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Sunday, March 26th, 2017 11:38 pm
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Driving into the parking lot at work on Monday, I noticed the low tire pressure warning light on. There was a nail in my tire. I got the hole plugged at the service station nearby, but they recommended getting the tire replaced as the hole was close to the edge. So I the next day, I got the tire replaced at the Toyota dealership. The price seemed reasonable; I was surprised by that. The "advisor" who handled my case was cool... very gender variant looking. At first she struck me as a butch lesbian. Then I wondered, why did I assume that? Maybe he was FTM. Or maybe they were non-binary like me. His/her/their business card was stapled to my receipt. They have a gender neutral name! Later I wondered if they staple their card to everyone's receipt, and if they were as tickled by my gender variance as I was by theirs. And I wondered if something they had jokingly said early on could be considered flirting.

The waiting room at the dealership had many noises. Two TV's on, tuned to different channels. Kids shrieking and crying. Music playing. Vending machines humming. I had brought my work laptop to do some work while waiting, which I did, but the noise was distracting and stressful. Next time, it would be good to bring my noise-cancelling headphones.

The little fig tree didn't react well to the snow we got a couple weeks ago. The leaves withered and dried up. The pink magnolia reacted similarly. I hope they recover.

On the way to work, another company has a row of trees by the street. I saw them pruning some of the larger trees one day. It was after the trees had already sprouted leaves. (They surely didn't expect to trees to sprout so early this year.) Now when I drive by, the ones that were pruned are all bare, while the other ones still have their pretty green leaves. I hope the pruned ones recover too.

Yesterday I washed the dogs.
While I had the hose unfurled, I also washed the green algae and dirt off of one side of the garage.

I went to Best Buy to see if they have any quiet/silent wired mice, as the scrollwheel on my mouse at work is messing up, even after me taking it apart and cleaning out the dust. I didn't see any particularly good ones at Best Buy, so I ordered 2 from Amazon that were specifically advertised as being quiet. Two, because the one looks good and practical, but the other one looks awesome and lights up. And maybe the way the scrollwheel is on the latter, I can turn it further in a single swipe. I'm sure I'll need another mouse anyway, sooner or later.

I replaced the clear glass lampshades on the ceiling fan light fixture in Qiao's den with some translucent/milky alabaster glass ones, to reduce the glare. I also bought 2 colored LED light-bulbs (green and pink - Qiao chose the colors) to put in the 2 sockets which face us when watching TV, to further reduce the glare, as even 40W bulb equivalents up there seem pretty bright. The colored bulbs, even though they are only 3W each!, are still brighter than I expected them to be.

I raked some of the yard. I washed clothes. I vacuumed, and washed dishes and dog collars. I cleaned the tub using 4 different cleaners, and it's still not as clean as I'd like (I wish I had written down how I got it so clean last time). The "tub grip" (gah, they've increased the price by 50%!) that I applied to the floor of the tub to keep it from being slippery is very good in that regards, but it traps more dirt than a smooth surface would. Ecover used to make a tub/tile cleaner that worked very good, but it's not sold here any more. I'm not sure if a similar one I found on Amazon has the same ingredients or not, but I may get it anyway to try. Because I want my darn tub to be spotless! Then again, I read something about using dish washing liquid mixed with vinegar, which I may try first.
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On my lunchtime walk, I noticed some traffic cones in the field behind the tennis courts. They'd never been there before. Maybe there were there to keep people from falling into some kind of hole, or what else could the reason be? I walked in that direction to check it out.

As I got nearer, I saw that the cones were positioned in a circle. To my surprise, in the very center of the circle, a small bird was standing!

It felt surreal like a dream. Why would a bird be standing in the center of a circle of traffic cones?

Times like that, I wish I always carried my cell phone on me, to be able to take a photo.

I didn't want to frighten the bird, so I didn't go any closer, but rather walked on past while still looking. There was another bird of the same type outside of the cones. It walked into the circle towards the other bird. When it reached the center, it took the first bird's place, and the other bird walked away in the opposite direction. Half-way doing one of those funny bird-walks.

So. I can only presume that there's a nest of eggs on the ground right there, and someone put up the cones as a warning to keep the nest from being trampled or driven over with a lawnmower. I wonder who did it, and where they got the cones from.

It was a hot afternoon, and the whole area was in the sun. I imagine the birds were shading the nest with their bodies to keep the eggs from over-heating.

