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My old phone was a Motorola Droid X2, running Android Gingerbread.
My new phone is a Moto G4 Play, running Android Marshmallow.

In general, I really like the new phone. But I wasn't expecting to lose features by getting a newer phone. It's like upgrading Firefox to a new version, and having to find add-ons to add back functionality that was removed in the new version.

So far, these are the things I've found that my old phone had, which are lacking on the new phone.

An LED notification light, which would periodically blink to indicate any voicemails or texts that had been received. From what I've read, some phones still have LED notification lights, but many new ones don't.

The ability to add Contacts to a local phone account (rather than to a Google account), without having to first install an app to provide that functionality. From what I've read, some phones have this built in, but some don't.

The ability to add a custom phone type label, when adding a phone number to a Contact, without having to first install an app to provide that functionality. Some things I've read indicated this was a problem already before Froyo (but it was working ok for me on Gingerbread). Some things I've read indicate this is only a problem on certain types of accounts - the functionality may be there for Google accounts, but not for local accounts. But on my old phone, it worked for local accounts.
Addendum... after installing the Contact Editor app, by dmfs, to add back the custom label functionality, it started working via the regular Contact add screen too - even after uninstalling the app. So I don't know what is up with this issue.

The ability to export contacts to a VCF file in VCARD version 3.0, which included the custom phone type labels. My Marshmallow phone exports it in VCARD version 2.1 instead, which omits the custom phone type labels. My new phone can import contacts from a 3.0 VCARD file, and displays the custom phone type labels fine. But it doesn't include the custom labels when exporting the contacts - even after the above fix so that custom labels can be added and edited.

A minor thing, but the built-in ringtones and notification sounds on the new phone aren't nearly as cool as they were on my old phone. But I was able to copy the ones I liked best over to the new phone.

Another minor thing, but my old phone had an option to display all apps that I had downloaded/installed (as opposed to the built-in apps). On the new phone, the built-in and downloaded apps are all displayed together, so it may be harder to find a particular one, if I don't remember its name, and I didn't add it to a homescreen. I guess I'll create my own folder and put shortcuts to my downloaded apps in there.

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