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I changed my browser homepage (which is a self-coded HTML file) to have this background color: #ff0080. I'd describe it as fluorescent reddish pink. It's so beautiful, especially with my links in contrasting yellow, and a browser theme in a complementary color. Having nearly the whole screen be that color has much more of a visual impact, compared to this small paragraph.


I discovered that it is much easier to pull out small tree saplings using a pair of pliers, rather than only my gloved hands. But my hands got the same achy, because instead of pulling out all the easy ones like last time, I was pulling out harder ones.

With bigger pliers, maybe I could even pull out some of the ones with bigger trunks/roots... say up to nickel-sized? Maybe there's even a special tool for that.

I spend so much of my free time doing yard work, and it feels very pointless. Other than the work it requires, it's nice to have a yard and trees and flowers, etc. But if I didn't have dogs, I'd seriously reconsider living in a place where I have to take care of a yard.


Little Secrets : dark chocolate candies with a sugar-shell coating. Yummy like M&M's, which I haven't had since becoming vegan. I hadn't remembered how nice it is to feel the crispy crunch of a thin sugar shell between my teeth. The packaging doesn't mention it, but the sea salted peanut, classic dark, and raspberry flavors seem to be vegan based on the ingredients. Some of the others include milk. Ahh.. their FAQ says they don't label them as vegan because the sugar was produced with a non-vegan refining process (ie., bone char filtered).


Date: Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 05:29 am (UTC)
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Yardwork is Sisyphean.
Have you considered a pair of cutters for the saplings, just snip them off at the ground repeatedly?

Date: Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 06:52 am (UTC)
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So that's neat. At first, I thought the pink paragraph was an image, but I couldn't "view image" on right-click, so then I checked the source. Then you called it reddish-pink but on my laptop screen, it didn't appear red. So then I pushed my screen back and the background indeed turned a bright red. Pushed it back further; it turned orange.

ETA: and it turned purple when I pushed the screen toward me.

The pink I see with the screen at a normal viewing angle is one of my favorite colors. If I showed you all the shirts I have in that color, you might laugh.
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Date: Saturday, September 9th, 2017 10:11 am (UTC)
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Yeah, you're right. I just checked and one looks purple, one lavender, two off-white, and one mauve (at my usual viewing angle, but see pics below). That people can come to any agreement at all about colors is incredible, when such variety in what we see can exist.

Here's my laptop at normal, forward, and backward viewing angles (the last with the screen almost perpendicular to the table it's on):

Date: Thursday, September 14th, 2017 04:40 pm (UTC)
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My laptop display keeps the colors pretty constant at different angles

Yeah, and I'll have one like that too, someday *dreams*

The HP ProBook series tends to have muddy-looking resolution; even at normal or at least, "preferred" viewing angles things are fuzzy, vague and washed-out; tilting it forward makes it too bright; tilting it away, too dark. The only reason I like this defect is it gives nice separation of blended colors at various angles, giving me a clue as to what shades make up the actual color I'm (sort of, but not accurately) seeing.

In that block of colors on that wiki page, the only one I'd describe as pink is the upper right one.

If you're referring to the first (probably closest to "accurate" screen cap), for me that's the middle bock, with the upper left corner the runner-up.

the center left one as mauve

Again referring to the first screen cap, that's purple, almost lavender, to me (as you agreed when speaking of it directly later on).

beige, coral, brownish

For me, that's the last screen cap: I'd use brown, brown-black, coral and like a brick-brown or brick-red to describe the darker blocks in left to right, top to bottom order, on that one (but in the first screen cap it's mostly purples, pinks and off-whites to my eyes, with a mauve in the far-right bottom corner).