The birds were brownish, with a ring around the neck. Most likely killdeer:
The birds nest on the ground. They do not build a nest but will lay their eggs in a depression in gravel. The nest, and speckled eggs blend easily into the background making them hard to see. ... Both parents take turns incubating 4 buff, speckled eggs for 24 to 28 days.


After work, I drove to the grocery store. A car in front of me had a SC Equality license plate, like mine. It's the first time I've come across another car with one of these plates! I was tickled, and wished they could have seen my license plate too.

At Kroger, I checked the ice cream section, and for the first time they had non-dairy Ben & Jerry's. They had all 4 flavors, so I got one of each. They taste good!

They also still had a bunch of Clif Bars on the shelves, including the recalled flavors. I checked the use-by dates on them, and they seemed to be within the recall period. That surprised and unsettled me. I made a note to check the recall notice again after I got home, to make sure I was remembering the dates right. I didn't buy any of those, but got a few bars of the other flavors.

At the self-checkout counter, the automated voice advised me to check the bottom of my receipt for an important message. It was a note about the recall again.

After getting home, I checked the recall notification, and verified that the ones I had seen should have been recalled. (Unless I actually misread the dates on the items, which isn't to be ruled out, the way my brain has been acting lately.) So I called the store and advised them to double-check the items on the shelf. I'm not sure if the CSR took me seriously, but at least I tried.
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Driving to work this morning, my mind was distracted. I didn't notice the train coming from the other direction towards me, along the track that runs parallel to the road. Trees block some of the view of it. The locomotive happened to blow its horn right as it was passing me, and my heart nearly jumped out of my chest.


After getting to work and parking, I started to open the door but then closed it again, as I wanted to put on my scarf and headband before exiting. The car emitted a long BEEEP and showed "Key Detected in Vehicle" on the display. I uttered (more than a mutter) a "F-U, I know the key is in the vehicle!"

The car's seat-belt-related beeping is an on-going sore subject for me. I can't turn on the car's power before having the seat belt on, without being beeped at. There are reasons for turning on the car before putting the seat belt on. I refuse to be badgered into doing something because of a doggone badly implemented beep, and so the beeping continues to be ... a sore subject.

Then I realized that this was actually a warning/beep that I approve of, as I wouldn't want to forget my key in the vehicle. So then I felt bad about my language and said, "I'm sorry".


Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 01:00 am
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Nearly half the window shades were kept down during the flights. Have those people flown so much that they are bored with seeing clouds and sky and the land below?

Free soft drinks were still served even though the flights were short.

At the hotel, greeted by a sweet scent of pink petunias.
The room had the same layout as the one in Jacksonville.

Difficult typing without dedicated Home & End keys.

Car alarm that goes off, apparently if you open the car door with the key and don't put the key in the ignition soon enough. Though at first it seemed to go off even when opening the door with the button on the key. The rental car company did not warn us about this; we had to figure it out on our own.

Running Firefox from a USB 2 flash drive is maddeningly slow and jerky even on a laptop with 32 GB RAM.

Parlour Bells played the opening act at the concert. They were quite good. The lead singer reminds me of Billy Idol, without a sneer.

The Culture Club gig was great. They did end up playing most of the new songs I had heard on the SoundCloud page, interspersed between old songs. Here are some videos from the concert that others have posted.
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I filled up my car's gas tank (from a quarter-full to full) for $12.27 today. Amazing. I can't remember gas prices ever being so low, even though apparently they were.

Yesterday at work while testing our screens, on a sudden inspiration, I entered a business client named "(my last name)'s Flying Wombats to the Rescue", and then continued testing, not thinking about it anymore. Later a co-worker stopped by my cube to thank me for giving him a chuckle - he happened to be looking at the database rows and was very amused when he saw my client's name.

Then I started wondering where the term "Flying Wombats" originally came from. Where had I heard it before? In a movie?

Turns out that there actually was a 1938 movie (that I don't recall ever having seen) that used the term "Flying Wombat" in reference to a kind of car. But I'm not clear if that was the origin of the term, or if the term was around even earlier than that movie. I wasn't thinking of cars myself, when I used the term. I was thinking of some kind of mythological flying creature (as regular wombats don't fly, of course).

There was also a BBC radio show that featured "The Curse of the Flying Wombat", but I'm not familiar with that either. So I'm still not sure how I became familiar with the term.

doodly goodness

Sunday, June 29th, 2014 05:53 pm
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I'm really enjoying all the Google World Cup doodles, even though I haven't watched any of the games.


