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Our little dog is apparently able to climb chain-link fences again. Sometimes even in the flat sections, not only at the corners which I already blocked off. With my own eyes, I've only seen her climb half-way up the fence like that, but she's gotten out of the yard several times without there being any holes dug, and that seems to be the only answer. Unless she's climbing trees and jumping ::eyeroll::

So I embarked on an endeavor, attaching 2-foot tall sections of 1/2" mesh fencing onto the entire length of the chain-link fence, in the hopes that she won't be able to get her paws though the smaller mesh, and therefore won't be able to climb it anymore. It's probably not enough to keep our big dog from climbing or jumping, but so far the big one has only gotten out 2 times, and only together with the small one. So if the small one doesn't get out, I think the big one won't have any desire to do so. Hopefully.

But before I could even finish that project, she's started digging a lot again. So I have to reinforce the bottom of the chain-link fence more, too.

That's at Qiao's place. My place is a whole 'nother project, cuz she's gotten out of my yard twice too, lately, apparently by climbing as well.

It's enough to make one despair. But so far, I've been an almost bottomless pit of optimism. Along with some hysterical laughter, yesterday, over the image of this cute little dog staring at me with her head turned slightly to the side, silently saying "aren't I wonderful?". And over the thought of how all the many metal stakes, bricks, and rolls of mesh fencing (it seems like tons) we have deployed so far, all because of this little 20 pound dog.

Date: Friday, October 6th, 2017 04:57 am (UTC)
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My discovery with a digging dog was that the right solution was 4' high chicken wire, with 1' of it wired to the existing fence, and the other 3' stretching out into the yard, because she was unable to figure out that she needed to back up and dig where there was no wire. She just kept trying to dig at the corner of the fence. I did have to use pairs of screws through pieces of plumber's tape, steel strip full of holes, to keep the chicken wire attached to the existing fence, because she was quite good at pulling it loose.

Date: Saturday, October 7th, 2017 01:18 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] randomdreams
Yeah, it was a huge PITA, and again when I had to remove it all when I'd sold the house, as the grass had grown up through it. But boy did it work well.

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