond to the physical ports after all.

Firefox problem

Saturday, November 29th, 2008 11:12 am
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Whenever I open a new Firefox browser window, it now seems to lock up my computer for several seconds. It used to be, I could right-click a link to open it in a new window, and continue reading/scrolling the original window while the other one opened. This is something I do fairly often, sometimes opening 2 or 3 other windows, while finishing reading the first. Now the browser locks up until the new window finishes opening.

It's either something with my computer, or something with a recent Firefox update. Anyone else notice anything similar?

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Sunday, March 2nd, 2008 05:46 pm
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An electric shock to my brain.
It seems like it would require something strong like that to break through to me, so that I could feel, really feel again.

Once in a very long while, an experience affects me like an electric shock - but it doesn't last.

I am so disillusioned with everything.

I spend all my time doing things that don't really bring me any great satisfaction or happiness, just things that seem like they need to be done, or things that I feel like doing.

The skin on my hands is dry. My hands seem to look so much older than they did a few years ago.

I am not procrastinating doing my taxes; truly, I'm not. I just keep thinking of other things to do first. Surely I can still get them done tonight and still do my daily exercises too, and get to bed on time. Right?

I've started back up doing my daily exercises regularly. It's been about 2 or 3 weeks now. But my legs are still not flexible like they used to be, and I seem to have strained something in my right leg.

Screwing in light bulbs isn't all that easy. No really, I'm not procrastinating. I wanted to write that since yesterday.

The Chinese preserved plums actually taste pretty good. The Watermelon Frost Tea, I haven't tried yet... apparently watermelon frost is some white stuff (fungi?) that grows on watermelon rinds when the watermelon has been filled with Gluer/Glaubers? salt and buried in ceramic pots. The Chinese seem to have a culinary penchant for burying food and digging it up again... It must have been like a form of alchemy.

I am backing up the data on my hard-drive. I keep temporary files sometimes, and I was going through them, seeing which ones could be deleted. Old posts, emails, chats. Some of the more meaningful/affecting ones, I keep around a long time, even though surely I've archived them in my regular backup folders too. But reading one of them brought this post on.

I wanted to let the files copy to the flash drive, while doing my taxes. I had already started doing that this morning, but ran out of space on the flash drive, daggonit, because the files took more physical space on the flash than they did on the hard-drive.

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Sunday, June 3rd, 2007 11:06 am
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I got my computer set up at my new house. :)

The roosters don't seem to be there anymore. I was getting to like them. I wonder if they will be back or not.

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Friday, April 13th, 2007 09:36 pm
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Looks like the reboots occur before any part of the boot log gets written out. Shux.


The yellow room with the wooden floor and big window would make a good meditation/echo room. My lucky bamboo and blue balloon* are in there right now. Maybe I'll just put in a small earth-toned or yellow carpet to sit or lay on, and hang my bells on the ends of the curtain rod...

Although, it being such a nice room, I'll probably want to spend a lot of time in it, and therefore want to put other stuff in there too.

(*) Forestfen and I brought my foster sister and niece by last week, to see the house. As we were in the car getting ready to leave, I noticed the blue balloon in my niece's lap, and exclaimed, "That's my balloon!" at which the niece stammered something about having been playing with it and appeared somewhat chagrined at having it be found in her possession. I told them about how I had brought it home from work, along with 2 others (those 2 already died)... and then took the balloon to put it back in the house where I had it before. Later I felt a bit chagrined myself, wondering why it hadn't occurred to me to just let her keep the balloon. I even still have several more at work I could have brought home.

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Friday, April 13th, 2007 07:54 am
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And how does my Friday the 13th start off? With my computer rebooting itself during startup. But I have the logs, so I'll have to check them this evening.

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Saturday, March 31st, 2007 09:27 am
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Forestfen just brought up the issue again of me not liking having breasts, and how I *should* like having my breasts be noticeable, because breasts are pretty and breasts are pleasurable, and men this and women that... and during this I ended up exclaiming, "I am not a woman, and I am not a man; I am an androgyne!" hehehehe...

She had me repeat the word because she didn't recognize it, and then she repeated it a couple of times to herself, as if intrigued. Before continuing on about how people's bodies are nice, and how they should like them, etc., to which I just respond, "Uh-huh... uh-huh... uh-huh...".


Ever since I turned on boot-logging a few days ago, by adding "/bootlog /sos" in my boot.ini file, I haven't had any problems with my startup. Oh well. Guess I'll just keep the bootlogging turned on then, since it seems to prevent the problem.

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Wednesday, March 28th, 2007 06:35 pm
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My back is feeling much better. I went to a chiropractor yesterday, and it did seem to help. My belief in chiropractors has been somewhat restored.

I may be getting my own place soon - if nothing untoward happens in the next few days. I've been trying not to jinx it, by not talking about it much.

My computer's been having start-up issues lately. It often reboots itself while loading Windows. I must research this.

I spoke briefly on the phone with my brother's old friend from high school. He is vegan too. I can't think of anyone else whom I've known in person, who is vegan. Oh. I guess my German aunt's former neighbor is too, based on some of the newsletters he forwards to Forestfen. So that is 2 vegans I know of. Out of all the people I have ever met. Sigh. Or maybe there have been more, and my memory is just bad.

My bangs are long enough that they bother me. I haven't decided whether to grow them out or cut them off... which might result in me cutting the rest of the hair on the top of my head short again, too. For now, I am keeping them out of my face with hairpins. I don't like the look of the hairpins in my hair, though. Perhaps I will find some other style that I like better. But I doubt there are any that are much better. Long hair is feminine-looking enough, and hairpins make it even worse.

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Sunday, December 31st, 2006 05:47 pm
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The bottom portion of the gutter downspout on the corner of the house by my window was clogged full of dirt. It was raining this morning, and making a bothersome sound... not as bad as the knock-knock-knock noise it sometimes made, but enough to get me to finally decide to take it apart and clean it out. So now it is clear again and hopefully won't make horrible noises anymore.

I uninstalled Panda [err... Norton! I meant Norton! Panda was before the Norton...] and replaced it with the trial version of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite. This one seems to be doing good so far.

Got my emails updated everywhere, and got Thunderbird working satisfactorily.

I want to upgrade the RAM in my machine. Currently I have 256 Mb (2x128). I can go up to 1.5 Gb (3x512). I wonder how much I should get? Would 512 (+256) be sufficient, or might it be worth going ahead and getting a gig, or even 1.5 gig?