Qiao gave me a really nice surprise gift. I found it in the garage one day last week after driving home from work.


A few days ago, undecided as to which box of pasta to make along with dinner, I opened the kitchen cabinet and said to him, "Choose your noodle."


It occurred to me that it's the 21st Century, and that somewhere, there surely must be someone whose first name is Buck and whose last name is Rogers. But I was remembering the century wrong.
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Thankfully, this hasn't happened to me, but it's good to know what to do (and not do) if it does happen.

What to Do If Your Gas Pedal Sticks
How to Handle a Stuck Accelerator Pedal
How to stop vehicle with stuck gas pedal

In summary:

Push the brake pedal firmly with both feet and hold it down. Don't pump the brakes. (The brake pedal may be harder than usual to push down as the power-assist won't work while the throttle is open).

Shift the transmission into neutral.

Do not initially turn off the engine unless shifting into neutral is unsuccessful. Turning off the engine will also turn off power steering/braking and make it harder to maneuver the car. If you do turn off the engine, don't remove the key from the ignition as that may lock the steering wheel.

If your vehicle has a start on/off button, hold the button down for at least 3 seconds to disable the vehicle; do not tap repeatedly.

After the vehicle has stopped, do not drive the vehicle again until it has been professionally serviced.
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Or rather, it fell and hit the front tip of my car while I was leaving work. At least I thought it did.

It was a dead pine tree trunk, no more than 5 or so inches in diameter, perhaps 10 to 15 feet tall. Whatever branches it had, had fallen off long ago. Part of the bark was gone too. It was a windy evening, dark clouds in the sky.

I was driving. In the edge of my vision, I saw the trunk falling, and slammed on the brakes. It hit the front of my car, breaking into a few pieces. My car drove over the fallen pieces. Amazed / awestruck, I turned to look out my rear window, and sure enough, the fallen tree was there in the street. But there were also 2 cars behind me so I didn't stop until the next parking lot. Then I got out to check for possible damage to my car.

Not a dent nor scratch. No noticeably new ones, anyway. Maybe it was so rotten and lightweight that it didn't do any damage. Or maybe it didn't actually hit my car?

I considered walking back to look at the fallen tree, but decided not to. It would have taken time; I was on my way home.

It had all happened so quickly. My memory of it was so faint, that I wondered if I would still remember any of it by the time I got home. I don't even remember any noise as it hit my car or the ground.

Today at lunchtime, I walked along the road where it had happened, hoping to get a better look at the fallen tree trunk. I expected it to have been moved out of the street by now. But there was no sign of it at all, other than a few pieces of debris that may or may not have been from the tree. All I found was a shallow hole of a tree trunk that had rotted away; maybe that was it.

I almost wonder if it could have been a hallucination. But I have no history of hallucinations.

If I hadn't slammed on the brakes, I wonder if it would have hit my windshield or the top of my car.

car noises

Saturday, May 25th, 2013 11:39 am
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My car was making an odd noise this last month, which it turns out was the alternator going bad. Normally, the engine is a low-pitched rumble. This was a higher pitched sort of whiny noise on top of the normal noise, and it increased in pitch as the car drove faster. It wasn't loud enough for me to be sure that something was wrong, but it was different enough to make me wonder. The sound was like the noise a small electric motor can make; sort of like a sound-effect in a video game.

The noise started after we had a bunch of other work done on the car, including new spark plugs, getting the power steering pump and oil pan gasket replaced (due to fluid leaks), and getting the A/C compressor replaced (as the A/C hasn't worked in forever). (There must still be a freon leak somewhere else, as it all leaked out again, and smelled nasty while it was doing so.)

So I was thinking, maybe the car simply sounds different due to having new parts.

This week, one day the battery light came on for just a few seconds and went out again, and the next day it came on and stayed on. So I had the car checked, and they said the alternator was bad. After getting it replaced, the odd noise is gone, and my car sounds like normal again. Yay.

From what I've read, power steering fluid or other fluids leaking onto the alternator can cause it to go bad. Yet, my car doesn't seem to have any hoses by the alternator that could drip onto it. Maybe it was just coincidence.

...Oooh. While going through my notes now, it turns out that I already had my alternator replaced 2 years ago, along with my belt and battery... so it wasn't a 17 year old alternator after all, like I was thinking! Hmmm.

