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Friday, March 3rd, 2017 10:04 am
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Ruby Tango Tangerines: This new type of hybrid mandarin with red interior fruit is a cross between a blood orange and clementine bred in Sicily.

I bought what was labelled a "ruby tango mandarin" in the store, which must be the same thing. I was thinking mandarin = clementine -> easy to peel. Hopefully so. But clementines are a subset of mandarins, not the same thing. American tangerines haven't left a fond impression in my memories; either the flavor or the seeds or difficulty in peeling; not sure. Even though tangerine is one of my favorite smells. I'm very lazy when it comes to peeling citrus. I'll avoid them, to avoid having to peel them, even when peeling them isn't difficult. Although if someone else peels one for me, I'm like, great, I'll eat that! Maybe it's the seeds too. I suppose I'm lazy in not wanting to have to spit out seeds, either. ::smh:: Such a lazy person, I am. Such a baaaaad vegetarian. I haven't opened the new fruit yet. (Maybe if I weren't afflicted by said laziness, I'd be eating it right now instead of writing a post about it.) It looks like a very large clementine, but with a navel-orange-like navel on the bottom.

Over in Germany, I'm not sure if they distinguish between tangerines and clementines. The German word for the fruit (either one, I think) is "Mandarin", and I remember them always being like the U.S. clementines. It is why I always think of clementines when I see the word "mandarin".

I recall buying a "ruby tango" something or other before... thought it was an orange. Thought I had posted about it (but can't find said post). But I don't recall seeing a very big clementine like this before. Yet it must have been the same thing. Unless it was named something else that I'm mixing up with "ruby tango". Hmm. Ah, found it! It was something different, a mango blood orange. Hah, so maybe this new fruit will be a sensational new experience for me!

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