Oh well. Hopefully it's all good now. I like my little car, and now that I've decided to keep it, I want it to keep running a long time.

bits and pieces

Saturday, April 27th, 2013 01:03 am
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After bad results with both a cake and a batch of brownies, I've discovered that I don't like the smell and taste of unrefined soybean oil. It tastes sickly sweet to me.

All I found on the subject is this statement on a few webpages: "Unrefined soy oil has a strong, distinctive flavor and aroma - some like it, some don't."

Next time, I should taste an oil before using it.

I do like the taste of extra virgin olive oil, but it doesn't seem like that flavor would go well in cakes and cookies. Have any of you tried baking with olive oil? Anyway, I now have some "naturally refined" safflower oil, which should be mild flavored. I used to buy Canola oil, but I began to notice it having an unpleasant stale smell and flavor, even when it wasn't particularly old.


After months of testing different deodorants, I finally found a suitable replacement for the one I used to use. (More details on that possibly forthcoming.) But last weekend, I found out that the store I bought it from no longer is selling it. I may have to buy it online (luckily it doesn't seem to be discontinued).


I ended up doing 2 saliva hormone tests (as referenced here and here). I took the saliva samples for both tests on the same day at the same times. Each test was processed by a different lab. I figured that using 2 different labs would give me an indication of how reliable the results were - if the results agreed with each other, that would give them more credibility than otherwise.

But the results did not at all agree with each other. So much for that. I suppose I'd need to get a blood test done somewhere for (possibly) more trustworthy results.


I had headaches every day for 2 weeks, and then they stopped, even without me taking any meds. They must have been after-effects of the stomach bug virus. Now I'm occasionally getting headaches again, but these are more like my usual ones, and not every day.


Qiao is now walking with only the aid of a cane. In fact, he is beginning to walk short distances even without a cane!

He recently bought himself a Sony Tap 20 portable PC. It's a giant tablet. It has a very nice screen.


You know what would be useful? A website along the lines of "These are various sounds your car may make, along with an explanation of what part of the car may be making the noise and why". Well, actually, sort of like this, this, and this, but with actual car sound samples rather than human reproductions of them.

fuel economy

Sunday, March 24th, 2013 04:03 pm
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I bought my current car in 1999 for $4550. It was 3 years old, with 50,000 miles on it. I've had it for almost 14 years, and have driven it about 80,000 miles.

I'm looking for a new car. I thought that no matter which car I chose (excluding SUVs, pickup trucks, and big cars in general), that surely it would have better fuel economy than my current car. It's 14 years later, after all. Technology has advanced, and fuel economy has been a hot topic during that time.

Excluding hybrid and electric vehicles, the cars nowadays with the best mileage seem to get up to 28/35 (city/highway driving) miles per gallon. Many cars have much lower numbers.

I thought that one of those 28mpg cars would surely be an improvement over my current car.

But then I checked the fuel economy of my current vehicle. One website says 21/29 mpg. Okay... 28/35 mpg should be a noticeable improvement compared to that.

But another site says 24/31, and yet another says 25/32. Those numbers are better than the ones for many of the newer vehicles I've researched!

I decided to check my own documents to calculate how many miles per gallon I've been actually getting. I keep track of all my gas purchases, along with the per-gallon price of the gas. I also have notes on my car's total mileage at various points in time.

Using two separate time-frames within these first months of 2013, both calculations came out to 28.5 mpg!

Maybe that was just a fluke... maybe some of my numbers were wrong.

So I calculated it for a half-year time-frame between 2010 and 2011... 26.96 mpg. Hmm, still pretty good.

Then I calculated it for a whole-year time-frame between 2009 and 2010... 39 mpg!?? I figured this number had to be wrong. But even supposing I forgot to write down a few gas purchases (unlikely, as I almost always use a credit or debit card when buying gas), how could my numbers be that far off?

Then I checked the numbers for the 2 work-related trips I made to Florida in 2010. As I was getting compensated for expenses, I had detailed notes on my before & after odometer readings as well as my gas purchases. For the first trip, I seem to have gotten 34.8 mpg. On that trip, I drove back on slower roads, with more stop & go traffic.
On the 2nd trip, where I drove mostly on the interstates, I seem to have gotten about 39 mpg!


Maybe I should keep my current car after all. It has minor leaks, and I worry about it breaking down. But maybe even if it costs a lot to repair, it would still be worth it. It also avoids having to pay higher taxes and insurance premiums.

I don't know what to do. The cars I've been looking at are all selling for higher than what I was wanting to spend (actually for what I was wanting for Qiao to spend, as he has very kindly offered to buy me my new car).

How could it be worth it to spend over $10,000 on a newer car, when it doesn't even get significantly better mileage than my current one?
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For my new used car, I've decided that a hatchback would be good, in terms of having a nice compact car with good cargo space.

I've been checking the specs for all the hatchback models I could find which are about 3 years old.

Regarding the 2009 Pontiac G3, yesterday I read "In other words, the G3 is an Aveo5 hatchback by another name -- and at a higher price". So I quickly knocked the G3 off my list, as the Chevrolet Aveo was also on it.

Today, I found out that the Toyota Matrix* and the Pontiac Vibe are pretty much the same, too. From Wikipedia: "Identical mechanically, and nearly as much internally, the Matrix and Vibe are clothed in different sheetmetal designed by their respective brands."

Comparing the photos from Edmunds.com, they are indeed very similar. Can you spot the differences?
The 2010 Pontiac Vibe is in the top photo of each set; the 2010 Toyota Matrix is below:

The last set of photos demonstrates an issue with the headrests (aka "head restraints") which I'm very concerned about.

For the front passenger seat, do you notice how the headrest in the bottom photo looks fairly straight & comfortable, whereas the one in the top photo looks like it would push your head slightly forward? This difference is due to the seats being leaned back a different amount in each photo.

The little cartoon on this page also demonstrates the issue.

An NHTSA regulation was passed some years ago which mandated new headrest designs for all cars manufactured after 2008. It details the maximum distance that the headrest is allowed to be behind the driver's head. As (supposedly) most drivers lean their seat back, the headrests are designed with that in mind.

Personally, I like my seat to be in a fairly upright position when I drive. That's more comfortable for me, and I see better that way. So now I'm worried that I won't find any car which will feel comfortable. There are many complaints to be found on the web where other people mention these kinds of headrests being uncomfortable for them too.

The issue was even mentioned in the above regulation document: "In opposition, a majority of the manufacturers ... suggested that vehicle occupants would prefer a head restraint backset of more than 50 mm. Specifically, they maintained that smaller female occupants tend to utilize steeper seat back angles. According to these commenters, a backset of 50 mm may cause significant intrusions into the space where these occupants typically place their heads, forcing their heads into an unnatural forward-tilting position.

Based on [UMTRI's] research, a 50 mm backset would result in head restraint interference for 13 percent of the driving public. The head restraint would actually come in contact with the hair of approximately 33 percent of drivers, assuming a hair margin of 25 mm. ... the individuals who preferred seat back angles more upright than 25 degrees (usually small stature people) were most likely to be subject to the head restraint interference. UMTRI estimated that with current seat designs, a backset of 91 mm would accommodate the preferred head positions of 99 percent of the population and a 70 mm maximum backset would accommodate all but a small percentage of the population.

But then the document goes on to state:
We concluded that comfort-related issues are not insurmountable in front seats because front seat backs can be adjusted to alleviate discomfort.
...we have decided to increase the maximum allowable backset to 55 mm, with the seat back positioned at an angle that gives the HRMD a torso reference line angle of 25 degrees.


Some cars have headrests which can be tilted forward and back. But from what I've read, those don't necessarily help, as they are mainly designed to tilt *even more* forward, rather than to give your head more space behind it.

*Just in case anyone wonders, I did hear the news that Toyota has issued a recall of Matrix vehicles due to an airbag issue - but that's only for older models.
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I got one of the SC Equality license plates for my car. It is quite nice looking:

The black rectangle is where the numbers are. The white rectangles are where the month/year stickers go.

If you own a vehicle registered in South Carolina, and if you've been thinking about getting one of these plates, I'd suggest you don't wait too long. Based on SC Code Section 56-3-8000,
"If the department receives less than three hundred biennial applications and renewals for a particular plate authorized under this section, it shall not produce additional plates in that series. The department shall continue to issue plates of that series until the existing inventory is exhausted."

Based on the number I got, it doesn't look like 300 have been issued yet.

I was uncertain how much to pay for the plate. The application form (MV-95) indicates that you should pay $25 plus the regular registration fee (which is $24 for passenger cars), so I sent $49. They sent me a $12 refund, however. What is stated on the SC Equality site seems to be correct:
"If your current registration is less than one year old, you will not have to pay an additional registration fee, and will pay just the $25.00 plate fee. If your registration is in its second year, the DMV will ask you to pay just one year in order to have a full, two-year active registration.".

The MV-95 form also states:
"If your current tag is within three months of expiring, you should pay your property taxes and renew your plate BEFORE you submit an application for a specialty plate."
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The stunt driving in this video continues to amaze me.

Video title: M.I.A. - "Bad Girls" (Official Video)
Posted by: Noisey
URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uYs0gJD-LE

This is a "making-of" video, of the video:

Video title: M.I.A. - "Bad Girls" (Official Behind the Scenes): Noisey Specials #08
Posted by: Noisey
URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6-sNTOhYnU
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SC announces pro-equality license plates - to be available starting the end of this month.

Other specialty plates currently available in SC are shown on this DMV page.


On a related note, it's ironic to me how some groups claim that they want to "Save Marriage" when what they actually mean is that they want to prevent marriage; ie., prevent certain people from marrying.
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As I drove up my driveway yesterday, I noticed that my car's battery warning light had come on. I decided to wait till the next day to check if it was still happening then, or if it had only been a fluke.

Later that evening, on our way to see the Harry Potter movie, Qiao's car broke down - one of the arms holding the tire cracked, causing the tire to lean lopsidedly. Fortunately, it happened only a few hundred yards from an automotive repair place, and we were still able to drive the car (very slowly and with the emergency flashers on) over there. Forestfen picked us up and give us a ride back home, as Qiao's car wouldn't be fixed until the next day.

Today we had a quick test done on my car at AutoZone, and the prognosis was that the serpentine belt needs to be replaced, and the alternator might need to be replaced too. We figured that the car should still be ok for a little while since the battery was still good, and that we would wait to pick up Qiao's car before taking mine somewhere.

Today as we went to pick up Qiao's repaired car, my car zonked out right as we were driving into the automotive repair place's parking lot! My engine cut off and refused to come back on, and several more warning lights came on. I had been considering leaving the car there for its repairs anyway, if they gave me a reasonable price quote. It seemed rather amusing to me, for my car to have died right as we were driving in there. It couldn't have happened in a better place.

Google car sighting

Thursday, August 11th, 2011 11:16 am
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Qiao just called me to say he saw the Google street-view car with the 6-foot high tripod with cameras on the end. It passed him while he was driving on Pine Belt Rd. He said it was a small white funny-looking car with stripes on it.... must have been like this one.

I checked Google maps, and the area between Pine Belt Rd, Two Notch Rd, and Beltline Blvd doesn't have street-view available yet, so the car might have been doing imaging of that area. I'm curious whether Qiao's car got into any of the images. We will check Google maps in the future to find out.
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Reminder to Self:

When replacing your car's windshield wipers, and when the old ones are being persnickety and not coming out, you do *not* need to climb up onto the car's hood in order to get a better grasp of them. You can simply press the little metal part in the middle of each wiper blade which detaches the whole thing. Then, with the freed wiper blade in your clutches, you can fight with it somewhere else, without worrying about denting your hood with your bodily weight.

Note to self on terminology:
The wiper "arm" is the part that goes back and forth.
The "blade" is the part that holds the long rubber wiper.
The parts that need to be replaced periodically are called the "wipers" or "wiper refills".

Another note to self:
Do not ask your significant other to buy you new wiper refills on his way home just because you don't want the trouble of putting the dog on the chain and opening the gate and driving out and closing the gate and taking the dog off the chain and driving to the store and then doing it all again in the reverse. Instead of just getting you the refills like you want, he'll insist on getting whole new blades, *even* when you are clear with him on the terminology.

Oh, and by the way:
A single make and model of car may need different sizes of wiper refills, depending on what kind of wiper blades it has. The length is likely to be the same, but the width may differ. Narrow blades need narrow refills, but narrow refills won't work with regular-width blades.

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Friday, August 22nd, 2008 09:37 pm
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Hoo-ray for e-Bay. I found climate control knobs for my car there, which I couldn't find anywhere else. I had bought a generic 3-piece assortment at an auto store, which had one knob that looked exactly right, but turned out to be about a millimeter too narrow on the stem. Since my knobs broke, I haven't been able to even turn on the fan to clear the windshield when it fogs up. Hopefully the new ones will fit and won't break.

I bought a nice-looking dragon fruit at a new Asian market in town, as well as a bunch of leek flowers.